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Comment: Re: Student sings consistently way too high
Thanks for the terrific suggestions!  I'll let you know how it goes.   Anne
Forum message: Student sings consistently way too high
Hello Colleagues,   I have a student who is singing much higher than a given pitch.  There is no consistency, sometimes a third, fourth, fifth etc.  I thought I had found a way to help the student with this by having her sing the highest pitch she could and matching it.  Then I would have her ...
Forum message: Suggestions for Groundbreaking Ceremony
Dear Colleagues,   I am looking for suggestions for an SSA choir (ages 14-17) for a groundbreaking ceremony for our new Catholic school.  They have asked for a "serious" selection, which I am taking to be sacred, and a lighter selection.   Thank you! Anne
Comment: Re: Speaking of Voice: “My Go-To Warm-Up” by Michael Hayden
Thanks for sharing this, Michael.  I also use the lip trill but I think I'll try calling it "bubbling", I think my students will have more fun with that.  It would be great if other directors would share their favorite or "go to" warm up here.
Comment: Re: Chapel Acoustics
Hi Gene,  Thanks for your input.  Can you share with me your credentials and experience in acoustics?  So you think carpeting in just the pew area would still allow the voices to ring?  Right now, we are in an aweful space where no one feels like singing because they feel like the lone voice in ...
Comment: Re: Affordable Sturdy Choral Boxes!
Terrific! Thanks for sharing this!
Forum message: Chapel Acoustics
Hello colleagues!  We are in the process of building a new chapel.  It will be a traditional rectangular shape with vaulted ceilings and a choir loft in the back.  The choir loft will have wood flooring.  I am being asked if it is OK to have carpet in the pew area with the aisles and sanctuary t...
Comment: Re: Participation in a Musical used as a waiver for PE credit
I have also recently brought up this possibility with administration.  We added up the actual hours of dance rehearsal for the student in question - that is key. We then compared this to hours spent in PE or a sport. I also pointed out the excellent aerobic workout out that singing while dancin...
Comment: Re: Unison a capella piece for non-auditioned choir of 4th graders
Oops, I missed the "a cappella" part of the requirements.  In that case, I second the chant and round suggestions.
Comment: Re: What Do I Need to Include When Creating a Junior High and High School Choir Budget
Hello Sherri,   I was just working on mine so I thought I would copy it here.  It is in an excel file - hopefully, it will format in a readable way.  The "high" notation denotes high priority.  The capital purchases are estimates that need to be updated. I am in an independent school of 185 st...
Comment: Re: Unison a capella piece for non-auditioned choir of 4th graders
Three that come to mind quickly: Art Thou Troubled: Handel/Bartle This Little Light of Mine: arr. Ken Berg - this is not the energetic, fast tempo one; it is slower and more sustained with no overt religious reference I Will at all Times Bless the Lord: Handel/Hopson
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Very pleased that this has been revived!  I still haven't made a decision; I haven't heard everything yet! ;-)  What I find interesting, as I reflect on the answers, is the choice of Mozart's Ave Verum.  As a child, our mediocre (but dedicated and one of the few around in my rural area and so des...
Comment: Re: Fitting Chorus Into a High School Schedule - How Do You Do It?
Hi Stuart,   I teach in a very small independent school grades 6-12.  The Upper School has approximately 115 students.  Our chorus meets twice a week as an elective for credit during the school day and this year, has 40 members.  All electives meet in a dedicated elective time. This is in sp...
Comment: Re: Keeping choral risers quiet?
This is distressing to hear.  I was looking forward to the day I could get new risers because ours also squeak (we use WD40 and try to stabalize them as much as possible).  Now I'm reading that new ones also squeak?  Please share your experience and suggestions with us!  Thank you!
Comment: Re: RIP, John Howell
I too appreciated John's posts and wish I had known him personally.   May the angels lead you into paradise,  may the martyrs receive you  in your coming,  and may they guide you  into the holy city, Jerusalem.  May the chorus of angels receive you  and with Lazarus once poor  may you have ...
Comment: Re: New Choir Room
I am working on this as well.  I found this very helpful: Also , if you don't already have choir posture chairs, I highly recommend those - they have tablet arms if you do theory work or any other writing. If the dimensions...
Comment: Re: After school choir repertoire help
Check this out:   Hope it helps!  Good luck - sounds like a wonderful program!  (Well, except it looks like you need a budget and maybe a piano.)
Comment: Re: Chidren's Chorus and chamber orchestra
What a wonderful opportunity for your young choristers!  I am not familiar with all the recommendations ( I will check them out!) but I especially enjoy Nick Page's Nursery Rhyme Cantata and Srul Irving Glick's Psalm Trilogy and I almost always program something by Handel.  Also, This Day by B...
Comment: Re: Franck Panis Angelicus
Thank you, Bill!  (and everyone else) I did find the version you mentioned. When the treble choir enters is there an alto harmony or is it strictly solo/echo?   
Comment: Re: Franck Panis Angelicus
I have only heard this in performance; I've never seen a copy.  So I'm trying to find out if there is such an arrangement out there and if it is copyrighted.  I've already checked with music stores, online, etc. Thank you!  
Forum message: Franck Panis Angelicus
I'm trying to find out who the arranger is for the two-part arrangement with organ of Franck's Panis Angelicus. The arrangement I am referring to has soloist and then a repeat with treble choir as an echo to the soloist. This will be background to a documentary and I am also wondering if it is in th...
Comment: Re: Holiday Suggestions for Treble/High School Women's Choir and Orchestra
My girls' chorus sang the following with a community orchestra with much success:   Kommet, irh Hirten and Kling, Glochen, Kling set by Stephen Mager, Oxford University Press - the orchestrations are magical   Chirstmas Lullay by John Rutter   White Christmas   Doing this was...
Comment: Re: Smart Music
I have been working with this as part of my professional development for the year.  I chose four dedicated student volunteers.  I am hoping to use this in all my choral classes next year.  It is an excellent tool to track practice and to have students work on sight singing outside of class.  ...
Comment: Re: Coming Soon: SKYPE Choir?
My seniors are being spotlighted at their last concert and are learning their own piece. I asked if they would be able to get together and rehearse on their own. They looked at each other and asked "Skype date"? They are already using skype to rehearse with each other! I teach at an independent scho...
Comment: Re: What would you have said?
I asked you to bring a rooster, not a dog!
Comment: Re: Piano Accompanists
Have you tried