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Comment: Re: Now is the cool of the day, Ritchie, Jim Erb
I had this years ago, gotten from Mr. Erb himself. I'd love to have a copy again if you come across it.
Comment: Re: Book or other gift suggestions
Ah, middle school choir. How about a certificate for a massage?
Comment: Re: Breast Cancer Awareness program
Don't forget victory. There are many long term survivors of breast cancer. I know some of them.  
Comment: Re: Choral Caffeine: The Church is Not a Battlefield
A Catholic music director in the Bay Area said to me, "We (church musicians) are performers, we're not entertainers."
Comment: Re: Norwegian IPA
I've lived too long in microbrewery country. My first thought was not about pronunciation! : ) Lisa
Comment: Re: Projecting Hymn Lyrics
I know that Newman Center in Eugene, OR, uses OCP and projects the lyrics/notation ( as seen in Breaking Bread). Perhaps they might have info.
Community Forum Post: Congregational singing
I have what I'd call a good problem--but it's still a problem. I've been at my current position for just over a year. The choir is small, between 12 and 20. The choir was only formed a few months before my arrival and had been singing hymns in unison.  We've improved the intonation and vocal prod...
Comment: Re: Beautiful but simple Renaissance Piece
I Have Longed For Thy Saving Health by Wm. Byrd  
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
I applauded and then noticed it was my old classmate, Bruce. Hi Bruce!  
Comment: Re: Exciting Methods to Teach Latin Vowels?
Thanks for the Count Chocula reference! I have used Bela myself!
Comment: Re: Dismissing a church soloist
The most compassionate thing for all concerned is to either dismiss them outright or with a "the next time this happens, you're gone," and tell them exactly why you're firing them, in a kind manner. 
Comment: Re: I'm a great teacher... but my piano skills STINK!
Practice, practice, practice. You'll have plateaus and periods of rapid growth, like with most learning. Assess your practice routines--get help from a good teacher. Don't give up. You WILL need those keyboard skills. Unless you have some kind of undiagnosed learning disability, you WILL get better...
Comment: Re: Bach's Missa in B Minor
Thanks! Informative and inspiring! I also "conduct" (quotes because I'm at the keyboard 99% of the time) an untrained choir of enthusiastic non-readers. I've also been pondering this morning some political quandries having to do with my pastor's tastes and mine and the community's and the realities...
Comment: Re: Christmas music with Steel Drums ?
Thank you for this thread! I'm MD at a church with Caribbean community, and these are great ideas.    
Comment: Re: Choral Accountability
Yes. Sing for them.
Comment: Re: Using a performance track in concert
I will admit I have seen performances with young people that used a "performance track" that were successful...enough. If you do have an accompanist, though, why not work out an accompaniment that works ( if you don't already have one).  There's something about live performance by all parties that ...
Comment: Re: Teaching a new hymn
I love this. It's a less obtrusive variation of what I sometimes do, which is announce before the hymn, "please turn to number xxx, Title of Song. This may be new to you, so we'll sing the chorus twice before the song."   What both methods do is signal the congregation to listen with the intentio...
Forum message: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring as congregational piece
I'm helping plan the music for the memorial service of a friend who loved loved loved JS Bach. We're wanting to sing Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and include the running eighths of Cantata 147. We have a pianist, a trumpet, and one mezzo vocalist (perhaps with another singer as well).    We wou...
Comment: Re: Looking for Notation Software advice
What's the Sibelius debacle? I need to install a program on my new computer and want to inform myself, as well. Have been a Sibelius user for a while and not heard anything...  
Comment: Re: Church pianist salary?
Here's the AGO (American Guild of Organists) salary guidelines.   While to some degree years of experience are reflected in salary, if you expect your new pianist to play well, they have put the time in to get to their level of ability.  A c...
Comment: Re: Ethics of borrowing music (Church choirs)
Borrowing, yes. Copying, no.
Comment: Re: rote learning for pick up choir
The Black Catholic hymnal, "Lead Me, Guide Me," has some pieces ("Every Time I Feel The Spirit," "I Know The Lord's Laid His Hands On Me...") that could fit the bill. I call them "Just add water" songs.  
Comment: Re: Anyone using Music Staff White/Blackboards anymore?
What to do? Can you just buy a chalkboard on wheels and those wonderful things that draw staff lines?    White boards and erasable markers smell toxic because they are.
Comment: Re: Portable Digital Piano for Portable Choir?
Yes, I should have included that; the Casio px130 is a Privia.  Although nothing electronic totally matches an acoustic piano, the Privia is really good for an electronic piano. 
Comment: Re: Portable Digital Piano for Portable Choir?
I've just had to make this purchase and found that weighted keys will compromise "highly portable." I actually ended up buying a Casio px130 with weighted keys and I'm pretty happy with it. Got tired of lugging it around though, and rotated it to be a home practice keyboard. Bought a Piaggero (Yamah...
Comment: Re: Title: Help! Conductors/composers: Ordering music via mobile devices
I have posted practice tracks for my church choir members, and they (esp. the younger ones) listen on their smart phones.  I don't know if that applies to your query...
Comment: Re: Social Justice repertoire suitable for liberal church worship
Other contacts with this kind of repertoire: Eugene Peace Choir, In Accord (in Eugene, OR) Tom Sears at Eugne Unitarian Universalist church. MUSE women's choir in Cincinatti. Aurora Women's Choir in Portland, OR.  
Comment: Re: Social Justice repertoire suitable for liberal church worship
Screendoor on a Submarine by ???
Comment: Re: Social Justice repertoire suitable for liberal church worship
I Had No Right by Dar Williams
Comment: Re: Social Justice repertoire suitable for liberal church worship
Wow, great course topic! I've used "popular" or alternative music in church quite a bit; I'll consult the archives.  Are you possibly also interested in music that's not necessarily social justice but can fit into scriptural themes? (Example, Nickle Creek's "Doubting Thomas," Sufjan Stevens "Trans...
Comment: Re: Choral Jazz Music for Church
Not strictly jazz perhaps, with with some tasty chords: Bobby McFerrin's 23rd Psalm. Written with female pronouns, but I just switch to male in more conservative churches   Lisa Mischke
Comment: Re: looking for a contrasting piece to a contemporary program
I've been rehearsing Whitacre's Lux Arumque. It's very acceassible and beautiful.  
Forum message: Literal translation for Schnittke's Choral Concerto Mvmt. 4?
Can anyone direct me to a literal, word-by-word translation of Schnittke's Choral Concerto, Mvmt. 4? Thanks! Lisa Mischke
Comment: Re: singing "alleluia"
Thank you for posting this! I tell my singers that "Alleluia is the singer's word." 
Comment: Re: Leading Rehearsal With Non-Traditional Accompaniment
1. Acapella pieces. 2. Rehearse sections of pieces acapella more than you think you might. 3., 4., 5., and 6. Improve your keyboard skills.  If you work in the music ed biz for any amount of time,  you're going to have to at some point, might as well get a head start.  Plus it will make you mu...
Comment: Re: Inquiry: Church Choir Director or Accompanist?
I've worked as a director in churches for some years.  During job searches during the last few years, I've found that there are fewer and fewer positions which hire a separate accompanist. As a result I have improved my keyboard skills and am now working as an accompanist/director.  You're right, ...
Comment: Re: Choir rehearsal on April Fools Day - any ideas?
One word: kazoos.
Comment: Re: Tell the soloist to tone it down!
Lovely! And love the children's piece...what is it?   Lisa  
Comment: Re: Tell the soloist to tone it down!
Thanks for this, Ravil.  I'm challenged by this same thing with my new church choir.  There are some singers with very forward voices, I think due to cultural traditions, and I hesitate to ask them to "sing more softly" because then they overcompensate and are not on the breath.   Lisa
Comment: Re: The family tradition of choral music
I'm betting it's a combination of both.   I've been thinking about this lately as I start a new church music director gig, and come across yet another musical family.  I've noticed this in several churches I've worked in; a family that's musical, that joins the choir en masse.  They always ...
Comment: Re: Solutions for reading glasses
Ah, I'm a few years out of this particular transition, and I remember this exact conundrum.  I remember feeling that just the fact of wearing glasses made me wonder if my eyes were visible to the choir, as I think I'm giving information to them through eye contact as well as them giving me infor...
Comment: Re: Unhelpful layout of choral scores?
Just a few points off the top of my head:   One of the first things I teach new readers is how to find their staff on the page.  And how to mark their music.  And, even if singers are not picking up their notes from the accompaniment, they can be counting measures if there's a piano-only se...
Comment: Re: Response to Pay Cuts for Choral Co-Curriculars
I was faced with a dilemma when I moved from a big city to a smaller town and found myself doing the same work of directing church and school choirs for much less money than I had previously made for the same work (expecting that I would work my way into higher paying positions once I got my feet ...
Comment: Re: Praise Team Difficulties
Amen to what John said. And to add my two cents: It's hard for me, as an experienced church music director of both traditional, contemporary, and "praise" music, to cotton to the idea of too many people wanting to join the music ministry team.  An experienced music minister/director will know ho...
Comment: Re: Sony ic voice recorder for recording rehearsals?
Thanks, everyone!  It turned out I didn't buy the Sony or make any purchase yet; someone at the workshop had a recorder, tripod, mics.  He recorded the whole thing and sent us all a link we could download.  But I'll be wanting to purchase a recorder in the next few months for this purpose, and ...
Comment: Re: Sony ic voice recorder for recording rehearsals?
I actually just found a link for the exact recorder:  <>   My concern now is that the...
Forum message: Sony ic voice recorder for recording rehearsals?
I'm off to an improvisation workshop this weekend and want to pick up a cheap-ish recorder that I can use for recording this and other rehearsal-type situations.   I'm not looking for a super high-quality recording, but something with decent enough quality for capturing parts etc. for learning/te...
Comment: Re: Ways to self-publish octavo-sized music
Here is a previous thread about this: <>   I'm assuming in my answer that your notation program, Finale or Sibelius or??, can print octavo size. I use Sibelius and I'm pretty sure it does, though I'm too lazy to look right now! I don't know what k...
Comment: Re: praise team leader
Having directed both traditional and contemporary worship services, I'd like to throw my two cents in about planning time.  In my experience, planning both "special music" and congregational "hymns" for contemporary services can often take more time, because one is drawing from a wider range of s...
Comment: Re: General Score Prep Question
Just to piggyback on John's response, I've made rehearsal CDs for my choirs in the past few years by inputting pieces, note by note, into Sibelius.  Turns out doing that (and double checking by listening to it and reading the original score) is a good initial score study, too...especially for lea...