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Classified ad: New Asheville, NC Area Choral Ensemble - voices needed
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   A new choral ensemble beginning in the Asheville/Brevard/Charlotte NC, Kingsport TN, areas is seeking professional singers to perform in an ongoing concert series. There will be one to two rehearsals prior to each concert, so the time commitment is minimal. Concerts are b...
Comment: Re: Chapel Acoustics
This always baffles me. Not sure why someone would want to put carpet where people's potentially dirty/wet shoes will be for the majority of the time. Anything but carpet would be so much easier to clean - and keep in good repair! Sounds like someone is just trying to keep the stone tile cost down b...
Comment: Re: Taking the "Christ" out of "Ubi Caritas"?
Is there another piece you could use instead?
Comment: Re: High School Choir Needs Men
Go to their athletic games. Write them notes of encouragement - nothing fancy, but something that shows you appreciate them and that you care about what it is THEY do. Then, they'll care about what you do. Try to find 2-3 of the most charismatic jocks. Start to relate to them. Get them in your choir...
Announcement: High School Chamber Singers seeks performance venues for tour 2015
The 20-member Chamber Singers from Asheville Christian Academy, located in Swannanoa (Asheville) NC, are seeking church venues of prime acoustical quality for a March 27-April 5 2015 tour. We would also require a quality tuned piano. Would you be willing to host our choristers? We'd love to hear f...
Choir: Asheville Christian Academy Upper School Choir (Swannanoa, North Carolina, USA)
Comment: Re: Choral piece featuring alto
My Song in the Night, by Paul Christiansen. Lovely piece.
Comment: Re: 2 year college choral festival clinician - recommendations?
Hi Dave -   Happy to help if I may. Please email me an address to which I may send my CV.   Best, Chris
Comment: Re: What, if anything, can be programmed with "Carmina Burana"
Randi - Once, I took part in a concert that followed up Carmina with the fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth. The messages of Carmina and Beethoven's musical setting of "Joy" was an intriguing juxtaposition. It was also a WARHORSE concert - two mammoths of the choral repertoire. I was drained - em...
Comment: Re: Essential choral music theory?
John -  Could you expound on the idea of whole-to-parts v. parts-to-whole? I find it fascinating.   Thanks in advance for your reply!   Best, -Chris
Comment: Re: Choral Arranger
Hi Mitchell -   I could do it for you. If you like, I have a lot of prior arranging work I have done that you could see, to get an idea of what I could offer you. Christopherscottaitken at gmail   Let me know!   Best, Chris
Comment: Re: Middle School Musical
Robert -   I have had tremendous success with Willy Wonka, Jr. It also tends to be a show that does well with selling concessions, before show and during intermission...wonder why...? Haha.   Annie, Jr. is also a good one.   Best, -Chris
Comment: Re: Choir that won't rehearse
Mike -   I can appreciate your situation. Sounds like you've tried nearly everything. Tell us - do you offer academic credit for this ensemble, or is it considered extra-curricular? Do you have ability to contact parents? Some parents will listen to your pleas (especially if their child is receiv...
Forum message: Ceremony of Carols - SATB version
Hi all -   Just wondering if anyone can speak to their personal success or their "less-than" success with executing the SATB arrangement of Britten's Ceremony of Carols. Purists, I'm sure, would argue to just do the SSA version - and I'm most likely leaning towards this anyway. However, I'm...
Comment: Re: Death and Mortality
There are a couple pieces among Haydn's 13 in particular is entitled "Der Greis", detailing the thoughts of an aging man - but one line in particular is "Der Tod klopft an meiner Tur" (Death knocks at my door). I suggest you give it a look. Incidentally, all of Haydn's 13 part-songs...
Comment: Re: Women's chorus repertoire
Ryan -   You may try a gorgeous new piece out - entitled "In My Eyes", under the Lawson-Gould label @ Alfred Publishing. It was written by Jonny Priano.   Beautiful - and there should be a recording online to hear as well.   Best, Chris
Comment: Re: University level, but beginning SSAA repertoire
Talia (and anyone else interested) -   Try the new composition "In My Eyes" by Jonny Priano. It's published by Alfred Lawson-Gould label. A wonderful piece of music. Sample recordings are available online.   Best, Chris Aitken
Comment: Re: Recording of Clausen "Gloria"
Phil -   You may try contacting Douglas Browne, Director of Choral Activities at Grove City College ( I sang it there in undergrad. No promises that he'll have a recording he can send you, since he might be bound by copyrighting or licensing or whatever. Not sure how that al...
Comment: Re: Beethoven 9 go-withs
Prayer for St. Cecelia, by Gerald Finzi.