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Comment: Re: 20th Cent. rep. SATB w. piano
Is 21st century not allowed, then? Or are you looking specifically for dead composers? :(
Comment: Re: Up tempo ice/cold/snow songs for middle school
Dear Bridgit,   I recently did a commission for Jack Senzig's choir that would suit you - it's called "The Water Cycle" and part of it uses the piano and close-harmony vocals to "paint ice" though not vocal percussion. The score is at:
Comment: Re: remembrance day childrens songs
Dear Annette,   See reply to Sharon below - the piece might be a little easy for the more experienced singers in your choir, but it would work well. I can't suggest a second one though, sorry!   Chris
Comment: Re: remembrance day childrens songs
Dear Sharon,   My setting of Stevenson's "Under The Wide And Starry Sky" is written with very young choirs in mind - it only uses four notes (ray-me-so-fa) for the melody, so it's very easy to pick up, and the text is perfect for a remembrance day ceremony:
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "We Three Kings"
Shouldn't bar 30 be "gold" instead of "bold"? Or is this an American variation of the words?
Comment: Re: It came upon the midnight clear with harp, choir, and congregation
Hi Amalie - I'd be happy to do a custom arrangement for you, can you email to discuss? .   How big is the congregation? Harp is rather easy to drown out.
Comment: Re: O Holy Night w/ brass
Hi Michael,   I'd be happy to do a custom arrangement if you wish. Email me to discuss if you're interested - chris @   Thanks,   Chris
Comment: Re: 3 Part for Beginner High School Choir -- very strict school!
Dear Cera,   I have several SAB folk song arrangements here:   "A Red Red Rose" has a bass part that only goes up to middle C; "A Highland Lad" goes up to D, and "Jock O'Hazeldean" to Eb, but let me know if that's too high and I'd be happy ...
Comment: Re: LOTS of young men
Dear Lauren, The three introits at the top of this page all have ATB versions and might suit you well - ladies on the A part (it goes down to a low G) and men on T and B parts would balance them well. The first one "God To Enfold Me" has been done by the National Youth Choir of Scotland's training ...
Comment: Re: Baritone Choir Rep
Hi Rebecca, A friend of mine has requested some TB work (tenors C-upper F, basses low G-middle C). Would these ranges be suitable? Working on a setting of "All Sons Of Adam" with organ/piano at the moment. Chris
Comment: Re: Singer in transgender process
I was about to say "start calling your singer he rather than she", but I see you've now started doing that, which is great.   There's no reason you couldn't have him wear a tux and be effectively a male alto - I assume he has short hair by now and looks at least somewhat androgynous. Most people ...
Comment: Re: Youth Church Choir Rep Suggestions
Dear Kate,   Please have a look at my three pieces for SAB which are at the top of this page:   The first one, "God To Enfold Me", is a simple Celtic prayer for SAB, and was premiered this summer by the National Youth Choir of Scotland's...
Comment: Re: Two Part Singing
Hi Helen - I have a couple of folk song arrangements which would suit. What are the ranges of each section, roughly?   I also have a two-part Missa Brevis with organ if that would be of interest.   Chris
Comment: Re: SATBB competition piece
Dear Rebecca,   You might enjoy my six-part motet "O Vos Omnes" - recently performed by Kwazulu-Natal Youth Choir, and they've said they're doing it for a competition in Italy. The middle male part could be done by basses or tenors, and the middle female part by sopranos or altos. It would work w...
Comment: Re: Shakespeare texts?
Dear Frank,   Another one to add to your list of possibles:   This is for SATB choir and has been successfully performed by a group of mostly non-readers at the University of Glasgow (ages 18-20ish) so...
Comment: Re: Inter-denominational/interfaith memorial
Dear James,   I have a setting of a Celtic prayer "God to enfold me", which would work for any deist faith: God to enfold me, God to surround me, God in my speaking, God in my thinking. God in my sleeping, God in my waking, God in my watching, God in my hoping. God in my life, God in my lips, ...
Comment: Re: The Future of Newly Composed Music is at Risk…
I'm amazed that the average was as high as £1392. I've earned that much for a commission once so far. And rehearsal/preparation time is definitely a problem.   (Choral conductors reading this, I'm open for new commissions, have excellent feedback on the ones I've done, and I'll probably charge y...
PDF Document: In The Bleak Midwinter - Hutchings
PDF Document: Thou Knowest Lord The Secrets Of Our Hearts - Hutchings
PDF Document: Come I This Day To The Father - SABar
PDF Document: Come I This Day To The Father - ATB
PDF Document: God To Enfold Me - ATB
PDF Document: God To Enfold Me - SABar
Comment: Re: Christmas song for radio contest
Hi Angela,   If you want something that the judges won't be sick of hearing, try my original setting of "In The Bleak Midwinter" - I have a version for SSAB available which would suit a mainly-women choir. You can hear it at ...
Comment: Re: Good quality SSAB rep for high school chorus?
Dear Kendra,   I have a setting of "In The Bleak Midwinter" for SSAB - you can hear it here:   If you'd like a copy of the score, email me ( The price is $40 for a PDF, and you can print as many c...
Comment: Re: Repertoire & Schedule for TINY HS chorus w/ Learning Disabilities
Dear Kirsten,   I have a simple arrangement for SA of "Ye Banks And Braes" -   I also have an SA arrangement of "My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose" - email me for a copy,   Both are free f...
Comment: Re: Christmas music
Will this have organ or piano as well? Orchestrating for only sax, flute and trumpet might be quite a tricky order! (Though I could do it.) If you know what instruments you have available, I'll happily do a few arrangements for you - if you just want them doubling the existing harmony parts, that wo...
Comment: Re: Looking for medium/easy SAB songs for concert
Dear Alisa,   I have some arrangements of Scots songs here - free for non-profit use, but please make a contribution if you have a music budget: A Red Red Rose, Jock O'Hazeldean and A Highland Lad should be approachable eve...
Comment: Re: Bottom heavy mixed choir
Dear Lance,   I have three pieces I've just written for three-part choir which can be done by ATB - they're the first three on this page: Each entry has a link to an ATB version.   The first one, God To Enfold Me, was just done by the Na...
Comment: Re: Christmas Around the World
Dear Christina, You might enjoy my setting of "Balulalow", which is in Scots - it was performed last year by three different choirs in Scotland. It needs a soprano solo and a baritone solo, but both parts are easy enough to be done by amateur singers. Recording:
Comment: Re: Psalm Settings
Dear Monte, My "O Sing Unto The Lord" is a setting of psalm 98, quite rhythmic, with no divisi in the SATB parts. It's accompanied by organ, and lasts 4 minutes - should suit you perfectly! A recording is at and you can preview the score ...
Comment: Re: Choir with very unbalanced numbers
Are the boys able to sing as a single section, or do they have a mixture of high and low voices?   Your idea of splitting the choir in two sounds promising if you want to do SATB works - have two chamber choirs, one SSA or SSAA, and one SATB, which would give you at least 4 singers per part, mayb...
Comment: Re: A cappella music for treble choir aged 13-16
Dear Barbara,   I have a two-part a cappella arrangement of "Ye Banks and Braes" - it's free for non-profit use, but if you have a music budget then it's £15 for a PDF (you can print as many copies as you want from that PDF, so that would be less than $1 per singer). The score is at http://www....
Comment: Re: International Competition/Music
Dear Charles,   I've read a couple of comments where judges say they're sick of hearing Whitacre - if you're interested in exploring other living composers, I have several suitable pieces at   For a high school choir of 30 singers, I'd r...
Comment: Re: Winter songs?
Dear Kevin,   Yes, I have one! It was performed last year by the Edinburgh Singers and by Chicago A Cappella, and it's for SATB unaccompanied (the sopranos are divisi for 2 notes).   Edinburgh Singers perform it on Youtube: (They're an all-amateur c...
Comment: Re: Taking the "Christ" out of "Ubi Caritas"?
The whole anthem is a reference to Christ, at least as far as the composer's concerned.    If you have to do it and have no alternatives, you could sing "congregavit nos in unum Dei amor" which would still make grammatical sense, but the "Deum vivum" (living God) in the following line is also a ...
Comment: Re: Taking the "Christ" out of "Ubi Caritas"?
Surely Dei, not Deo? it's the genitive case.
Comment: Re: iPad for Music Distribution
Dear Jaclyn,   As a composer, I'm quite happy for my music to be distributed this way: I sell my PDFs as "unlimited copies", so you can make as many copies as you like. Copies on iPad would be included in that. (If you'd like to order music you can be sure of being legal, then you can purchase my...
Comment: Re: Selling original choral works online
I've always offered my copies as "pay a set amount, print as many copies as you want". After all, it doesn't make any difference to me practically whether someone prints off 25 or 50 copies - it's the same amount of work for me - and it means they can replace lost copies easily. The copies are speci...
Comment: Re: Looking for snow/winter songs/arrangements
Dear Phyllis,   Please consider my version of "In The Bleak Midwinter" (a new setting, quite different from the Darke or Holst settings) (SATB, almost no divisi, 4', would suit a choir of your size and abilities): Edinburgh Singers performing it last Christmas:
Comment: Re: Darkness and Light Concert
Dear Tod,   You might find this piece for mixed chorus (SATB, occasional two-part divisi in each part) interesting: it's not hugely difficult, though it would be very tricky for non-music-readers.   It's an a...
Comment: Re: So British!
Thanks! I hope you find something that interests you.   You might also enjoy some movements from my "Requiem" - I have arrangements with brass quintet of some of the movements, I'll need to check which ones when I get home. I certainly have the Sanctus, Benedictus and Hosanna arranged with brass ...
Comment: Re: Choir banquet
Do you mean planning the music, or the food, or how to get people to buy tickets...?
Comment: Re: So British!
And why are you stopping at Rutter? There are a lot of good British composers in need of the extra exposure.   I don't have anything with brass and percussion sadly, but if you're looking for something Scottish (which is part of Britain, it's not just England) then you might enjoy my Scots Christ...
Comment: Re: When your choir dislikes a piece on your program
Have you got a good recording of the piece that you can play them? "You could sound this good" is a good motivator.
Comment: Re: Edgy contemporary choral music (no pretty, please)
Dear Elizabeth,   I have some pieces that may suit you: Speravi in Te - winner of the New London Singers Composition Prize. For SATB with some divisi, ideally at least 4 people per part as they have to sing independently (same phrase but starting at different times) quite a lot. Definitely not ...
Announcement: Two new Scottish pieces for three-part choir (ATB or SABar)
I've recently finished two settings of ancient Scots prayers for three-part choir; these would work particularly well for choirs who are short on one part, or for cathedral choirs who normally have a treble section and want to give them a Sunday off.   They could even be done by three soloists....
Comment: Re: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
It doesn't look like it'll lend itself well to SSAA, unless the topmost soprano part is very high (I assume you're using the tune "Kingsfold" as arranged by Vaughan Williams - ?) If nobody else comes up with one, I could do an arrangement for a small fee - e...
Comment: Re: Programming help: In Windsor Forest
I'd suggest expanding the Shakespeare theme to include other composers - there have been several posts on here about Shakespeare-related music. You might find my setting of "Come Away, Death" from Twelfth Night useful -
Comment: Re: Repertoire for choir with violin and cello
Had a lok at the score - bar 4 of the cello part needs an F natural, and in bar 27 the choir sings a C# but the score shows a C natural?   Was that recording made with software? Amazing stuff. I was wondering how a real cellist would cope with that double-stop at the end, I've had a professional ...