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Comment: Re: Obtaining permissions to publish Frost lyrics in a CD
yes, you need to get permission. Hopefully you've also already arranged a mechanical recording payment for recording the piece and manfacturing CD's.
Community Forum Post: Copyright advice for Artistic Directors, teachers & conductors
Some excellent copyright advice for choral artistic directors, from Abbie Betinis:
Comment: Re: General Use "Run Out" Repertoire
For fun, I hope you'll please give a listen to "Apple Pie." It was the winner of a competition for a "family concert" piece by the Wasatch Chorale. Download score & listen here:      Thanks......  RIch
Comment: Re: 20th Cent. rep. SATB w. piano
Hi Devin,  This is not really experimental in any way... but it is a brand new award winning work I hope you'll consider. Thanks! -Rich  ps more here:      
Comment: Re: repertoire suggestions - famous poetry
Hi Clarence,  I have several pieces with texts by American poets. "If I Can Sing, I Still Am Free," has a Sarah Teasdale text, and was the winner of this year's SACRA/PROFANA composition competition. Please view the premiere performance here:
Comment: Re: Hard Times Come Again No More
Here's the score & a video of a new work of mine, "If I Can Sing, I Still Am Free." It was the winner of a recent compostion competition by SACRA/PROFANA.  video:   score:,+I+...
Comment: Re: Suggestions for Groundbreaking Ceremony
Hi Anne,   I've got a new piece, "Celebrate A New Day" for a cappella SSA that's ideal for celebrations like this. It's secular and uptempo. It was a winner of a competition and was premiered in August by the Australian Boys Choir for their 75th Anniversary Gala Concert.  Score here: http://w...
Comment: Re: Intonation in relation to vibrato?
Dennis, Michael, David--- I am curious..... is there any science-- any study--- that confirms that vibrato is "natural" ? Since young children sing without vibrato, it seems more like a learned technique. Listening to old recordings, it is clear that the stylistic taste among musicians, conductor...
Comment: Re: Seeking Christmas Eve anthems for church choir   SATB/piano   And Still The Stars Shine
Comment: Re: "War and Family" themed concert repertoire
For the end of war:  a wish for peace:   If Ever There Is SATB a cappella Score & recording here:
Comment: Re: looking for opener for choir competition ssa
Great opener, but it's a cappella:  Celebrate A New Day
Comment: Re: 4th Grade Choral Repertoire
3 part treble- great opener, but may be a little more dificult than you wish:  "Celebrate A New Day"
Comment: Re: Youth Church Choir Rep Suggestions
Hi Kate,   Please have a look at "And Still The Stars Shine" here: It's the Christmas Eve story in a contemporary setting. Thanks   Rich
PDF Document: Celebrate A New Day
Comment: Re: Anti-War oratorios
Hi Bing,  My "If Ever There Is," is not an oratorio, but it does have a powerful anti-war text by poet Robert Creeley. Score and recording here: SATB, a cappella, duration 5 minutes
Comment: Re: The Future of Newly Composed Music is at Risk…
Thanks for bringing this article to our attention
Comment: Re: Christmas song for radio contest
A new, exciting mid-tempo telling of the Christmas Eve story. "And Still The Stars Shine," is for mixed SATB chorus with piano accompaniment. Accessible for both audiences and singers (highest soprano notes: a few "e's" at the end). Ideal for Christmas concerts and services; great for high school, c...
Comment: Re: Music for Women's Voices on theme of Autumn/Evening
from a past post: COMPOSITION SPOTLIGHT ~ by Jack Senzig   (Each week we look at one or two of the best choral works posted in the Composition Showcase here on ChoralNet.  This is where we store a treasure trove of works that your choirs will love to sing and your audiences will love to he...
PDF Document: Apple Pie
Comment: Re: "A Life in Song" Concert Theme
HI Mary, "If I Can Sing, I Still Am Free" had ia successful premiere on Saturday in San Diego by SACRA/PROFANA (it was the winner of their call for scores).  You can view the ssore here:,%20I%20Still%20Am%20Free%20-For%20Perusal%20Only%20Do%20Not%2...
PDF Document: If I Can Sing, I Still Am Free
Comment: Re: Autumn/winter theme SA piece
Winter Stars, for SSA a cappella   Score:   Choralnet review:   Audio:
Comment: Re: A cappella music for treble choir aged 13-16
Hi, A piece of mine for SSA women's choir was featured on Choralnet. Winter Stars: Thanks. -Rich
Comment: Re: Upbeat SATB piece with piano
Hi Jessica, I have an upbeat SATB + piano piece getting its premiere July 19 in San Diego. If your concert is after that, I hope you'll consider "If I Can Sing, I Still Am Free."  you can view the score here:,%20I%20Still%20Am%20Free%20-For%20Perusa...
Comment: Re: Scanning a portion of a score (as a sample to share)
Fair use info from the US copyright office: One of the rights accorded to the owner of copyright is the right to reproduce or to authorize others to reproduce the work in copies or phonorecords. This right is subject to certain limitations found in sections ...
Comment: Re: Scanning a portion of a score (as a sample to share)
THe scanning/distribution you mention, even of a page or two, requires that you secure permission. Otherwise it is a violation of copyright.
Comment: Re: Looking for snow/winter songs/arrangements
Here's a link to the score of a piece of mine, "Snow," a setting of a poem by Billy Collins:
Comment: Re: YouTube question   A synch license is required.....  As stated above, much of the content on YouTube is up without a license and in violation of copyright, and is subject to being taken down at some point.   From ASCAP:   "A synchronization or "synch" r...
Comment: Re: Appropriate? Use of sign language to augment music
Chilcott's "Can You Hear Me" is written with sign language as an integral part of the work:
Comment: Re: Help me choose rep for our Vienna/Salzburg/Munich tour!
Hi Kayla, A new work of mine was recently premiered at the ACDA Southern Conference. "If Ever There Is" is SATB a cappella, medium difficulty, and has a universal message: a wish for peace. You can view the score and listen to it here: -Rich Campbell
Comment: Re: Help me finish a set for Spring Concert!!
Hi Jason,  I've got a fun unison + piano piece on my site: Uplifting message. Young singers enjoy it. I can send a realization via email--- contact me at -Rich
Comment: Re: Preparing and conducting Belshazzar's Feast
Hi Larry, I was in attendance at last month's ACDA Southern Conference closing concert at Jacoby Hall in Jacksonville when Simon Halsey conducted the Collegiate Combined Chorus & the Jacksonville Symphont Orchestra in "Belshazzar's Feast." He had the orchestra on stage, surrounded by the choru...
Announcement: If Ever There Is (SATB a cappella) a wish for peace
If Ever There Is    SATB a cappella, no divisi, secular, duration 5 min.      $2.50 "If Ever There Is"  had its concert debut last Thursday by the Directors Chorus at the Southern Division ACDA Conference, with Francisco Núñez conducting, "If Ever There Is" was developed with Philip ...
Comment: Re: Repertoire for wide range of musical periods
Hi Leigh, Wishing you the best with your programming. For new music, my "If Ever There Is" was just performed at the Southern ACDA Conference. Score & recording here: -Rich
Comment: Re: copyright issue ?
HI Bing, Yes, you still need to obtain permission from the publisher to re-print the text. -Rich
Comment: Re: Question about cd's being sold
I don't believe that there is any law that states performers must get credit on an album's liner notes. Whoever posessess the recording & arranged for its distribution is profiting from it's sale. Have you talked with the leadership of the church choir? Hopefully the choir itself is getting t...
Hi, I invite your daughter to have a look at "Winter Stars", for 3 part women's choir. Text by American poet Sarah Teasdale. It was featured in last week's Composition Spotlight on ChoralNet. -Rich   Composition Spotlight:   Score: http://www.choralnet....
Comment: Re: copyright issue ?
My guess is that it is still under copyright, and you do need permission. I found this:  "i thank you God for this" © 1950 1978 1991 by the trustees of the E. E. Cummings Trust, ©1979 by George James Firmage from Complete Poems 1904-1962 by E. E. Cummings edited by George J. Firmage, used by pe...
Comment: Re: Tracing copyright to a book version first published in an old US magazine
found this: First published in the Woman's Home Companion as "The Pearl of the World". Copyright John Steinbeck, 1945. Copyright renewed Elaine Steinbeck John Steinbeck IV and Thom Steinbeck, 1973.
Comment: Re: gregorian style song for ssa
Hi Rudy, Please have a look at the score & listen to "Winter Stars."  Listen here: View score here: Thanks Rich
Comment: Re: A Cappella SSA Rep Suggestions for freshmen/sophomore girls
Hi Megan,   Here's an SSA score of mine with a text by an American poet: Winter Stars. View score here: Listen here:   -Rich
Comment: Re: Video Copyright
Abbie--- great answer. Here's another, simple way to list the credit info once you receive permission:   Alleluia  by Randall Thompson © Copyright 1940 by E.C Schirmer Music Company used by permission   performed by West High School Chorus
Comment: Re: Winter Concert music needed
Hi Rachel,   I did not respond earliere because my only SSA piece for you to consider is a legato, slow tempo piece. But I hope you'll review the score of "Winter Stars" and consider it for future Winter Concerts. The score and a recording can be found here:
Comment: Re: music for Christmas morning service
Hi,   I have a brand new titled "And Still The Stars Shine."  You can review the score here: If you contact me at I'd be happy to send an mp3 (computer realization).   Thanks   Rich Campbell   A new, exciting mid-temp...
Comment: Re: Copyright issues with a text
  from the us copyright site:     How long does a copyright last?The term of copyright for a particular work depends on several factors, including whether it has been published, and, if so, the date of first publication. As a general rul...
Comment: Re: 16 Voice Advanced Ensemble Needs Identity through Rep
Hi Rachel, Speaking up for my own work here... has several scores that may interest you. "Coney Island" has been done in high school and last weekend was performed by the College of Saint Rose Chamber Choir in Albany NY.  "If Ever There Is" will be done ...
Community Forum Post: New Christmas SATB/piano "And Still The Stars Shine"
Hi: for those that may still be looking for music for the holidays, please have a look at my new piece:   A new, exciting mid-tempo telling of the Christmas Eve story. "And Still The Stars Shine," is for mixed SATB chorus with piano accompaniment. Accessible for both audiences and singers (highes...
Announcement: "And Still The Stars Shine" new Christmas SATB w/piano
A new, exciting mid-tempo telling of the Christmas Eve story. "And Still The Stars Shine," is for mixed SATB chorus with piano accompaniment. Accessible for both audiences and singers (highest soprano notes: a few "e's" at the end). Ideal for Christmas concerts and services; great for high school, c...
PDF Document: If Ever There Is
PDF Document: Winter Stars