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Comment: Re: Companion piece
I programmed "Seal Lullaby" this spring with 2 Whitacre pieces from The City and the Sea: "as is the sea marvelous" and "maggie and millly and molly and may" with texts by e.e cummings. They were very popular with both the choir and the audience.
Comment: Re: Choral works or song arrangements about specific towns
Wien, Wien, nur du allein (Vienna, City of My Dreams)  Rudolf Sieczynski  Street Cries of London Thomas Morley A Foggy Day in London Town George and Ira Gershwin How are things in Glocca Mora (Finian's Rainbow) Burton Lane and E. Y. Harburg Gary, Indiana (The Music Man) Meredfith Wilson ...
Comment: Re: Coronation Mass- just strings?
And the D Major Missa Brevis is a blast!  
Comment: Re: Xmas Carols with Strings and/or oboe
"How Still He Rests" by Brent Pierce: SSATB, Sop solo, Oboe, opt. Wind Chimes. Gorgeous
Forum message: Elizabethan "4 Seasons" group: Autumn needed
I'm looking for a contemporary setting of an Elizabethan "autumn"-themed poem to round out an Elizabethan 4-Seasons group. So far, I have George Shearing's "Live with me and be my love," Rutter's "Blow, blow thou winter wind," and the Matthew Harris setting of "When daffodils begin to peep."   ...
Comment: Re: New Christmas material-What time of year do you source?
I'm on a continual search all year and place orders in June for rehearsals that begin in August.
Comment: Re: Choral repertoire suggestions?
Some of my favorites:   Carol from an Irish Cabin: Dale Wood Under the Holly Bough:  Scott Henderson Stars I Shall Find: David Dickau 3 Estonian Carols: arr. Ken Berg Jingle Bells Hallelujah: arr. Jonathan Miller   Ken Berg's Estonian carols are settings of secular winter texts that are ...
Comment: Re: Kwanzaa music
Look, too, at Lorenz Maierhofer:   He's got some really nice arrangements of African tunes, some of which might be appropriate for Kwanzaa.
Comment: Re: Winter Music
Please consiider my "A Carol for the Wanderer" from Canasg Music:    Scored for SATB or TB and piano, it works with SA or S(T)B   "This pagan midwinter carol welcomes Odin (All-Father or Wanderer — the god of wisdom, magic, poetry and music) to...
Comment: Re: Robbie Burns
The Shaw/Parker arrangement of "Annie Laurie" is a gem, as are "Flow Gently, Sweet Afton" and "Loch Lomond."
Comment: Re: Worldwide Winter Holidays/Festivals Literature
Check out my arrangement of "Masters in this Hall" set to a Yule (not Christmas) text, available for SATB/SA/TB with piano at Canasg music:   I also have several other Solstice pieces in a vareity of styles that will work for you, just mail me for perusal co...
Forum message: Mozart Idomeneo Choruses
I remember there being a published set of 2 or 3 of the choruses from Idomeneo but can't find any information on it. Does anyone know who published the set and if it is still in print?
Comment: Re: Advent music for Lessons and Carols
Some favorites not yet mentioned:   Bainton: And I saw a new heaven Hassler: Dixit Maria Part: De Profundis Sirrett: Thou shalt know Him when He comes Purcell: Rejoice in the Lord Alway (The Bell Anthem) Ord: Adam lay y-bounden Kodaly: Veni, Veni, Emmanuel (SAB, really interesting...
Comment: Re: Masters in this hall for ttbb or tb?
I have a TB version with optional piano; improvising percussion parts would be very easy. It's available at Canasg Music: They describe it as "vigorous and varied;" my choir insists on singing it every 12th Night.
Comment: Re: TB Holiday suggestions?
My TB/opt. piano arrangement of "Masters in this Hall" is available at Canasg Music:
Comment: Re: Rockin Jerusalem story context
Like "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Deep River," this may be a coded spiritual, one teliing those in the gathering  that the guides on the Underground Railroad (The "Archangels") had signalled that it was safe was to make their final move into the North (Church gettin' higher: You're really clos...
Comment: Re: Hanging of the Greens featuring Music from Around the World
I'd check first with the Oxford Book of Carols. It is "international," but mostly European. (Holly and the Ivy, Green Growth the Holly, O Tannenbaum come immediately to mind.) You might check Lorenz Maierhofer's catalog at Helbling Choral Music. He's arranged many Christian tunes from Africa; you ...
Forum message: Companion Piece for Dido and Aeneas
I'm looking for a companion piece to Dido and Aeneas (concert version). I've been thinking of a Baroque or contemporary cantata on a mythological theme, or a second half of Shakespeare settings from various periods.  This is for a small, well-balanced community chamber choir of 20-25 amateur sing...
Borrowing request: Vaughan Williams: "Orpheus With His Lute" Needed This Spring
Item: Orpheus With His Lute SATB Composer/Arranger/Edition: R. Vaughan Williams/Oxford Univ. Press Starting: March 1 For: March-June Copies: 25 Willing to rent: Yes   Also willing to purchasing these from you. Thanks!  
Comment: Re: Tinny aging soprano voice
John is right on with this.  The physiology of the larynx does change with age, more dramatically with some than others. You can't fight nature.  Look at SSATB repertoire and pieces that suit their lowered tessitura, or see if they are amenable to (and capable of) moving to alto.
Comment: Re: Students of Shaw, Westminster, St. Olaf
Chris:  I did my MM at Westminster ('94) and worked with Shaw in conjunction with WCC, the LA Master Chorale, and Carnegie Hall. Let's talk.   Andrew Adams Westmisnter Choir College '94 Denver, CO    
Comment: Re: Holiday Music from around the World
For Pagan, Sheena Phillip's Dies Natalis Solis Invictus (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun) is a must; available from Canasg Music.  "To Drive the Cold Winter Away" from the Oxford Book of Carols is another good choice, as is "Deck the Halls", but using the original British text ("Fill the mead cup...
Forum message: Baltic Choral Music
Does anyone know the publisher or retailer for the following arrangements (From Balsis Youth Choir's "Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian Choral Music" album):   Latvian Lullaby  arr. J. Lurens Kalado  arr. J. Vaivods Raven on the Oak Tree arr. J. Climze   Thanks!
Forum message: Das Knaben Wunderhorn settings
I'm searching for original choral settings of texts from Das Knaben Wunderhorn (not arrangements of Mahler lieder, etc).  Any recommendations? New settings are of special interest!  I have a 24-voice well-balanced community chamber choir. I'll gladly compile a list...   Thanks Andrew Adams  
Comment: Re: SATB/Children's Choir Selection
With Britten, think Purcell: The Jubilate Deo or any of the verse anthems (O God, Thou Art My God?) How about the Poulenc Litanies a la Vierge Noire?  If I remember correctly, Poulenc preferred that the choir incude children's voices...
Comment: Re: Activities for strengthening sense of pulse nearing the concert
My all time favorite:   Start conducting a standard pattern in a steady tempo.  Ask the singers to start counting verbally with you as you conduct ("1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4"), then tell them to count silently and maintain the pulse when you stop conducting.  Then, ask them to clap on a specific beat:...