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Comment: Re: I'm a great teacher... but my piano skills STINK!
Hi Kimberly,   Just go A Cappella. Learn to sing all the parts. I direct four A Cappella choirs and don't even have a keyboard at rehearsals! Just a tuning fork.   Andrew
Comment: Re: Excessive cost of public liability insurance for choirs
Hi Jane,   Try   Will probably cost about $450   Andrew 
Comment: Re: Choral Arranger
I can make A Cappella arrangements.
Comment: Re: Pitch Discrimination Survey
Come on Shawn, give us the results!
Comment: Re: SATB arrangement of the spiritual "Going Home"
I have an SATB A Cappella arrangement I made.   Email me at
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Too many to choose from!   But Almighty God, The Fountain Of All Wisdom, by Thomas Tomkins is a special favourite. Also his setting of When David Heard.   Andrew
Comment: Re: Cut in Amen of Handel's Messiah
If I was in the audience, I would not be happy! All or nothing!
Comment: Re: Best Music Notation software for SATB that's not over the top?
I've been using Finale since 2003. It did take a bit of learning, but it's great. On a Mac. I've made 100's of choral scores.   Andrew
Comment: Re: Choral Albums you cannot live without
William Byrd  Mass for 4 and 5 voices. Oxford Camerata. Naxos. Victoria masses. O Magnum Mysterium, O Quam gloriosum. Oxford Camerata. Naxos. Various CD's by The Cambridge Singers. Other CD's by the Oxford Camerata. One with Crux Fidelis. Some S S Wesley.  Naxos. Handel Messiah. Monter...
Forum message: Perfect Pitch
Has anyone tried this or similar. Did it work?   Andrew
Comment: Re: looking for a cappella pieces about dreams and dreaming
Hi Anna,   I have an original by Melanie Dolinski arranged by myself SATB A Cappella.   If you would like to see it send me a message.   Andrew
Comment: Re: Breaking free!
Hi Carl,   If the choir members want to continue, then they can pay for it. Why rely on outside funding? $12 to $15 per week.
Comment: Re: How to handle a HUGE brand new choir?
Hi Chris, Maybe I should have charged for the term like you! The songs I was teaching at first were quite easy. I could have taught much easier songs I suppose, but then that's not really me! I think it depends a lot on the singers you have. I think I was unlucky with the mix, as I've started ...
Comment: Re: choral settings of the Lord's Prayer
I have one by John Farmer  1570–1605   SATB A Cappella.  Words slightly different to normal.   Can email.   Andrew  :)
Comment: Re: changing genders in lyrics
Hi Kathy,   I've changed a few words to songs.   I don't see that it matters either way really!   If they want to sing "Once He Was A True Love Of Mine". No problem, as they are all ladies. I suppose some may want to sing He though. I've even had songs where I've told the choir to...
Comment: Re: Oh! Susanna a cappella
Hi JM,   I have one I did a while ago.   You're welcome to see it.   Email me.   Andrew
Comment: Re: How to handle a HUGE brand new choir?
Hi Chris, A similar thing happened to me, though I didn't get quite as many singers as you. I also was not advertising as a classical choir, but A Cappella folk/gospel/pop etc. Most had never sung in a choir before, and I think they thought just by being there they would suddenly magically beco...