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Comment: Re: Music for singers and viol consort
Are you looking for sacred or secular? My dissertation was on the topic of verse anthems for voices and viols. Since that was years ago, and my copy is back in St. Louis, I can't give you many specifics. I can recommend John Bull's The Star Anthem for Epiphany. I had some other favorites too. If yo...
Comment: Re: Roland C-230 organ
We just purchased a Roland C-30 for our local Oratorio Society and used the celesta and harpsichord for our holiday concerts. It worked like a charm--sounds great, is flexible, and quite portable, plus no tuning worries. It also features two chamber organ stops. I purchased it from Lazar's Early M...
Forum message: Looking for Notation Software advice
Two Questions:   Over many years I've made use of both Finale and Sibelius (and before that Professional Composer), but I've used neither in recent years. Now that I need a notation software program again, I'm seeking some updated advice. I'm aware of the Sibelius debacle, so I'd like to steer...
Concert: Estes Park Summer Sings
Oratorio Society of Estes Park Summer Sings   Saturday afternoons at 4 pm at Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church, 2000 Ptarmigan Trail, Estes Park, Colorado   July 27th - Handel's Messiah Aug. 3rd - Brahms German Requiem (in English) Aug. 10th - Haydn & Rutter Te Deums   For mor...
Concert: 25th Anniversary Concert
Oratorio Society of Estes Park - 25th Anniversary Concert  ( Mendelssohn Lauda Sion, op. 73 (highly recommended!) Bruckner Locus iste Beethoven Choral Fantasy Kathy Bowers, conductor Friday, May 17, 7:00 pm Saturday, May 18, 2:00 pm Estes Park High School Auditorium 1500 Manford Ave....
Borrowing request: Need to rent or borrow Mendelssohn orchestra parts
Item: Orchestra parts Composer/Arranger/Edition: Mendelssohn op. 73 Lauda Sion Starting: ASAP For: until the end of May Copies: full set of orchestra parts Willing to rent: Yes   I'm looking to borrow or rent a full set of orchestra parts for Mendelssohn's Lauda Sion, op. 73. Please contact me...
Concert: Berlioz in Estes Park, Colorado
The Oratorio Society of Estes Park presents its holiday concerts on Friday, Nov. 30 at 7 pm and Saturday, Dec. 1 at 2 pm in the Estes Park High School Auditorium at 1600 Manford. The concerts are free; donations are gladly accepted.   Repertoire: Berlioz: L'enfance du Christ parts 2 & 3...
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
With Advent near, I'd like to nominate Paul Manz's E'en so Lord Jesus Quickly Come. The sense of yearning that develops over such a short anthem is remarkable, sublime, and, at the same time, exciting. I agree with David Hamilton about the Mozart. For one thing, it's usually performed badly. The B...
Comment: Re: Harp part for Fauré Cantique
Many thanks, Ed! Is either of these more likely to fit with the string parts available on the CPDL? That's what I need. As both a former harpist and a viola player, I know which instrument can deal more easily with the moving triplets.
Forum message: Harp part for Fauré Cantique
Does anyone have a copy of a harp part for Fauré's Cantique de Jean Racine that they would be willing to share? The orchestration I have is for strings only, but obviously the viola part works much better on harp, and I've heard it performed that way. Thanks!
Forum message: New/interesting Christmas repertoire for a community choir/orchestra
I have plenty of ideas for Christmas/holiday repertoire for the community choir & orchestra that I direct; however, I can't get really excited about any of my current thoughts. I hope that some ChoralNet subscribers have some new/interesting ideas to share. Conceptually I would prefer a progra...
Concert: Estes Park (CO) Summer Sings
The Oratorio Society of Estes Park is sponsoring a series of Summer Sings. We welcome choral singers from everywhere! June 30: Vivaldi Gloria (Walton edition) July 7: Mozart Coronation Mass (Kalmus edition) July 14: Rutter Magnificat (Hinshaw edition) Bring your own score or borrow one of ...
Concert: Beethoven Mass in C (Estes Park, CO)
The Oratorio Society of Estes Park and Estes Park Chamber Orchestra present Beethoven's Mass in C and Mozart's Impresario Overture and Violin Concerto #3 in G on Friday, April 20 at 7 pm and Saturday, April 21 at 2 pm at Mountain View Bible Fellowship, 1275 S. St. Vrain (Hwy 7) in Estes Park. Free...
Comment: Re: Orlando Gibbons: "See, the Word is incarnate"
My dissertation, written many years ago, was on verse anthems accompanied by viols, and See, see was in the manuscripts I covered. It was also performed on my degree recital. My copy is back in St. Louis, but here are a few ideas to keep in mind off the top of my head. Verse anthems with viol cons...
Comment: Re: Advent music for Lessons and Carols
I've done an original (not an arrangement) setting of People, Look East. SATB div a cappella.  The choirs that have performed it have enjoyed singing it. It is due to be published soon by a new company. If you would like to see a copy, I can email a PDF to you. It was originally composed for Adve...
Comment: Re: Beautiful & Stunning Sacred Literature
Howard Hanson, How excellent is thy name (Ps. 8), originally scored for women, then later mixed voices, with organ John Corigliano's setting of the same text (mixed voices with organ) is stunning, but difficult
Comment: Re: Pronunciation of "Angel"
Thank you, Larry, for referring to Ms. Marshall. I wondered what she had to say and don't have my copy handy. She validates my thinking. I'm always tempted to (and sometimes do) go into my "Teen An-gel (rhymes with "hell"), I luv you..." act when I hear a classical choir sing "angel" that way. (Yo...
Comment: Re: Feiszli wins SD lifetime achievement award
Congratulations, Jim!! This is a very well-deserved award!! Some of us can remember far back enough to the time when you were THE link to the Internet for the world choral community. Fortunately others have stepped up to the plate to share your vision and help out with this time-consuming need tha...
Comment: Re: A great choir picture - and Congratulations, Stellenbosch U!
Congratulations, Stellenbosch! I've been fortunate enough to visit this choir, and I was mightily impressed. The 2 CDs I have of the choir are two of my very favorite. I'm sure you were perfectly deserving of this award!
Comment: Re: In Search of Repertoire about Spring
I second the motion for Stephen Chatman's "An Elizabethan Spring." This is a very inventive set and highly recommended.
Comment: Re: DMA + MM Choral Conducting Grad Programs LIST
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana: It's Dr. CHESTER Alwes, not Charles.
Comment: Re: Choral Methods: Phillips or Collins?
I used Collins happily for many years. Then last year--my last to teach this course since I've just retired--I used the James Jordan (and others) The School Choral Program (GIA). The Collins book from Prentice-Hall was at least $130 -- even used ones were over $100, and the GIA was just $45. I could...
Announcement: Choir day camps in Saint Louis, Missouri
The Community Music School of Webster University (Saint Louis, Missouri) is sponsoring two new and exciting choir day camps from June 28-July 2. The grades 4-6 camp will be directed by Megan Iverson, and the grades 7-8 camp by Raynard Brown. Further details are available at this website:   http://w...
Comment: Re: New ACDA Logo
This is a big improvement. The old font, with the rounded As,  was so incredibly dated looking. Hooray for positive changes!
Comment: Re: SATB Christmas with harp
There seem to be some significant Christmas works for chorus and harp missing from the previous postings here and on ChoralNet. I can't recall enough details here at home, so I suggest you check out previous Christmas recordings from the Dale Warland Singers. A good number of lovely arrangements wer...
Concert: J.S. & P.D.Q. Bach in St. Louis, Missouri
Webster University Choral Society, Chorale, Concert Choir, Student Soloists and Orchestra Kathryn Bowers & Kevin McBeth, conductors Bach Celebration Concert Saturday, May 1, 2010, at 7 PM Concert Hall of the Community Music School, 535 Garden Ave., Webster Groves, Missouri FREE!!   J. S. Bach: ...
Comment: Re: Ten things you don't know about Bach
April Fool!!!
Comment: Re: Looking for large a cappella sacred choral works of 20th/21st C.
Ernst Pepping, St. Matthew Passion (Passionsbericht des Matthäus). Poulenc, Figure Humaine (not quite 20 min.). These are double choir works, i.e., 8+ voices.
Comment: Re: Looking for major work for choir and organ
I second Kodaly's Laudes Organi and  Missa Brevis. Both are Boosey & Hawkes. For Lent, Kenneth Leighton's "Crucifixus Pro Nobis," but that only requires a tenor solo, and the choir parts may be more than a large, amateur choir can tackle.
Concert: Jenkins' The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace
The Webster University Chorale, Concert Choir, student soloists, and Symphony Orchestra present Karl Jenkins' Mass for Peace on Sunday, February 21st, at 7 pm. at Manchester United Methodist Church (NW corner of Hwy 141 and Manchester). This is a free concert. It will be directed by Webster's new or...
Forum message: Guinand tour
Does anyone know if Maria Guinand is presenting the Golijev San Marco Passion in the US anywhere other than Disney Hall in LA in late April? I'd love to know if I can see a performance somewhere closer to home. Many thanks!
Comment: Re: Teaching Descending triads to 3rd Grade Students
Off the top of my head -- how about the Campbell's soup commercial: s-m-d, f-r-t, s-s-s-s-s-f-m-r-d. You can turn it into a great choral warm-up. Unfortunately the patterns don't contain the root of the V7 chord, but maybe you're just looking to deal with the I chord?
Comment: Re: Repertoire for Pentecost Sunday
Palestrina's setting of "Dum complerentur" (I think I'm remembering the title correctly) for Pentecost has some clever word-painting in it. I think it's in 6 parts, a cappella. At the other end of the spectrum, consider Richard Felciano's "Pentecost Sunday" for choir, organ, and tape. Maybe the tape...
Comment: Re: Choir Rehearsal
The sopranos will love you if you ask them to practice the really high parts down an octave some of the time. Spend some quality time making sure that the German diction is really excellent and rhythmically crisp. Have fun!
Comment: Re: there shall a star/behold a star
I agree with David about the opening recitative and TBB trio -- they're gorgeous. I think the Boosey & Hawkes edition has the whole set: recit-trio-chorus. I recently used an H. W. Gray edition, which looks very old notation-wise, because I had it in the library. One seldom argues with free.
Comment: Re: Suggestions/experiences for best concert time for community choirs
My advice to a non-school related choir is to schedule performances at times of the year, or month, when you are not in conflict with school/university calendars. I'm always baffled when organizations that don't have to schedule performances, for example, the first weekend in December or May, do so,...
Comment: Re: Tu es petrus
If you want a really astounding setting, check out Widor's. You can hear it on YouTube. It helps if you have a magnificent organ. I've made an edition of Byrd's a cappella setting for SSATTB, if you're interested.
Comment: Re: Mozart Masses
I second Leonard's recommendation for the Coronation Mass. It's a real winner for a community chorus.
Concert: Concert 11-8 in St Louis Missouri
The Saint Louis Chamber Chorus and Webster University Chorale perform a collaborative concert on Sunday, November 8th, at 3 pm in the Concert Hall of the Community Music School of Webster University (535 Garden Ave, Webster Groves). Under the direction of Orin Johnson (SLCC) and Kathryn Bowers (WU),...
Comment: Re: O Holy Night
Several years ago I used a simple but effective arrangement that was available on the CPDL. It worked very well for soloist, choir, and piano.
Comment: Re: need Advent/Christmas motet ideas
Too much polyphony, Allen. I recommend you buy the CD: Hilliard Ensemble with Jan Gabarek (Dutch jazz saxophonist).
Forum message: experience using Fjellheim Sami Songs with mixed voices?
I'm planning to use one or more of Fjellheim's Norwegian Sami Songs with a mixed chamber choir. I am considering Night Yoik, Winter's Night, and Northern Lights. Psalm is another possibility. I'd love to hear some feedback about how these work with a mixed group. Is performing more than one of these...
Forum message: need Advent/Christmas motet ideas
I am seeking a slow-moving Renaissance motet for Advent or Christmas, hopefully available on the CPDL, that will work well for a Hilliard Ensemble/Jan Gabarek style performance. Too much polyphony is problematic I think. I welcome any ideas you might have. Many thanks!
Comment: Re: Polyphonic Anglican (English or Latin) Mass settings
For a 20th century setting, I can recommend the Geoffrey Burgon Short Mass, published by Stainer & Bell, although I have to say that we usually only sing either the Kyrie during penitential seasons, or the Gloria when we want a short one. Both movements are beautiful and very unusual. I can't co...
Comment: Re: Misattributed works
There's a brief English anthem by Mudde (sp?) attributed to someone else (Weelkes?). I can't recall the details now, unless it's the one about Al Thing (I always get a kick out of that old spelling). We do it as an Introit for Evensong about once a year. Also, isn't there a lovely Latin piece that i...
Comment: Re: A cappella Masterwork
Let's not forget Paul Hindemith's Six Chansons. I have it on good authority that Hindemith preferred them sung in English. If you're up for a challenge, a small (16 voices) choir I sing in did John Casken's The Land of Spices for a few performances years ago. I miss doing that piece. Another stunn...
Comment: Re: Setting non-PD poems to music
Interesting story -- Britten originally set a poem called "Lone Dog" for a movement of his Friday Afternoons. He could not get permission to use the poem, so a substitute had to be made at the last minute prior to publication (I forget which movement was substituted). In recent years, the copyright ...
Comment: Re: Still trying to figure out Beethoven's metronome markings
David Robertson just did a performance of the Beethoven 9th here in St. Louis with the SLSO, where he was apparently determined to stick to Beethoven's metronome markings. Much of it was just too darn fast, with various sections of the orchestra sounding at odds with each other, and the soloists som...
Comment: Re: Hummel masses
Hi, David, Tim, John et al,   I was hoping to program the Hummel Bb Mass when I took a small group to South Africa a few years ago. Alas, the conductor I was hooking up with there decided to do the Haydn Harmonie Mass instead. Sigh... I'd still like to do the Hummel sometime.   Kathy Bowers St. L...
Comment: Re: Online Music Theory Course?
Have you checked your local community colleges? One of our St. Louis ones sometimes offers in class Theory 2 in the summer to catch students up for Theory 3 in the fall. Berklee in Boston offers Music Theory online regularly.   Kathy Bowers Webster University Saint Louis MO