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Announcement: Worship & Music in Small Congregations
The Presbyterian Association of Musicians presents the 2015 PAM Professionals Gathering -- "Where Two or Three are Gathered: Worship and Music in Small (and not so small) Congregations," January 29-31, 2015 on the campus of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Second Presbyterian Church ...
Comment: Re: A few questions about Percy Grainger's choral music
You should contact Robert Ward at The Ohio State University. He has performed Grainger's choral music, did a presentation on it at the first National Collegiate Choral Organization conference, and has published an article in Choral Journal about it. 
Announcement: PAM Summer Conferences on Worship & Music
Since 1970, the Presbyterian Association of Musicians has sponsored summer conferences on worship & music. These are opportunities for rest, rejuvenation, and recharge for church musicians, pastors, church music participants of all ages, and members of congregations (any denomination - not just ...
Comment: Re: College Piece for a Learning Conductor
One or several of Edwin Fissinger's Four Pastorales.  Unaccompanied with oboe obligato. Sleep: Eric Whitacre   Those are the first things that come to mind.    Best wishes   Bill McConnell mcconnellwt(a)
Comment: Re: Second Coming of Christ choral music
Not strictly choral music, but "Joy to the World" -- Watts never saw ths hymn as addressing Jesus' nativity.  He wrote it in reference to the triumphal return.    Bill McConnell Presbyterian Association of Musicians
Comment: Re: Repertoire ideas for a graduate conducting recital on 9/11
Things that immediately come to mind:   "Silent Devotion and Response" from the Sacred Service by Ernst Bloch   Dona Nobis Pacem from the Bach B minor Mass   Any movements of the Faure Requiem, but particularly the Libera Me   O Vos Omnes from the Gesualdo Tenebrae Responsories...
Comment: Re: Centennial Anthem
Lord, We Bring Our Gift of Music by Glenn Rudolph. Published by Morningstar. SATB with handbells, brass and children. Bill McConnell
Comment: Re: Sneak Peek - PC USA Hymnal
Philip,   In the interest of fuill disclosure, the organization that I serve as Executive Director has an ex officio seat (without vote) on the Presbyterian Committee for Congregational Song, so I may be a little biased in this response.  Like you, I am very excited about the contents of Glo...
Announcement: Summer Music & Worship Workshops
The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) invites singers, conductors, directors of music, pastors, liturgical leaders, organists, children, and youth to summer Music & Worship conferences in the mountains of North Carolina and in the hill country of Texas.   In God's Abundance: Liv...
Comment: Re: Psalm Responses
Mark,   Hal Hopson has just published an excellent resource that you might find helpful.  The volume "The Psalter: Psalms and Canticles for Singing" is published by Westminster John Know Press.  There are also resources available through Church Publishing Corporation (the Episcopal publishi...
Announcement: Workshops for church musicians
The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) announces three, one-day workshops for church musicians.  Registration for each is $45 and includes lunch.  Even if you aren't currently serving a church in the Reformed tradition, or aren't a member of PAM, we extend a warm invitation to join u...
Announcement: Presbyterian Association of Musicians Appoints New Executive Director
The Executive Board of Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) is pleased to announce the call and appointment of Dr. William McConnell as Executive Director.  He begins his service to the organization and its members on January 1, 2012, and follows Alan Barthel, who is retiring from the o...
Comment: Re: Church Hymnal - Need Recommendations
Richard Bloesch has the right idea.  Even though I teach in a Presbyterian college, I use the ecumenical version of the Presbyterian Hymnal (Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs) around my non-Presbyterian students.  I tell people it is the hymnal for closet Presbyterians!  Of course, if you can ...
Comment: Re: Favorite Ave Marias
The ones that immediately come to mind:   Josquin Biebl David Conte (published by ECS) R. Nathaniel Dett (could provide an interesting perspective.  Like Biebl, he interpolates additional text) Stravinsky Verdi (Scala Enigmatica)   Could be an interesting lecture.   Bill ...
Comment: Re: How Do You Position Your Students For Performance?
Your idea makes logical sense, but the acoustics don't work that way.  I would suggest arranging the stronger voices all the way around the ensemble (front row, back row, and on each side).  Those that you most need to "bury" should be in the center, i.e completely surrounded.  You can interspe...
Comment: Re: Battle Hymn of Republic - "die to make men free" or "live"
Catherine,   My understanding of the tradition is that "die to make men free" is used during a time when we are at war and "live to make men free" when we are not at war.  Hope this helps.   Bill McConnell mcconnellwt(a)
Comment: Re: PhD or DMA?
My colleagues make excellent points here.  One that I have not seen relates to the question of certification to teach in the public schools.  Regardless of your degree, maintaining current certification for pubic school teaching makes you dramatically more attractive in the college market.  The...
Comment: Re: Repertoire for non-music majors, non-auditioned college choir
My college doesn't offer a major in music, so I deal with this on a regular basis.  A couple of things that worked for me at the beginning that come to mind immediately are:   Down in the Valley to Pray (from O Brother, Where Art Thou) arranged by Petterson And the Father Will Dance by Mar...
Community: College and University Choirs
Common issues faced by college and university choral profesionals
Comment: Re: Need salary suggestion for 20/wk church position
I would check the AGO website ( for ranges.  Their salary scale takes into account education, training, certifications, and hours expected.   All best,   Bill McConnell  
Comment: Re: Looking for a title for a series of concerts
Through the Eyes of Our Souls   Beyond the Limits of Sight   Watch our Music Soar   Beyond Sight to Sound     Those are the ones that hit me immediately.  Your group sounds wonderful.  I'd love to hear them.   Bill McConnell  
Comment: Re: Mahler 8th part-learning aids?
Try contacting Mark Robertshaw (that really is his name) at Part Recordings (  He did part recordings for us for the 2007 ACDA National Convention Honor Choirs and was accurate, reasonable and prompt.     Best wishes.   Bill McConnell mcconnellwt (a) 
Comment: Re: Looking for SATB German Language Selections with organ circa 1850-1900
Take a look at anything by Rheinberger (1839-1901).  He was an organist, so many of his compositions are either accompanied by (or nearly sound like) organ.  Das Stern des Bethlehems might be too big for yoru choir, but the TBB trio is one of the few pieces you'll find for this combination of vo...
Comment: Re: Four-Hands One Piano accompaniment
Take a look at Ron Nelson's "Three Pieces after Tennyson"  Titles are "Break, Break, Beak," "Ask Me No More," and "Ring Out Wild Bells."  These are for four hands and additional, auxiliary percussion.  Originally composed for TTBB (commissioned by the Windy City Gay Men's Chorus), they have be...
Comment: Re: Fee slashed!
I hope they enjoy Mass without music.  $35 is insulting.  Contact the priest and insist that his $75 agreement be honored.  Catholic parishes are not run by Finance Committees.  They are run by priests.  For future Masses, either get a written agreement for a reasonable fee and payment in adva...
Comment: Re: Treble choir & bagpipes...really
Does your bagpipe player play Shuttle pipes, often called short pipes?  They are about half the size and less than half the volume of bagpipes.  (Usually played sitting down.)  I've used them as accompaniment to our alma mater, which is a Scottish tune.  I don't know what music is published for...
Comment: Re: songs about singing
William Billings: Modern Music George Mabry: The Chorister's Covert Concert (I think that is the title.  George can be contacted through Austin Peay State University in Tennessee if you can't find the piece in published form)   All best,   Bill McConnell mcconnellwt(a) 
Comment: Re: Major Choral Works with Original Piano Accompaniment
Dominick Argento: Peter Quince at the Clavier   Isn't the Foss "Behold I Build An House" scored for organ and not piano?    
Forum message: What do you wish you had known?
Colleagues,   These questions are primarily posed to individuals in their first five years of college/university choral leadership.    First question:   What do you wish your advisor(s) in your graduate program had told you about being a successful college/university choral conductor?   Second ...
Comment: Re: Thyer leaving ACDA
Thanks for all you have done for ACDA, Jeffery.  Your positive attitude and pleasant approach to getting the job done set a wonderful tone for all of us.  You will be missed.  Good luck in the new position.   Bill McConnell
Comment: Re: Tell me your favorite double chorus works
The first things that come to mind -   Frank Martin - Mass for Double Choir Trond Kverno - Ave Maris Stella Gabrielli, Schutz and Monteverdi -- Lots of possibilities      
Forum message: Assessing learning outcomes in the college/university choral classroom
Colleagues,   In this era of "accountability" where accreditors and regulators are requiring quantifiable measures of student learning outcomes, we are often asked to prove that learning is taking place in our rehearsals.  While many of us are happy to argue that what we teach is not necessarily q...