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PDF Document: Chanticleer
PDF Document: Chanticleer
Forum message: Path of Miracles by Joby Talbot
I had the immense pleasure of hearing Conspirare perform Joby Talbot's "Path of Miracles" last night.  I was so moved by the experience that I bought tickets for Sunday's performance and would have bought tickets for tonight had any been available.  Never have I heard text and music so beautiful...
Announcement: Two new Christmas arrangements by Paul Ayres
RedHouse Arts is pleased to announce the distribution of two new Christmas anthems by London composer Paul Ayres.  "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" is a contemporary setting of the ancient text for SABari and piano.  "On Christmas Night All Christians Sing (Sussex Carol)" is a lilting folk sty...
Announcement: Three Christmas pieces by Horace Scruggs III
RedHouse Arts has just received three new Christmas pieces by composer/arranger Horace Scruggs III.     Angel's Song, Worship Song is a contemporary piece for SATB and piano.  You can see a sample score at   Go Tell it on the Mountain is...
Announcement: Three Sound Clouds for Advent/Christmas
RedHouse Arts is pleased to offer a set of three aleatoric pieces for SATB and handbells, composed by Larry Finke, suitable for Advent and Christmas.  The three pieces are based upon "Angels We have Heard on High", "Of the Father's Love Begotten" and "Picardy."  You may see a sample score at ht...
Comment: Re: Lullabies from around the world for treble or women's voices
Please take a look at my composition "Sweet Was the Song" (SA and harp), which sounds like it might be the sort of thing you're looking for.  You can see a sample score at  Good luck with putting your lullaby program together -- it sounds wonderful. ...
Announcement: Kyrie by Donald L. Appert
RedHouse Arts is pleased to announce"Kyrie" (SATB and piano), our newest contribution by composer Donald L. Appert.  This piece is equally suited  for concert performance, liturgy, or memorial service. Please take a look at the sample score at   ...
Comment: Re: University level, but beginning SSAA repertoire
Might I recommend "Quid Enem" by Don Appert?  You can see a copy of the score at   Good luck with the new program!   Chris Humprey
Comment: Re: Advent/Christmas A Capella music
Might I recommend my contemplative Christmas piece entitled "Paradox"?  You can see a sample score at   If you're looking for something a little livelier, check out the "Chanticleer" in which Chaucer's famous rooster announces the nativity.  Yo...
Comment: Re: Looking for repertoire for a themed concert, "Where the Wild Things Are"
Please check out my piece "Lament for a Bear" for SATB and piano.  The piece explores the plight of the polar bear as global warming reduces its habitat.  You can see a copy of the score at,   Many thanks,   Chris Humphrey
Comment: Re: Looking for nice Christmas arrangements
Please take a look at the Christmas arrangements distributed by RedHouse Arts:  Some are arrangements, most are original, all are wonderful!   Specific to your descriptions, you might want to take a look at "The Praise of Christmas" and "Th...
Comment: Re: Quality satb music about animals
Please take a look at my "Lament for a Bear" (SATB and piano).  You can see a sample score at     Many thanks,   Chris Humphrey
Announcement: New music for Christmas
Composer John Satllsmith has created a lively Christmas anthem (SATB, a cappella) evocative of early spirituals, telling the Christmas story and inviting the children to come to the manger to see the newborn Jesus for themselves.  Suitable for high school, college, church and civic chorus.  You...
Announcement: Just in time for Independence Day
Redhouse Arts is please to offer Horace Scruggs III's arrangement of "My Country 'Tis of Thee," for SATB and piano.  The interesting meter changes will keep your choir challenged and your audience engaged.  You can see a sample score and hear an excerpt from the piece at http://www.redhousearts...
Comment: Re: Music for very small Women's Ensemble
I hope you will check out some of the treble compositions at  We have a number of pieces that may suit your needs well.  Best of luck with your new challenge.    
Comment: Re: Unison
Often times the melody does not fit well in my range.  Singing it as written is too high; singing it an octave lower doesn't always work either.  Not to mention the fact that I LIKE to sing harmony!
Comment: Re: Commissioning a piece
RedHouse Arts distributes the works of 5 different composers, all with different styles and levels of difficulty.  Take a look ( and see if one of our composers can help you out.
Announcement: Let's Barter!
RedHouse Arts is, among other things, a distributor for independent choral composers.  We need good recordings of some of our anthems and are looking for choirs willing to barter with us.  Here's how it works: we provide you the score; you provide us with a recording by a mutually determined dat...
Comment: Re: Scribd - something old and new
I use SCRIBD quite a lot to embed samples of the choral music i distribute from my website  It comes as a standard feature with Weebly (, a service that provides free basic web pages and reasonably priced 'pro' pages in an ...
Comment: Re: "mourning" repertoire
"Requiem" by Eliza Gilkyson (and arranged for SATB by Craig Hella Johnson) was written in response to the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.  By the time it was recorded and released in 2005, we were dealing with hurricane Katrina.  Now with the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis, the world is mou...
Announcement: Six Choral Hymn Intros
RedHouse Arts is pleased to offer Six Choral Hymn Intros by composer Larry Finke.  These six hymn introductions for organ and choir are meant for small choirs that have limited rehearsal time but still want to add a distinctive sound to worship.  Each integrates well with Lenten liturgies, espec...
Comment: Re: SATB music about animals
I have two pieces  which might be of interest to you.  One (SATB)  "Lament for a Bear" addresses the issues polar bears face as the ice caps melt.  The other is SA and is called "Butterfly".  You may see samples of the pieces at  I hope this is hel...
Announcement: New composer, new print publications
Please join RedHouse Arts in welcoming Dr. John Stallsmith to our growing team of choral composers. Dr. Stallsmith teaches music at Bevill State Community College in Jasper, Alabama.  He is organist and choir director at the First United Methodist Church and organist at St. Cecilia's Catholic Ch...
Announcement: Do you need a last-minute piece for your Christmas concert?
Secular and sacred Christmas/solstice/winter anthems for unison, treble or mixed choirs:   Thanks for looking.   Chris
Comment: Re: Thanksgiving and Christmas songs
I have a couple of pieces that you might be able to use.  One is "The Mistletoe Carol" which invites King Holly and Queen Ivy to join the feast (and even lists some of the foods).  This is a very short piece, more of an introit really.  A very good opening tune.  It can be sung in unison (or p...
Comment: Re: Repertoire suggestions for treble boys
I have a couple of pieces which might meet your needs.  One is called "Sweet Was the Song," a Christmas lullaby, written for 2 voices and harp (though piano or keyboard could substitute for harp if none is available).  The other is "A Christmas Legend," the story of a stork who flew to Bethlehem...
Announcement: Donald Appert added to RedHouse Arts catalog
RedHouse Arts is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Donald Appert to our growing team of choral composers.  Dr. Appert is Music Director/Conductor of the Clark College Orchestra in Vancouver, Washington, where he also serves as Professor and Head of the Music Department.  He conducts the Or...
Comment: Re: Modern pieces dealing with the life of Jesus
I have composed an a cappella piece called "Paradox" which deals with the mystery of God becoming Man through the birth of Jesus.  You might want to take a look at it to see if it meets your needs.  You can see a sample of it at  Good luck with your...
Announcement: The Wexford Carol
RedHouse Arts is pleased to announce the addition of Larry Finke's arrangement of The Wexford Carol to its catalog.  This simple and elegant SATB arrangement (wifh oboe obligato and piano accompaniment) will eastily become a  Christmas favorite.  Please visit
Announcement: Down in Yon Forest
RedHouse Arts is pleased to add Larry Finke's arrangement of the old English carol "Down in Yon Forest" to its Christmas offerings.  Please visit to see a sample score or e-mail
Announcement: By Those Sweet Eyes (Christmas)
RedHouse Arts has recently added "By Those Sweet Eyes" to its catalog of choral music available in PDF format or hard copy.  This  contemplative piece explores the mystery of the nativity and the sacrifice it asks of us.  Text by Richard Crashaw (17th century) and music by Chris Humphrey.  SAT...
Comment: Re: Multi-generational Community Choir?
Please take a look at my "Lament for a Bear," a contemporary piece about global warming and its effect on polar bears.  You can see a short sample of it at  Or contact me for a full sample pdf at   Wishing you the best in y...
Comment: Re: copyright permission conundrum
Thank you all for your words of widsom. 
Forum message: copyright permission conundrum
There are five sentences I want to set to music.  These five sentences come from a book that is out of print.  The author of the book is dead, and the publisher has been out of business for many years. I have tried to track down the estate of the author but to no avail.  Does anyone know what c...
Announcement: Correction: Christmas anthems (sacred and secular)
My apologies for the incorrect link.  Please use this one to check out samples of my choral anthems for Christmas (and other seasons):   And thanks to the kind person who pointed out the error!   Chris
Announcement: Christmas Anthems (sacred and secular)
I would like to invite you to check out samples of my Christmas anthems at in the hopes that you might find something your choir would enjoy singing this holiday season.  Thanks.  Chris Humphrey
Comment: Re: Holiday Music from around the World
For something in the nicely pagan category, please check out my Mistletoe Carol available at  You will also find additional sacred and secular Christmas pieces on this site.   Many thanks, and good luck putting together what sounds like an i...