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Items by Jay Vosk

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Comment: Re: sounds of nature...
I have written a work called 'A Desert Aviary' for SATB. The work is comprised of four descriptive songs each about a different bird from the Sonoran Desert Region. It includes each of their calls .. The White Wing Dove, The Cactus Wren and the Canyon Wren and The Curved Billed Thrasher. PDF sam...
PDF Document: There's a Certain Slant of Light
PDF Document: Eli Eliahu
PDF Document: There Will Come Soft Rains
PDF Document: I Am Come Into My Garden for TBB, Clarinet and Piano
PDF Document: A Wondrous Miracle for SA and Piano
PDF Document: Rise Up, My Love
Community Forum Post: Participation
Hi Jack: I'd like to participate and hope to send my PDF and MP3 Files to the Marketplace. Thanks for all your dedicated work. Jay Vosk
Comment: Re: Would A New "Conductors/Composers Dialogues" Community Be Useful?
I would give this a thumbs up. It seems to me  that presently a 'Composer's Group'and a 'Conductor's Group' are two mutually exclusive communities within' Choralnet'. This new group,I believe would bridge that gap.I welcome this new development. Jay Vosk, Composer
Comment: Re: Need good Hanukkah music
Deborah:   I have written a paraphrase of the tradtional Chanukah hymn. Maoz Tzur for SATB. It is in hebrew transliteration and english. Jay Vosk
Comment: Re: looking for Kadosh / Kaddish / Kiddush
I have a work - 'Holy, Sanctus, Kadosh' , which is a ploytextual  setting of the same line of scripture in english, latin and hebrew.It is SATB and piano.
Comment: Re: Works for Choir and BRASS QUNITET
 I have recently set Emily Dickinson's  'There came a wind like a bugle' for SATB and brass quintet. A PDF file of the piece is available if you so request it. This is the first of a series of three Dickinson poems  that are currently in preparation. Jay Vosk
Forum message: Composer fees
A church choir director in my town wants to perform the premiere of one of my choral works later this year. The piece, submitted to the choir director 'on spec' is currently not published . He asked me what my fee was. Is there a going rate for composer fees for this sort of thing ? A charge per eac...