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Comment: Re: Suggestion for child's solo on Christmas Eve
Hi Karen - My favorite for a lovely young voice is ALL IS WELL by Michael W. Smith. There are any number of beautiful arrangements of it available. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: new choir room - tiered floor? flat? carpet?
Hi Robert - I'd recommend tiered with tile or linoleum floor - and certainly echo Michael's suggestion for a high ceiling. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: 'frozen Heart" sheet music
Hi Linda - Frozen Heart also appears in the vocal selections book - in the key that it is sung in the film. You could take it from there and arrange it for your guys yourself. Unless a publishing company wanted to issue a TTBB arrangement. (hint, hint) All the sources I can find only list "cast o...
Comment: Re: Music as Protest
I believe the title is Laulu ristilukista - but I only know of a solo version. There are several YouTube recordings. Your guys could sing it in unison - or one of your creative types might want to arrange it. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Middle School Musical Suggestions
Hi Jennifer, The Junior editions of Annie or Seussical might work well with your group. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Soon Ah Will Be Done (Original Version??)
Hi John - There is also an extra verse in some editions of the Dawson "Ain't-a that Good News" - no answers - just more questions. I've wondered the same thing. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: BEST SATB Christmas Music with Harp
The Kirke Mechem "Seven Joys of Cjhristmas" is especially nice - glad to see it on this list! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Britten's A Ceremony of Carols
Douglas - This is the best advice on this subject that I have ever seen. There are some involved threads on this the Ceremony of Carols going back for years.Thanks for your clarity! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: How to give nuns starting notes in The Sound of Music
Hi Heidi - We did chimes from the pit. Your chapel bells idea is great! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Madrigal dinner?
Hi Agnes - Paul Brandvik (while at Bemidji State in northern Minnesota) wrote the definitive how-to book on Madrigal Dinners. It is called The Compleet Madrigal Dinner Booke and is available at JWPepper among other places. It contains great ideas for organization along with musical selections and t...
Comment: Re: Unpaid admissions to concerts
Hi Debbie - If people are volunteering to help with tickets, crowd control or supervision, they are not getting the same concert experience that a civilian member of the audience is getting. Build it into your budget and give those workers free admission. Even in professional theaters (like the Gut...
Comment: Re: "classical" music from the movies
Eatnemen Vuelie by Frode Fjellheim (used in Frozen) is published for SSAA, but translates very nicely to SSAB - or SATB, for that matter.   Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Looking for lliterature for Tenor soloist and SATB or TTBB Chorus
Hello John - Have you considered the Jonathan Quick arrangement of Loch Lomond (Cypress) or the Bob Chilcott arrangement of M.L.K. (Hal Leonard)? They are a bit lighter than the selections you have listed, but they are both accessible and would be a good fit for your choir and program. Something a ...
Comment: Re: Commencement marches
We used an arrangement of the March from the third movement of Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony. Quite exciting and not heard all the time. Best wishes, Mike
Concert: Festival Service in Southern Minnesota
This Sunday, May 4, 2014, at 8:30 am and 10:45 am, the Handbell and Senior Choirs of Trinity Lutheran Church in Blue Earth, Minnesota, will present a festival service entitled "How Excellent is Thy Name" with hymns, Psalms and anthems celebrating the majesty of God. Directors are Mike and Sue Elling...
Comment: Re: Music to avoid at festival, land mines
Barry - Are you asking about music your own choir should avoid performing at festivals - or about music that a combined festival choir with limited rehearsal time should avoid? Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Help me finish a set for Spring Concert!!
Hi Jacob - Perhaps an arrangement of the spiritual "(I've Got) Peace Like a River" might work. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: FINALE HELP
Lenora is right on - go to print and choose save as pdf. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: call out for alto solos
Hi Josh - A solo or a duet? The title line says one thing, your message says another. If a solo, how about "None But the Lonely Heart" by Tchaikovsky, transposed to an appropriate key? It is from his Opus 6, and about as heart wrenching as they come! The range is low ti to high mi. The Russian tr...
Comment: Re: Choral piece with bass solo
Hi Orville - One of my favorites has always been the DeCormier "Raise a Ruckus" with the soloist dropping the solo an octave - tons of fun. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Choral music in Frozen
Our church choir started working on the Eatnemen Vuelie last night at rehearsal with the men singing the Alto 2 part. It is quite accessible and a lot of fun - and there were actual giggles when the Beautiful Savior theme started after all the rhythmic work at the beginning. Speaking after just one...
Comment: Re: Theme of light/day and darkness/night
Hi Jessica - If your forces up to singing in double choir, you may wish to try Randall Thompson's "Walk As Children of Light" - it is  wonderful, harder than snot, and illustrates your theme beautifully! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Mixed Choir with Piano Four-Hands
Hi Rachel - "Sacramento Sis Joe" by Jackson Berkey is a gas. In addition to four-hands piano you would also need four-hands xylophone or marimba. If Christmas selections are an option, Howard Helvey has some great arrangements including "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" and "Bring a Torch, Jeane...
Forum message: Choral music in Frozen
Hello friends - My wife and I just returned from seeing the latest animated Disney film - Frozen - and were delighted by the stunning choral singing in the opening of the film. You may or may not enjoy the Disney musicals - but this music was a real treat! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Looking for Notation Software advice
Hi Kathryn - I'm still using Finale 2009 and doing just fine. The keyboard recommended to me was M-AUDIO/KeyRig 49 - it has proved to be everything I needed - cheap, dependable and easy to use. I've not encountered Anglican chant, but I've used Finale for handbells, choir, piano, solo voice, conce...
Comment: Re: Angels - NOT Christmas?
Hi Jean - Angel in Eternal Flight by Valerie Webdell (Heritage Music Press) is available in SAB or SSA. Wonderful for eighth or ninth grade, but appropriate for all ages. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Advent Lessons and Carols
Hi Rob - Our church choir has used CELTIC ADVENT CAROL by David Angerman and Michael Barrett (Shawnee) several times and loved it. Parts are well written and fun to sing - you can do a lot of good musical teaching using this selection. There is an optional flute part that is worth the effort. High...
Comment: Re: Visual projections in choral concerts
Hi Roger - We've used this format a couple of times - with great success. The first was at our community Sesquicentennial - as the choir sang "Down in the River to Pray", scenes of old and long gone community buildings and people were shown slideshow style on the screen. The second was at a high s...
Comment: Re: Advent music on theme of "Light"
Hi Brian - We've used this theme a couple times in the last several years. The first, we used “HOLY LIGHT” a service of carols by Robert Hobby.  Familiar carols for this service include “Still, Still, Still,” “What Child Is This,” “Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella” and “Joy t...
Comment: Re: Men's piece to rival Drunken Sailor
Hi Ethan - My all time favorite is LYDIA, THE TATTOOED LADY arranged by Jay /Althouse (Alfred #27130) - delightful and clever - just like Groucho. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: SATB with saxophone?
Hi Ted - We've used "Here's One" by Mark Hayes with soprano sax - very effective! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Heroic Programming
Hi Ryan - Harriet Tubman by Kathleen McGuire (Shawnee Press #3500890) would be a nice addition and the appropriate level. What a great ideafor a summer camp! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Choral music with clapping
Hi Chris - Two that come to mind are    Turn the World Around - Larry Farrow    Goin' to Boston - Alice Parker and Robert Shaw Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: A capella religious SSA
Hi Rudy - One of the standards is LIFT THINE EYES from Mendelssohn's ELIJAH.  Best ishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Creative ideas for Processing?
Hi Jennifer - We always used audience sing-a-long songs to cover to movement time. A good place to start would be the "Get America Singing...Again" volumes 1 and 2 that featured 42 songs that MENC (now NAfME) thought every American should know. Carols at Christmas, songs about the harvest or the...
Comment: Re: seeking a secular song of farewell for international student body
Hi Jura - There is a beautiful setting of "Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen" ("Innsbruck, I Must Leave You") by Heinrich Isaac (1450–1517), with text updated by Paul Brandvik in his madrigal dinner book. As I recall (and this is from 40 years ago!) the text is: "My friends, we now must leav...
Announcement: In memorium: Al Zinter
Al Zinter 1942 - 2012 OWATONNA — Al Zinter, 70, of Owatonna died Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, at Clare Bridge Cottage in Owatonna with family by his side. He was born Oct. 3, 1942, in Sioux Falls, S.D., the son of Ervin and Dorothy (Pederson) Zinter. He graduated from Willmar ...
Comment: Re: Looking for good arrangements of 1940's songs
Hi Phyllis - Any of the Steve Zegree arrangements (including all the Manhatten Transfer tunes) would work well for you and your group. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Balloo Lammy
Hi Marie - It was not listed on the JWPepper site, but I did find this at Stanton's Sheet Music, Columbus, OH. Baloo Lammy (SATB) Publisher Heritage Music Press Arranger Ruth Morris Gray Catalog #15/2881H UPC code: 9781429128285 Best wishes, Mike  
Comment: Re: After Concert Activites
Hi Steph - I'm assuming you already use the last rehearsal before break singing traditional carols and such. We always spent three of those days after the concert listening to AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS. Each choir (7-12) listened every year and completed an assignment ranging from art project...
Comment: Re: Church Choir Repertoire
Hi Jordan - We used the Ralph Vaughan Williams Old Hundredth Psalm Tune (Oxford). It is solid and majestic. The congregation can join in on several verses if you wish. You could add brass and timpani or just have your organist play from the choral score. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Pitoni's "Cantate Domino"
John - You continue to amaze and impress me - thanks! Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Patriotic songs for small children's choir
Hi Terri - Thanks for the kind words. My apologies - you are correct. The free music offer ended in May 2011. The song is now available through Alfred. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Patriotic songs for small children's choir
Hi Terri - The "Thank You, Soldiers" by Michael Souders (as mentioned above) is a wonderful selection and would be very appropriate for your unison elementary choir. The free music comes with piano accompaniment - you can purchase a synthesized accompaniment track if needed. To get an idea of th...
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Hi Julia - I've always loved the first of the Caluse Debussy Chansons - Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder. Not one wasted note - but always something new to enjoy! Best wishes, Mike    
Comment: Re: Question for Directors Who've Attended Choral Conference Reading Sessions
Hi Julia - The big difference for me is whether the reading session is newly published music (in which case I count it as a success if I find one new selection) or if it is a "my favorite selections for" type of session (where I've gone home with a dozen selections that would be wonderful. The l...
Comment: Re: ssatb Christmas Quintets
If you have a good string bass player at your disposal, the Heinz Zimmerman "Two Motets" are delightful and challenging. Best wishes, Mike
Comment: Re: Intermediate SATB with 4 Hands Piano Accompaniment
Hi Brian - If your group presents a Christmas concert, take a look at Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day arranged by Howard Helvey for SATB choir and four-hands piano (Beckenhorst Press #BP1509). It is delightful and energetic.  Both my high school and church choirs have love...
Comment: Re: Carol of the Bells Lyrics
Hi Clay -   In the little Rubank "Christmas in Song" book (the one with green print) there is a text written by M.L. Hohman in 1947:   Ring, Christmas bells, merrily ring, Tell all the world Jesus is King! Loudly proclaim with one accord, The happy tale; Welcome the Lord! Ring, C...
Comment: Re: Your all time favorite SSA piece
Hi Sarah - Dance On My Heart by Allen Koepke - wonderful text and delightful, accessible writing for SSA voices and piano. Best wishes, Mike