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Community Forum Post: Mayhew carol
I flagged Robin Mayhew, and wrote to remind him of no double-dipping - got this response...   ~~Hi Brigid - so sorry I was't sure how things work and having seen some enties staying active for some time I thought I should keep posting the info. for all to see.  I would like to post again if the...
Community Forum Post: Course openings
I have two entries in Classifieds (one under auditions, one under employment) about an MM program in Choral Conducting.  I don't think it belongs there (I'm not quite sure where it does belong! - suiggestions?) but I wonder if we don't need to have a specific category for people advertising school...
Comment: Re: Christmas Around the World
If you have the funds to invest in a set of World Carols for Choirs (OUP), edited by Bob Chilcott & Susan Knight, it's a great resource
Community Forum Post: The Ubi Caritas debate
~~Message from Larry Minton in response to Jerome Hoberman’s posting…."Finally, to the person who complains of "persecution" of "the Christian faith" in the United States, I hope you never have to find out what persecution really is. Shame on you."  Mr. Hoberman, the increasing hostility to, an...
Comment: Re: Credo pieces in English
Try going to any of the big Romantic/post-Romantic Anglican service settings: Harold Darke, Herbert Sumsion, CV Stanford, Edward Bairstow, Herbert Howells...
Comment: Re: Composers, some French please
Try Rupert Lang's "Agneau de Dieu" from Boosey & Hawkes - gorgeous!
Comment: Re: Last minute Easter anthem - SATB - quickly obtainable
Talk them into taking a St James Music Press license - it will instantly give you a good variety of music downloadable at any time, searchable by season, voicing, instrumentation etc.  A great resource!
Comment: Re: pc music software help
Peter, as long as your midi-files are set up as separate parts, you can download MidiPlay, and use that to isolate individual lines   Brigid Coult Richmond, BC
Community Forum Post: Casting call
Call from a commercial casting company in Announcements>News/Notices - thoughts about where to put it?  Festivals/Clinics/Competitions?  Workshops? just Wanted? or leave it where it is?
Comment: Re: Live concert posts?
Hi, Michael   One of the ChoralNet Moderators here... You can post concerts to the main website - the concerts category is under Announcements   Brigid Coult
Concert: RAJATON in concert
BC Choral Federation presents   Rajaton in Concert   Friday March 14, 2014 | 7:30pm Saturday March 15, 2014 | 7:30pm   Magee Auditorium 6360 Maple St, Vancouver BC   $30 General Admission Available online at   Rajaton, Finland’s boundary-crossing choral sensation, r...
Comment: Re: choral music about friendship
You might want to consider a gentle ending piece, rather than an "up" one - try "Here's to Song" by Allister MacGillivray, arr Lydia Adams - available from Leslie Music. There are lots of YouTube examples...
Community Forum Post: Delayed communication
Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, or whether it's why we're not always getting quick answers from posters...   I dropped notes to two of 'em when I was on duty on on Wednesday. My copies of the notes didn't appear in my inbox until Friday evening. Ths is not the first time I've n...
Community Forum Post: covering shifts
Hi folks I leave for England on Boxing Day; my mother's not internet-connected, so I don't know how I'll be for January 1, and I'm travelling back on January 8.  Can anyone cover for me, please?
Community Forum Post: Doesn't like Bob Jones U
Check the flagged message in Forums from someone who takes exception to the pic/link on the home page.  Post this, or should it be forwarded to someone for private comment?
Community Forum Post: Organ music?
We received this posting about an organ recording, and I wrote back that it wasn't a choral item, and offered her a couple of organist listserv addresses.   She's not a happy camper - this is what I received: I think a lot of people on choral net are choirmaster/organists, and I have seen relate...
Comment: Re: Winter Concert music needed
Speaking as one of the moderators, Sara, we would be delighted to see more suggestions from “actual choir teachers”. The composers do have a forum of their own, but this is one of the ways new music gets disseminated – when someone asks for suggestions and someone else offers their own work. ...
Concert: CANADIAN CHAMBER CHOIR in Vancouver
BC Choral Federation presents the CANADIAN CHAMBER CHOIR in concert, Saturday 19 October, 7:30pm at St Mary's Kerrisdale Anglican Church (2490 West 37th Ave) Vancouver. Tickets are available from  and at the door; for more information contact C.D...
Community Forum Post: Commercial posting?
Check the flagged message in News and Notices, please - I'm not sure what to do with it!
Comment: Re: Choral Settings of the Benedictus requested
I think some people are confused by the two different texts called "Benedictus". Rob's looking for the one sometimes called The Song of Zacharaiah - "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited and redeemed his people". It's quite different from the Benedictus out of the Mass text "Blessed...
Comment: Re: O Antiphons for Advent
Thanks, I'll order a copy. It sounds very much like the Willan O Antiphons we did last year
Comment: Re: O Antiphons for Advent
Thanks, Jeff - only four of them, unfortunately - obviously thinking of the four Sundays of Advent.  But there should in fact be seven...
Forum message: O Antiphons for Advent
There was a wonderful thread perhaps 18 months ago about music for a service of Advent Lessons & Carols, with many great suggestions for anthems.   What I'm looking for specifically is settings of the "O Antiphons" or "Advent Antiphons" - we do the settings by Healey Willan and Peter Hallock...
Community Forum Post: Advertising?
There's a posting under Tours & Exchanges Available which is obviously advertising - I might let it go under Classifieds, but I don't think there's any category there. Suggestions?
Comment: Re: Advent Lessons and Carols
There is a wonderful resource from OUP in the Carols for Choirs series, called Advent for Choirs. It offers a variety of themes and readings; different ways of putting a service together, and enough music for many such services. Go get it!   Brigid Coult St Mary's Kerrisdale Anglican Church Van...
Comment: Re: What do you do with old concert dresses?
Post them in ChoralNet Classifieds - For Sale: Used
Comment: Re: Looking for music related to mining
You might check out the work of Men Of The Deeps - from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - they're a miners' choir that's been singing since 1966, so there's lots of material out there!
Community Forum Post: Chorus America conference?
Any of you planning on being at the Chorus America conference in Seattle?  If so, we should plan to meet up!   Brigid
Community Forum Post: Fund-raising
Did we actually make any decision about fund-raising posts? I think there had been some thought about a category in Classifieds, or something...  Check the flagged one in Announcements.  It seems to me that approving it as is opens a can of worms...
Community Forum Post: How far do we stretch non-choral?
Hi, folks, can you check in on the flagged Wanted ad in Classifieds? - do we let people post just because they're choral people?
Comment: Re: small church choir repertoire
I have found St James' Music Press - - a lifesaver in the last few years. A good variety of music, useful search facilities - voicing, text, theme, etc - and $139 a year for copying permission for anything in the collection.  It's paid for itself several times over!   Can I suggest ...
Community Forum Post: Summer music planning
For a number of recent years, the summer music program in our Anglican church has alternated between two patterns. In the “even” years we’ve done a series I’ve called “These Are a Few of My Favourite Hymns”, working with individual congregation members to choose music that reflects the...
Community Forum Post: Asking for money
Check the flagged message in Community Announcements - I have no problem with posting info about Virtual Choir 4, but they're asking for money, and I feel iffy about that....
Comment: Re: Looking for "Fairy Tales for ADULTS" - program ideas ...
Not fairy tales, per se, but you might try New Zealand composer David Hamilton's "The Dragons Are Singing Tonight" - delightful, and very appealing to audiences!  David's probably got other stuff he could suggest - you could contact him through ChoralNet.
Comment: Re: Anglican Communion services/Mass settings
Check St James Music Press - For $139 a year you get access and printing permission to all their music - and some of it comes from the Royal School of Church Music in the UK.  There are a number of service settings, some purely congregational, some for congregation and choir. Worth...
Community Forum Post: Graduate assistantship
A grad assistantship has been posted in Announcements. My gut says it belongs in Classifieds/Employment/Conductors, even if tuition is involved.  Doing a search, we've not been very consistent about the placing of these; some in one place, some in another, a couple even slid through in forums. ...
Comment: Re: One Rehearsal Anthems
There's a great deal of very accessible, one-rehearsal material from St James Music Press:   And it's physically immediately accessible too - a single fee for the year gives permission to copy as needed. It's a Godsend for those weeks when your best singers suddenly vanish!   ...
Comment: Re: Gospel closer
Brian Tate "We Are One" - Alliance Music
Comment: Re: Searching for Marian poetry to write a choral setting
Actually, there are several other Luci Shaw poems focusing on Mary that are worth considering. She's a wonderful poet.   Personally, I can't think of "Mary's Song" without connecting it to the very beautiful Knut Nystedt setting. 
Community Forum Post: User names... again
Today we have two choirs posting concerts under their own names rather than a "real" person. Both have been doing so for a couple of years. Have we established a policy about who's grandfathered, and who's being asked to change their names? And since it would appear that the system doesn't like th...
Forum message: Lulajże Jezuniu
Before I sit down to make an arrangement of this lovely traditional Polish carol, I wondered whether there was already anything out there - SATB, accompanied, by preference, though a cappella would be fine.  Anyone know?   Brigid Coult St Mary's Kerrisdale Anglican Church Vancouver, BC
Community Forum Post: Another flagged one...
Can you check the second flagged post in Forums, please, folks?  He's wanting premieres of his works "in exchange" for being a composer-in-residence. Certainly doesn't belong in Discussions - but I didn't think it was quite Wanted in Classifieds, either...   Where should it go?
Comment: Re: Popular Tunes for Halloween Themed Concert
Check in ChoralNet Resources under Repertoire - Other Occasions - Holidays. Don't forget to use the Search facility as well!
Community Forum Post: Can anyone cover?
Hi, folks Something's corrupted on my login process, and I can't see the moderating queue - I keep getting error messages. Interestingly, it thinks I'm enough of a moderator that I can access this, so here's an SOS - until Martin can fix it, can anyone available jump in today, please?
Comment: Re: 9th Grade Literature
Have you checked the material that's already on ChoralNet? - either by investigating Resources > Repertoire, or by using the Search box. This is not the first time this query has come up!
Community Forum Post: Non-choral
I deleted a posting yesterday for handbell tables, and got called out for so doing, on the basis that "it's usually choral people who have to deal with handbells" and "I saw a similar post recently". I'm sticking with it - there are handbell listservs, after all - but let's be consistent, please.....
Borrowing request: Susa: Carols & Lullabies
Item: Conrad Susa: Carols and Lullabies - Christmas in the Southwest Composer/Arranger/Edition: ECS publishing Starting: a.s.a.p For: concert in December Copies: 80 - or as close to that as possible Willing to rent: Yes  
Comment: Re: All-Saints Work/s
If they're up for a challenge, try the Howells Requiem - beautiful music!
Community Forum Post: Wednesdays
The next three Wednesdays - June 27, July 4 and July 11 - I will be in England, and my web-access may be spotty, besides being 8 hours out of synch. Anyone who can jump in, please feel free!  I will reciprocate when I'm back...
Community Forum Post: pushing Musica
Is anyone else getting a little exasperated with Jean Sturm's constant pushing of Musica?  It feels like he takes every opportunity to tell people that that's where they should be looking. I think there were three or four this morning...