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Comment: Re: Christmas song for radio contest
Hi, Angela - I have several Christmas pieces that might suit - two of which are SSA (Click the title for the link): This Day (SSA) Child of Mine (SSA) and Once in the City (SATB)   These are published, and I have others awaiting final proofreading... ;)   This Day and Child of Mine are my f...
Comment: Re: ENGLISH Organ and Chamber Choir Music
William Walton's Magnificat and Nunc Dimmittis - heavenly!!!  
Comment: Re: Prospective B.M in choral music student
Westminster Choir College at Rider University!! Fabuous Music Ed program, and would definitely understand that you haven't done a lot of choral singing!! They also have a wonderful (and underrated) program in Composition :) Good luck wherever you decide!!
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
My setting of Madeleine L'Engle's Trinity 18 (which I call, A Definition of Peace) is a wow piece in that listeners are moved to silence at the end. It's been sung on both sides of the Atlantic, and has won some awards. It might suit - not "multicultural" per se, but the words are fabulous. You can ...
Comment: Re: A cappella music for treble choir aged 13-16
I have two pieces with texts by Madeleine L'Engle that were writting for treble choirs: Trinity 18 (A Definition of Peace) that choirs love (and won an award eons ago), and Advent (about all the ills of the world, and is difficult, but I believe treble choirs will definitely "get it:). Both are avai...
Comment: Re: Edgy contemporary choral music (no pretty, please)
Please check your email for a suggestion. Thanks!
Community Forum Post: Scottish Composer, James Macmillan
James Macmillan will be chatting on RTE LyricFM radio (Irish classical radio) shortly - it is being broadcast on the web - but I am not sure when they will play the interview. For anyone who is interested (and online ;) ), the website is - the program is "Liz Nolan's Classic Drive." T...
Comment: Re: FINALE HELP
If these don't work for you, I have both 2012 and 2014 on my Mac and can (hopefully) do a save as for you. Haven't tried that, yet, but happy to for you. dirobdennis at
Comment: Re: Most important American choral works written in last 50 years
I think Barber's Prayers of Kierkegaard should be at the top of the list!! Otherwise, I agree with the above!
Comment: Re: Byrd "Ave Verum Corpus" tuning example
Good question - I didn't know you COULD do that!
PDF Document: This Day
Comment: Re: Exciting extended sacred works from 20th-21st Century composers
Samuel Barber's Prayers of Kierkegaard is an amazing piece - quite difficult, but worth every minute!! I think there are only a couple of old recordings (one with the Shaw & the Atlanta Symphony and the other with Shenk & the Chicago Symphony.) Herbert Howell's Hymnus Paradisi is for orchest...
Comment: Re: call out for alto solos
Check out: Mo Ghile Mear  - this version features Irish singer, Mary Black. Also There is an arrangement on Finale/Music Notes, but I haven't looked at it myself. There is also this arrangement (or version of that arrangement?)
PDF Document: Child of Mine
Comment: Re: 25% off custom recording of your new choral compositions from
Gee, Matt, did I get a big discount for the bunch of stuff I just sent you?? ;) I get mine back first, right? LOL!!   Another wholehearted endorsement from me - he does fabulous work!! :)
Comment: Re: reference for Handel's Dixit Dominus
Wonderful performance!!! I needed to hear that roday, Richard! Thanks!! One of my favorite pieces to sing, too!!  
Comment: Re: Choral Settings of the Benedictus requested
You can never go wrong (IMHO) with Vaughn Williams (from Service in D Minor) or (better yet) use one from one of the Byrd Masses (4 Vcs is gorgeous). Or Tallis...Palestrina.(Missa Brevis). Then there are always Shubert, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven - although, personally, I prefer the earlier or later c...
Comment: Re: "Giving Thanks"
You might want to lend your ear to my SATB setting of Psalm 138 I Will Give Thanks.   This is the link to Pepper, where there is both an audio file (Matt Curtis et al) and the score.   It is a tad light and a piano can easil...
Comment: Re: Sunday Inspiration: Singet dem Herrn (Bach)
Thanks!!!!! Needed this this morning!! :)
PDF Document: A Litany: Drop, Drop Slow Tears
PDF Document: Advent
Comment: Re: Proliferation of excessive excess
Very interesting thread!   I, for one, simply can't worship without good music (traditional, not pop). For me, being part of a great choir (and there are plenty to be found in churches in the US) and singing the service (whether it be a full mass or Evensong) has always been a highlight of my lif...
PDF Document: Trinity 18: A Definition of Peace
Comment: Re: Reality Vocal competitions vs reality
So, so true!!! How about the snaggletoothed winner in the UK who went on to do an album of Italian songs and opera.... just because Pavoritti sang it in Italian it must be "the original language" (as he bragged somewhere). Wrong again, he never did the research necessary to properly credit the write...
Community Forum Post: Are Octavos a thing of the past?
As I sit here re-formatting all my choral music to be "octavo", I find myself wondering of octavos are a thing of the past - created by old hand set, then photo off-set printers using what is now considered odd sized paper. I wonder if all my work is really worth it?   I like the size of octavos,...
Comment: Re: aging eyes
I hated the progressive contacts - just couldn't get them to work. I have done the  one contact in for seeing in the distance (the conductor or the choir) and one out for reading the score - but, I am not sure that will work in the future (although my eyes improved last year for some reason...) You...
Comment: Re: format of music for children's chorus
When I was a kid (which, granted, was a long time ago), I loved seeing the accompaniment as well as the other scores. Many times I would find my note from the piano part. Finale allows the composer to make the piano staves be much smaller, so they are there, but don't take as much room.  Of course,...
Comment: Re: Voice problems
I was reading this reply and thinking of everything I learned in a workshop last week - especially about the voice and children, and the use of the Alexander Technique as a performer... and was planning to say similar things, when I saw who wrote this - Michael McGlynn. The workshop was with Michael...
Comment: Re: Church Choir Copyright Questions
Generally, recording working copies of pieces - strictly for learning purposes - is OK. Although, now that I've read the WIKI on the CCLI, I think you need to contact them to make sure.   I suspect that your church will also need to buy a broadcast license from ASCAP/BMI/SEASAC for the streaming,...
Comment: Re: Tone deaf
Fascinating, thank you everyone!! My ex was "tone deaf" - when he had his Army physical they discovered he couldn't hear outside a certain range of notes, and couldn't differentiate amongst the notes. His speaking voice was monotone (did I mention the word ex? LOL) He was the first person (and perha...
Comment: Re: Hire pros, use 'readings', or midi? Trying to make a sample CD...
I have used Matt Curtis at Choral Tracks dot com and have found his work to be absolutely impeccable. I can't recommend him highly enough.   However, I am thinking about setting up my own recording to add women's voices  to Matt's all male choir. Probably my own (although, in the track I just ex...
Comment: Re: The Countertenor Connection
Great thread, thanks!!! Being someone who grew up totally jealous (and very upset) that I couldn't sing with the Vienna or St Thomas' Boys Choirs because I was a girl (my cousins were in the latter, too, fie on them!), I understand the frustration.   But, I think vocal production is critical, and...
Comment: Re: Women's Choir - French Christmas repertoire (especially multi-movement work)
Faure's Messe Basse is one of the most beautiful pieces I've had the pleasure of singing - check it out:    should take you there - and the score scrolls with the singers.   Have a great concert - and have fun checking out these wonderful works!!!
Comment: Re: Searching for new unpublished Christmas music
Hi, Michael,   I have a number of Christmas pieces that have not been uploaded, yet, but are being recorded as I write.   May I start by sending you the scores, or would you rather have scores and music together?   You seem to have enough already for a full concert of new works - which, hon...
Comment: Re: What's the importance of choral activity in schools?
You might read about the Mae Carden System of Education - she talked alot about the importance of the integration of the arts with standard learning.   Ms Carden believe that music is a language and also used rhythm and pitch in teaching very young children how to read. Music and Art are an essen...
Comment: Re: Intonation III - what system do you use?
Great article! Thanks, Richard!   This is why, as a composer (and singer, and especially listener) I dread piano accompaniments - positively hate them.  So, I use a range of other instruments and a lot of a capella.   It is hard to explain to someone who hasn't heard it, however. Thanks again...
Comment: Re: thoughts on the impact of Glee
Wonderful reply, and definitely food for thought, especially from one who really dislikes the choreograhed singing ! :lol:  Being a tall, total klutz, especially in high school, I would never have been able to do that. "Traditional" choir singing allowed me to excell. And, on the side I played gu...
Comment: Re: Help for a new choir director with no vocal training!
Some great answers here!   Re singing harmony? When I was very young (around  5, I think), my sister (10 years older) came home from boarding school and said, let me teach you this song. (I had always loved to sing; my mother sung me to sleep at night). She said you sing this part (the melod...
Comment: Re: Cinema-related choral pieces?
"Vois sur ton chemin" from Les Choristes ( - beautiful piece. (Concert version: Lyrics by Christophe Barratier Music by Bruno Coulais   and "Caresse sur 'ocean"  (same concerrt