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Comment: Re: Repertoire for a "Parodies and PDQ" Concert
This is delicious, particularly if you are doing it at Christmastime:   There's always Weird Al Yankovich   ...
Comment: Re: The Silver Swan - Orlando Gibbons
There is word painting throughout the piece that needs to be be incorporated into your approach to the music. A couple of effects that I have found useful. They should be done subtly, not overdone:   At "when Death approached," sing the notes slightly attached, rather than legato. Give a little ...
Comment: Re: Beautiful but simple Renaissance Piece
Many madrigals would fit your bill, if you are not looking for sacred music. There are several good collections available. Other possibilities that haven been mentioned yet: O Nata Lux - Tallis Jacobean verse anthems by such composers as Byrd, Gibbons, Weelkes, and Tomkins. Gibbons' This Is the Re...
Comment: Re: Theme of light/day and darkness/night
There is a lot of religious music fitting your theme, for instance: Tallis, O nata lux Victoria, Lux et Decus Hispaniae Harris, Holy is the True Light Copland, In the Beginning In the bleak midwinter Some nonsacred music as well: Stardust In the Still of the Night Dancing in the Dark Night ...
Comment: Re: Choral Ethics
I think that what you are calling "choral ethics" is really just "ethics" or "professional ethics;" the Golden Rule, avoiding harm, acting in a professional manner, etc.
Comment: Re: Suo Gan; a good SATB arrangement?
We did a lovely arrangement last year by Michael Lemmers and Nathalie Croft for choir and orchestra. I could get it for you if you're interested. My email is
Comment: Re: Letters themed concert-- need help!
A-Tisket A-tasket; several good arrangements of this old tune   Yours, Yours, Yours, from the musical 1776   Avner Dorman. "Letters from Gettysburg"   You could probably make a case for songs from "Spoon River Anthology," which several composers have set.
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
How could I have forgotten Heinrich Schütz's "Die mit Tränen säen"?  
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Long - Bach B Minor Mass. Absolute perfection in every movement. Medium length - Bach Magnificat or Tallis' Lamentations of Jeremiah. Short - Byrd's Vigilate; a sort of mini-cantata in itself. Or Tomkins' When David Heard. Makes me weep every time.
Comment: Re: Teenage Basses who can barely match pitch
There's a very obvious solution - three-part (SAB or SAT) music. There are lots of Renaissance anthems, madrigals, etc. written for this voice distribution. That way the tenor and the less shaky bass can help out the others. If you must have SATB music, you could try putting some of the lower alto...
Comment: Re: Seeking concert choral pieces that tell a story, SATB, TTBB and/or SA
Jezus es a Kufarok (Jesus and the Traders) by Kodaly; When David Heard by Thomas Tomkins; This is the Record of John by Orlando Gibbons; Alexander's Feast by Handel
Comment: Re: Graduation Songs
Stephen Sondheim's "Behold the Hills of Tomorrow," from "Merrily We Roll Along."
Comment: Re: PDQ Bach or something similar
The easiest thing is generally to rewrite the words of a favorite or significant piece you've done. This approach has always worked for me.
Comment: Re: Baroque Literature
Look into Dieterich Buxtehude. He wrote many fine cantatas and other choral works. Also Johann Pachelbel, who was so much more than his famous Canon, and his son, Charles, who lived in Charleston, SC.; Giacomo Carissimi, a stupendous composer of the Italian baroque; and Lully and Rameau in the Fre...
Comment: Re: Repertoire for Choir and Tenor Soloist
If your soloist has a more early-music type of voice, how about "This Is the Record of John" by Gibbons?
Comment: Re: Translation help needed
One small point: Gaude in the first line should be translated as "Rejoice," not "Hail."
Comment: Re: Gay Composers
If you are bothered by people expressing their feelings about how the straight world oppresses people who don't fit into its pigeonholes, perhaps you should examine your own attitudes and not immediately pooh-pooh those who aren't blessed to have grown up in your perfect world of white, middle cla...
Comment: Re: Repertoire suggestions for concert titled, "Songs of Triumph"
Norman Dello Joio's "Jubilant Song"
Comment: Re: Gay Composers
Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Sullivan, Benjamin Britten of course are the big names. Joan Szymko, Dean X. Johnson, Libby Larsen. Check out performances by gay and/or lesbian choirs throughout the U.S. and Canada - there's at least one in virtually every major city.   I should thin...
Comment: Re: Looking for a madrigal
If you do Matona Mia Cara, be aware that the lyrics are quite suggestive.
Choir: Portland Camerata (Portland, Oregon, USA)
The Portland Camerata is an a cappella chamber choir primarily dedicated to the interpretation and performance of early choral music, occasionally performing works with instrumental accompaniment or theatrical embellishment.