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Comment: Re: Speaking of Voice: “My Go-To Warm-Up” by Ian Yeung
Comment: Re: Disrespected and Frustrated
Hang in there. The success you are having with your 6th graders indicates that you will succeed in growing your program. This may take 3 years if you have 3 grade levels. You are winning the "war" as the 6th grade "battle" is already under control!
Comment: Re: Unison songs for
Caldwell/Ivory's "Ani Ma'Amin" is absolutely gorgeous. It requires a good violinist. When done right, this is hauntingly beautiful. The message is poweful--Jews sang this piece on the way to the gas chamber and kept singing as they expired. They provide both the Israeli pronunciantion and the German...
Comment: Re: Looking for lush, grand, accompanied piece SSAA for winter
Hope Is the Thing With Feathers, new by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory, commissioned for Sing A Mile High Choral Festival 2014. Dedicated to people who are fighting cancer. Email Paul at   You need a very good accompanist. It's beautiful!
Forum message: Coursera recommendation
I have just completed an extraordinary online course called "Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music Ensembles," taught by Dr. Evan Feldman of U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While I thought I would gain something from the course, I was overwhelmed with the scope of the videos. Dr. Feldman is a wind ense...
Comment: Re: Songs about travel
Untravelled Worlds by Paul Halley. Difficult but awesome! Buy from Paul's website.
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
Grace Fell Like the Rain, The Land Of Beyond, Rollo Dilworth, Hal Leonard Jabberwocky, David Brunner, Walton (?) Walk In Jerusalem, Rollo Dilworth, Hal Leonard Up On the Mountain Shouting, One Mile, Rollo Dilworth Climbin Up the Mountain, Children, Ro...
Comment: Re: Conference Morsel: Tone Deaf. Really?
OMG What if our music classes (open enrollment) had 4% students congenital amusia? That would be terrible!   I do have one little girl that I suspect has such a disorder. I followed "an online test" link above and got to a website requiring an access code. Is there another way to find this test?
Comment: Re: Accompanist-conductor for performances?
And yet another option is to accompany your own rehearsals, maintaining your distance from the piano as much as possible, so the singers can learn independence from the piano and develop their ears to tune to the other singers rather than to the piano. Then you can add your own accompaniment later i...
Comment: Re: “Vocal Advantage: Breath (part 1)” by Dina Else
Can you give a little more info on the exact website for this demonstration? There is so much to choose from, I got lost in the search. Sounds like a great reference. Thank you!  
Comment: Re: Movement Warm Ups
Charlotte Adams: Daily Workput for a Beautiful Voice (DVD) published by Santa Barbara. Great investment!
Comment: Re: Training programs for children´s and youth choir conductors
Helmut, Since you are in Austria, you should REALLY check out the Kodaly Institute in Kecskemet, Hungary. They have a 3-week course this summer (every odd-numbered year), taught in English. They also have a longer program throughout the year. Their director, Laszlo Nemes, is an extremely fine child...
Comment: Re: A Choral Ghost Town
I read it! (And I'm at the beach, so I must be following your advice!)  :-)
Comment: Re: Saturday Respite: This Song Will be Stuck in Your Head All Day
Does anyone know who that cute kid was and what became of him?
Comment: Re: "The Glee Effect" survey for grad school - please spare a minute
You're right. It only takes about a minute. Thanks for the nudge. Can't wait to see your results.
Comment: Re: Independent Contractor vs. Part Time Employee
Hi Sharon,   I have read all of the responses above and agree that your board made a move to save money that probably would not hold up in an audit, for all those reasons listed above. (But the chances of their being audited are slim.) I believe David's first statement #1 is incorrect.   ...
Comment: Re: I get a new choir room! What do I NEED?
Terry mentions "enough cubic feet of space to handle the sound." This also involves ceiling height, which is often ignored in our plug-in/amp-up music world. If you really want to teach singing, your singers must be able to produce a sound which "cones up" to a height of 16-20 feet before returnin...
Comment: Re: More about IPAnow!
Please let us know when these products are out!
Comment: Re: Best sightsinging method books
I have been looking at the materials. They are reproducible.  
Comment: Re: Free seating chart software
I also use Excel for this. In order to create "windows," I use two cells per singer and put a box around each singer's "chair." Then I stagger the "chairs" for each additional row, by starting with one blank cell on the left for the second row of seats.
Comment: Re: Ideas for honoring perfect attendance
What a neat idea, Eric!   One particularly long stretch of rehearsals for a SWACDA appearance, I was particularly proud of a handful of singers who had perfect attendance, so I had some long-sleeved t-shirts printed with "I can't...I have choir practice!"   Jena Dickey, Young Voices of C...
Announcement: Peak Your Vision - Children's Choir Conductors' Retreat - Deadline approaching
Peak Your Vision ACDA Children’s and Community Youth Choir Conductor’s Retreat January 14-15, 2012 - Sheraton Downtown Denver Yes, it snowed in Denver this week, but today the temperature is 58 degrees, the sun is out, the streets are dry and the mountains are BEAUTIFUL! All the mor...
Comment: Re: Innovation is "In"
Tim,    I think the best news here is in the last line. In general, we choral directors overcome great odds, often "defying gravity," because we have learned to work collaboratively with people.   So many good thoughts come out of your brain! I am proud to be in an organization that is ...
Comment: Re: As seen on ChoralBuzz - support the new choral music documentary!
I just watched the trailer and gave $100, partially because I will get a signed copy of the DVD when it's finished. It may not be a blockbuster like an overcharacterized/exaggerated sitcom, but it's an important message that we need out there. It's one more attempt (like Mr. Holland's Opus) to edu...
Comment: Re: Orbiting the Giant Hairball
This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Although I am the boss (founder/artistic director) and not a worker-bee in the Hallmark scenario, these simple phenomena address many of my musings about what I "should" do and what I need to do to survive. Numbers 5, 6, 7 and 16 are particularly helpful. THA...
Comment: Re: Suggestions for computer solfege programs/software
I tuned into this discussion, because I was curious:  Is there really a computer program at all that teaches solfege? But, reading John's answer, I realized that I must agree with him. I am in Hungary right now, finishing up the two week course at the Kodaly Institute in Kecskemet, and if there's...
Announcement: Children's Choir Conductors Retreat - Save the date - January 2012
Be sure to reserve MLK weekend, January 14-15, 2012, for an inspirational event in Denver. Building on the success of our 2010 retreat, Robyn Lana and her committee have assembled a remarkable group of directors to lead sessions on the topics most applicable to community children and youth choirs....
Comment: Re: Barn Burner
If you do this piece, you simply MUST get Choralographer Yvonne Farrow to set movement on the group. It is a great closer! Email:  And, yes, Yvonne is Larry's wife. She is amazing!
Comment: Re: Technology in the Classroom
Tim, Would you mind outlining the process of taking your Sibelius scores, preparing rehearsal tracks with them (how?), and posting on your server? That would be extremely helpful to directors like me! I can do step one, but I don't know how to take that next step. Jena Dickey Young Voices of Colorad...
Comment: Re: One Small Moment
Dede Duson has music published by Alliance. Maybe they have the music or a contact for her. She lives in Texas.