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Items by Mårten Jansson

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Comment: Re: Sacred poetry repertoire
Dear Jennifer,   I do believe that this could be of interest for You The sheet music comes with english and swedish text.   This might work too:
Comment: Re: Frostiana
Hi Tawn,   This would probably fit well into the theme.     Best Mårten
Announcement: New choral composer at Bärenreiter
New choral composer at Bärenreiter Hot off the press we present three sacred a capella choral works by Marten Jansson, a Swedish contemporary composer with whom we are very proud to start a cooperation. We are already fans of Marten Jansson's compositions and we hope you will like them too. Would y...
Comment: Re: BEST SATB Christmas Music with Harp
Hi Nancy!   This arrangement is available for SATB too with or without strings (but preferably with piano apart from the harp)   Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
Hi Matthew!   Please check this out!   Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: Women's Choir and Brass ensemble
Hi Jackie!   Please listen to this exemple to see if it could be something of interest If so I could make a re-arrangment of the piece (or the entier mass).   Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: SA or SSA literature
Dear Amalie!   I will gladly send You some of my pieces and arrangements for SSA if You send me and email address.   Listen to this as an exemple:   Best regards   Mårten
Comment: Re: Exciting extended sacred works from 20th-21st Century composers
Hi Larry!   Please take 5 min to listen to this if You do like what You hear then I will gladly send You the sheet music and discuss ev re-arranging for mixed choir and possibly larger orchestra.   All the Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: Women's and Mixed...contemporary repertoire?
Dear Steve,   Please do take some minutes to listen to this: The base composition is for SSATBB but there are two optional smaller women's choirs included in the scoore as well. I will gladly send You the sheet music if You contact me.   Best regard...
Comment: Re: work for soloists with choruses for SSA
Hi Kate,   might something like this be of interest?   Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: In search of avant garde SATB acapella for collegiate student-run choir
Hi Christian!   Take a few minutes to listen to this: Bakmes Yes, the recording is for women's choir but I do have a mixed version of it if You like it. I have been told that this sounds like something people haven't heard before.   Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: Looking to build a Choral Library for brand new music program.
Hi Brian!   My collegue and I have made two arrangment books for SSA that I belive would be of interest for You. Yes, the books are published in Sweden and contains swedish songs about 2/3 are standard international choral litterature. See the contents here Trestämt SSA and here Trestämt 2 SSA...
Comment: Re: Witty yet challenging women's piece
Dear Matthew,   take a few minutes to listen if this might be something for You:   See more at my homepage:   All ...
Comment: Re: SSA with orchestra
Dear Ryan,   please take a few minutes to listen to my Missa De Profundis for Soprano soloist, SSAA, String quartet and organ. It was chosen to be "Composition Spotlight" 13th january - see here:   If You want to jump start - see the the Gloria part...
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: Agnus Dei De Profundis
Hi all!   Thanks ever so much for nice review! There will be a version for mixed choir available soon - contact me if interested!   All the Best Mårten
Comment: Re: Choral music with clapping
Hi Chris!   Go to and listen to "Bakmes" - if that is something like what You are searching for then I can help You get the sheet music.   Best Mårten
Community Forum Post: About download code on a composers homepage
Jack asked me to post why I have chosen to use a download code to get access to my pieces on my homepage. Frankly I thought about it rather much because I realize that just the effort to ask for a code will maybe put some people off, but the reasons for having it there are two: Fir...
Comment: Re: Looking for "Fairy Tales for ADULTS" - program ideas ...
Hi Lana!   Would music with text from/inspired from The Lord of the Rings work for You? I have some of thouse - I would need some time to get them translated since they are written in swedish. I could send You the swedish versions right away though just to look through.   If You woul...
Comment: Re: Late 19th century SATB piece (10 mins)
Hi Mich   Consider some or all from Parrys "Songs of Farwell" - truly wonderful pieces.   All the Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: Commercial Recordings of Your Choir or Compositions
Title of CD: Salve Regina Title of Choral Works: Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming) and Trina Celi Hierarchia Ensemble: Hjo Kyrkas Ungdomskör Conductor: Mats Bertilsson Composer: Mårten Jansson Link to purchase CD:
Comment: Re: University level SSAA Contemporary accapella pieces
Hi Ruth!   Please consider performing some of my music - if not this time maybe later on.   The piece I would like to suggest as an answer to Your question is unfortunately in Latin but there are alot of things to work with - my, by far most tecnically difficult piece. Listen to it and...
Comment: Re: Favorite Women's Choir repertoire?
Hi Sarah!   Please take a few moments to listen to this: It´s been recorded 6 times and been performed in several countries in Europe, in the USA and will be perfirmed at least in Peru and germany this vinter.   Best regards ...
Comment: Re: SMALL High School Women's Chorus
Hi Staisha!   Check out this book with SSA arrangements Yes, it is printed in Sweden but almost half of the arrangements are made from english/american songs. It is made for just this type of ensemble. On the page - click on the ...
Comment: Re: Seeking unusual works for Female Choir
Hi Sarah!   Please take some minutes to listen to this: or most people these refreshing. If You want something VERY challenging try this: There are much more for ...
Community Forum Post: New music for Women's choirs
If You are interested in new music for Women's choirs then please take a few minutes to listen to the following links:   If You like what You hear then You can find the sheet music fore ...
PDF Document: The Choirmasters Burial
PDF Document: Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
PDF Document: Agnus Dei De Profundis
Comment: Re: Mini works for gender specific choirs
Hi Brent!   Maybe this: You will also find links to the sheet msuic there.   All the Best!   Mårten
Comment: Re: russian power choir works for double chorus (or more)
Bruce!   I would like to ask You considering two of my pieces:   First  "Trina Celi Hierarchia" - please listen to a wonderfull recording of the women's choir version of this piece here: IF You like it I can send You a verion for thr...
Comment: Re: Seeking short sacred major works
Hi Susan!   Please see if this might be something for You:   If You like it You will find the rest and the sheet music here: I have planned to make a mixed choir version of it for a long ti...
Comment: Re: Holiday Suggestions for Treble/High School Women's Choir and Orchestra
Hi Rose!   This might work - we can fix a translation too if You wish...   Best regards   Mårten Jansson
Comment: Re: Your favorite Brit Lit?
Hi Kayla!   Please do not forget, Hubert Parry! His Songs of Farwelll is really very good indeed.   Best   Mårten
Comment: Re: Death and Mortality
Hi Joseph!   I have a setting of Thomas Hardy's A Choirmasters Burial. About 5,5 min long for SSATBB with optional divici. If You are interested then please contact me and I will send You a pdf.   Best regards Mårten   The Choirmaster's Burial Thomas Hardy   ...
Comment: Re: Bells, bells, bells
Hi Phyllis!   Maybe this one will work:   Take care!   Mårten
Comment: Re: New Women's Group forming - REP?
Hi Christopher!   I have been conducting a womens ensemble for like 15 years and to them I also composed several compositions that You might find interesting. You will find them here (on my not so very updated hompage) and almost all of them are just to download.
Comment: Re: Music for Women and Chamber Orchestra
Hi Stuart!   Please consider performing my Missa De Profundis for Soprano soloist, SSAA, String quartet and Organ - all in all about 40min. You can listen to it and get the sheet music for free here:   If You want a jump start into it, ...
Comment: Re: Fear Not: Theme for Women's Choir
Hi Carla!   Please take some minutes to listen to my verion of Fear Thuo Not. If You like what You hear then You will find the sheetmusic for free here: http://martenja...
Comment: Re: Contemporary Choral Music
Hello Karyn!   Please take some minutes to check out my homepage - there are a lot of pieces for SSAA there.   Best Mårten
Comment: Re: Repertoire Request
Hi Hanan!   Please take a look at Fredrik Sixten is the most performed swedish composer at the moment and his works is almost only church music - all good pieces and performed all over the world!   Best regards Mårten
Comment: Re: a piece for advanced female chorus, a cappella, fast?
Hi John!   Please have a look at these: (all of them recorded so it's just to listen)      rather slow but challenging       fast, rythmic fairly easy most of the time :...
Comment: Re: Women's chorus repertoire
Hi Ryan!   I conducted a women's choir for over 15 years and wrote several compositions for them, so please do go look on my homepage I'm quite sure You will find something for You. Here's just an example performed by Hjo kyrkas ungdomskör (two times Choir Olympic champions and elected Cho...
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