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Comment: Re: looking for opener for choir competition ssa
Mirth, by Sargent
Comment: Re: Take the Latest ACDA Poll: "Smart Phones in Concert!?"
The fact is that audiences are going to use them if we like it or not.  Sitting up in the balcony at performances at the Dallas ACDA I saw plenty of smart phones in use down below on the main floor, so choral directors seem to be no exception to the norm. I have seen creative approaches to inviti...
Comment: Re: The Young Conductor II - what does a conductor need to know?
Your statment above, "Being a leader, being inspiring is incredibly important, but we don't have a class for that." has been something that I've been thinking about for a while, and is what I've been bloging about.  My last blog post was some thoughts about our need to teach leadership, but it is ...
Comment: Re: GUEST BLOG: "When the Young Teacher Becomes the Mentor," by Emily Hackethorn
If Ceri hasn't sung in choirs much before, I would suggest that she find a good community chorus and start singing in a choir right away.
Comment: Re: Last Chance to Catch Your Breath
Comment: Re: The meaning behind "fa la la" in madrigals
That would make sense with the quote about "Deck the Hall" that I left in the response above.  I think it likely that nonsense syllables come fairly naturally and have been used for different reasons by different composers at different times.
Comment: Re: The meaning behind "fa la la" in madrigals
when writing program notes, I found a source that said about Deck the Hall:   "The music for this carol dates back as early as the 16th century in Wales.  It may have been from the canu penillion tradition in which, dancers would dance in a ring around a harpist. Originally, the dancers would si...
Comment: Re: What we can learn from John Wooden VIII
In my blog I've been posting about what I've been reading in the book "Primal Leadership" and it talks about why the repetition is needed and what happens in our brains.  The conceptual learning you talk about is done in the neocortex, but the skill learning hapens in the limbic part of the brain....
Borrowing request: RTB "We've Got Good News to Tell"
Item: "We've Got Good News to Tell" Composer/Arranger/Edition: Besig Starting: ASAP For: Until January Copies: 25 Willing to rent: Yes  
Comment: Re: Choral Ethics
I think a discussion of ethics in the choral arena needs to happen more often, and I applaud your work.  I would encourage you to include things that may be uncomfortable, and that may seem obvious.  I say this because I have been troubled by how many examples I've seen in recent years of directo...
Comment: Re: Advice for a new teacher?
There are many great resources out there, but nothing substitutes for experince. First: join a choir.  Find the best communiy choir in your area, or join the local professional symphony's chorus. Second: take some voice lessons. Then all of the books and other resources will make a lot more sens...
Comment: Re: Intonation XI - Tonal Memory--A Two-Edged Sword
I've had a positive experience that may relate to tonal memory, though I'm not sure if that is the reason for our success. I teach at Pierce College Puyallup, a community college.  The choir is non-auditioned has around 60 members ranging from first-time-in-choir, to having been a big-shot in t...
Resource: Choral Conductor
Comment: Re: Start with Musicality--Redux!
Thank you.  I love your detailed descriptioni of how you balance the not learning process with principles of shaping.  Well said, and I agree heartily. Ken
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
As an innovative idea and use of technology, Whitacre's virtual choir did get attention from many high school and college students, and may have led to some increased participation.  I agree with John and Fabio, however, that there really isn't a general concept out there of virtual choirs.  Whita...
Comment: Re: Resources for Musicianship Skills in Adult Choristers
I teach at a community college, and my choirs usually include many who don't read music. I don't use a book, but I teach using movable-do solfege.  We do a few warm-up exercises in solfege to get use to it, and then we start learning our rep. on solfege.  I'll ask them to write the first letter of...
Comment: Re: Rehearsing well -- Start with Musicality
I do agree, but I think we have to be careful to balance things.  I have seen many young conductors spend too much time talking about wonderful phrasing ideas that the students completely miss because they are desparately trying to find the next note!  You mention that with the countsinging exa...
Comment: Re: Choral Caffeine: Daily Details
I agree, and I think there are many words that could be used along with, or instead of, interesting as we continually remind choirs.  Interesting can be vauge - which may or may not be good depending on the singers.  Some other ideas:   <> Make each successive repeated note more vibra...
Comment: Re: Thank the Choir
Well said. Thank you for the reminder, I know I'll be sure to follow your advise in my rehearsal today.
Comment: Re: Sectionals
I agree that the level of the ensemble makes all the difference.  My comments don't run along the same lines as those above, but just to give a non-audition choir point of veiw of sectionals, here mine are: I work with lower-level choirs, but also don't care much for individual sectionals.  T...
Borrowing request: RTB "Go tell" in WA
Item: Go tell it on the Mountain Composer/Arranger/Edition: Steve Barnett Starting: ASAP For: mid Dec. Copies: 11 Willing to rent: No   Published by Boosey and Hawkes through Hal Leonard, this is temporarily out of print or I'd purchase it. Please let me know if we can borrow.
Comment: Re: Bethoven's 9th
I'm surprised that a scholar would assert such a thing, unless he was pointing out the 9th symphonies incongruities with the conventions of its day. (or perhaps just to get people's attention) For a late 18th, early 19th century symphony, the 4th movement certainly seems unusual, but as others hav...
Borrowing request: Double Double Toil and Trouble
Item: Double Double Toil and Trouble Composer/Arranger/Edition: Mantyjarvi Starting: As soon as possible For: Until October Copies: 11 Willing to rent: No  
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
I haven't seen Eric Barnum on the list. I believe he recently finished his DMA at University of Washington and has taken a job somewhere in the Midwest. He has some works published by Walton and some self-published. UW's choirs did many of his works, as did Robert Bode's Choral Arts. His works are a...
Concert: Canto del Cuore - Love and Passion (Puyallup WA)
Feb 24th, 2012 7:30 pm First Presbyterian church, Puyallup 412 W. Pioneer, Puyallup WA donations accepted at door   A select ensemble singing music by Palestrina, Josquin, and Debussy, as well as arrangements of African American spirituals and lighter selections as done by such groups...
Comment: Re: Mixed choir and childrens choir
Thank you all - wonderful suggestions.  I will be looking through all of these as options for our March concert! Ken
Choir: Pierce College Puyallup Concert Choir (Puyallup, Washington, USA)
Forum message: Mixed choir and childrens choir
I teach at a community college, and an elementry school would like to collaborate with us for one song on one of our concerts.  I'm having a difficult time finding a piece for SATB choir (my college choir) and children's choir (one or two part).  It needs to be fairly easy for the children's par...
Comment: Re: music for "Neighbors Chorus" in French?
I looked up the opera and found that the text is more than a little altered.  I then noticed that the English octavo says "English text by Peter John Stephens."  Note that it is not labled a translation, because it isn't one.  I also agree that out of context the original text would be diffi...
Website suggestion: How do I get my choir listed?
I notice my community college choir is not listed on Choral Net.  I would like to add them to the list but can't figure out how.