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Forum message: Need some di Lasso! Help please :)
I have been working on a piece with my 9th grade girls and the arrangement I have is in English.  I like the flow and voice leading of this piece, arr. by JW Harris, but I want to sing it in Italian.  I have had them write in the Italian, but that will not satisfy the rules of my state contest com...
Comment: Re: GUEST BLOG: “New Teachers: I Love to Hear You Sing,” by Emily Hackethorn
I just want to say that I loved your story, Emily.  Thanks for sharing!
Comment: Re: Disney trip advice
I agree with the others that say let the pros do their job of handling the arrangements for you.  Pay close attention to the deadlines that they give you!   Wherever you stay, ask if the doors are outside or on an inside hallway.  I took 200 High Schoolers and we stayed at the All-Star Music Re...
Comment: Re: SATB Jazz Repertoire
I am not familiar with Mood Indigo, so I don't think I would be much help with that.  But here are some good things I have done with my HS SATB group over the last couple of years that have been very successful:  (The last two years I had a pretty advanced group of very hard working students.  Th...
Comment: Re: Easily-learned French repertoire
How about "J'entends le moulin" - by Donald Patirquin.  French Canadian, and part of a set (I think it's called 6 Canadian Folk Songs, not sure on the number!)  Requires a talented pianist, good rhythmic accuracy in your students, and balanced sections.  Might be a little above the level you're...