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Comment: Re: Bottom heavy mixed choir
You might trying out some Cambiata lit (TTB or TBB) and having the women take the top part. Also, most Alto parts are within the male range.   If you do Christmas, here is a Cambiata setting, My Heart is Filled with Joy:
Community Forum Post: Humor in Music Festival - SATB Premiere
Ten Tone Twisters, my setting of ten traditional tongue twisters, has been selected for the choral concert at the Humor in Music Festival at the end of March. This will be the SATB premiere.
Comment: Re: 25% off custom recording of your new choral compositions from
I listened to the demos on your website, and I'm curious as to how you handle SATB pieces.
Comment: Re: Palm Sunday piece for SATB and orchestra
My arrangement of All Glory, Laud and Honor set to Holst's Thaxted is for choir, organ, piano and string orchestra:
Comment: Re: Dickens' Christmas Carol
There are many musicals based on it and even an opera, but I've not heard settings of passages from the book.   The musical "Scrooge" has a couple of nice choral pieces in it, but they are true to musical theater fashion and have original lyrics by the writer, Leslie Bricusse. http://www.sheetmu...
Comment: Re: Xmas Carols with Strings and/or oboe
I have a Christmas piece for mixed choir and string quartet:   come threshers and dance, come shepherds and play tyrlow, tyrloo, tyrligh, tyrle we bring you glad tidings to break the cold clay tyrlow, tyrle vines withered...
Comment: Re: HIgh School Repertoire Suggestions
At Intermuse, a 2 week Kodaly certification program, where many of the singers are at a high school level, they did my settings of tongue twisters, Ten Tone Twisters. Music and a video of the performance can be found here:
Comment: Re: 5th and 6th grade chorus in Camden
May I suggest my oft performed little tune, The Snowman Song:
Comment: Re: Patriotic Theme for Community Choir
Here's my arrangement of America, the Beautiful: and a performance of the arrangement:   I've also compiled a patiotic program for solo voice and minus tracks that I'd love the chan...
Comment: Re: 6th - 8th grade choir- BEGINNERS meeting once a week-- repertoire help!
Hi Ellen,   I've had success teaching my unauditioned children's choir a lot of classic rounds. I've also composed some quodlibets, etc. that have been enjoyed by a number of choirs. Here are some free resources on my site:
Comment: Re: SAB acapella pieces.
Ten Tone Twisters, settings of tongue twisters, has an SAB version. Some of the settings are quite easy and others are a bit of a challenge. You can find the music and a video of the Intermuse Academy Choir (a Kodaly certification group at BYU) performing most of the work here: http://choirworks....
Comment: Re: "Giving Thanks"
I have a few selections on that theme in my catalog:
Comment: Re: Thanksgiving songs (thanksgiving) for church choir
I have six selections for Thanksgiving which you can find here:
Comment: Re: Christmas Anthems with Flute
This arrangement of "Away in a Manger" combines 3 of the tunes associated with the text and has a flute obbligato:
Comment: Re: Doing mixed 3-part music with HS Choir
My SAB version of Ten Tone Twisters was just premiered by the Intermuse Academy Choir,  a couple of the recordings are available on their homepage, Night Light & Betty Botter:   You can find all versions of the music here:
Comment: Re: SA and SSA songs on the theme of Harvest Time and Thanksgiving
My arrangement of "All Glory, Laud and Honor" to the tune of Holt's Thaxted (Jupiter from the Planets) has been popular with a number of choirs for Thanksgiving, and is easily adapted for Treble voices:   Also, I'd be glad ...
Community Forum Post: Folk Song Arranging Ideas for Workshop
I'm teaching a workshop this Saturday on simple 2-part folksong arranging; this is for a group of Kodaly educators. I have some ideas, Freeze notes Using only notes from the pitch set in the original song vs. additional pitch classes or chromatics Alto lines vs Descants Homophonic vs Contrapunt...
Comment: Re: Year of Faith Concert
Here is my arrangement of How Firm a Foundation for SATB with optional cello: "How firm a foundation ye Saints of the Lord is laid for your faith in his excellent word!"   For TTBB acapella Awake, Ye Saint's of God, Awake!...
Comment: Re: Elementary Spring Program
I find Revels books really helpful, Celebrate the Spring has program options:
Comment: Re: Halloween Concert for Women's Voices
Here are my Halloween quodlibets:   I've done SATB version of the above,, and would be glad to arrange SSA versions.   Also, for 2-part choir: http:/...
Comment: Re: Witty yet challenging women's piece
You might try 1, 3 & 5 from this set:
Comment: Re: Seeking ideas for program called "Out of This World"
On an otherworldly/supernatural front, my 3 Quodlibets for a Gaggle of Ghouls might fit:   On a celestial front, I have 7 of Vachel Lindsay's moon poems set for SSA choir (based on an award-winning song cycle I wrote for soprano): http://choi...
Comment: Re: Music for Easter- SATB+Children's choir
I paired Holst's "Thaxted" hymn tune (from Jupiter, i.e. The Planets) with "All Glory, Laud and Honor" (a hymn of thanksgiving I think is appropriate for Easter as well) : the arrangement includes mostly unison singing for the children's choir and mixed choir with a descant, piano and organ; th...
Forum message: Questions, Riddles & Searching (the Google Concert) - Unison, 2-part & SSA or folk sources to arrange
I plan to do a 'Google' concert with songs including questions, riddles or searches next semester.   Sacred or Secular texts in English are preferred, but I am open to other languages, particularly those that are easy to pronounce, such as Latin, Italian or Spanish.   I'll be usin...
Comment: Re: Short SATB choral pieces to learn by heart
Three "Peaces" are among my early works: I've gotten a number of performance reports for "Peace I Leave with You"   Also, Christmas selections:
Comment: Re: University level SSAA Contemporary accapella pieces
These SSA editions were recently completed, based on my award-winning song cycle, The Moon Songs, on poems of Vachel Lindsay:
Comment: Re: Secular work for high school that is still spiritual
Here is a setting of American poet Vachel Lindsay:
Comment: Re: Snow Themed Music for Jr. High
I have a 2-part song that has been performed quite a bit, The Snowman Song:   Please let me know if you use it, I'd love to post a video of a practice or performance. Thanks!
Comment: Re: Second Coming of Christ choral music
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning:   Harvest Hymn:
Comment: Re: Collaborative Music & Visual Arts Concert
I've done some animation for my children's Halloween album, but would love to do something for one of my more serious choral works. See for a list of original compositions which are free to download. One's that would particularly lend themselves to a visual c...
Comment: Re: Christmas music
Original:   Traditional Round:   Arrangements: h...
Comment: Re: Patriotic songs for small children's choir
Hi Terry,   I've arranged an entire program for solo or unison voices with minus tracks entitled, American Revolutions, from which individual songs can easily be pulled:   My children's choir has ...
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Let me substitute 'perfect' with 'life changing' and you'll get the Faure Requiem and Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, both of which are as perfect as any piece can get.
Comment: Re: Repertoire suggestions needed - Life, Love, and Nature
For 'life' here are two harvest songs and one on the passage of time:
Comment: Re: Need Easy 2 part pieces for Children's Choir Workshop
Hello Bryce, here is one of my rounds that might work:   The Snowman Song (2 part) has been very popular with children's choirs:   And here is a page full o...
Comment: Re: Need suggestion on piece to pair w/Seal Lullaby
I'm very familiar with the Seal Lullaby. It was a selection for the choir at the Kodaly certification training I attended a year ago. What about another setting of Kipling from the Jungle Book? That is something I'd love to tackle as a composer. Please contact me at to disc...
Comment: Re: Brass and Percussion piece needed to program with Rutter's "Gloria"
I have a lot of experience with brass players, being a tubist myself, and would love to write something for this group. You can see some of my brass work here:   Particularly, The Word and March of the Three Kings (which could easily be reduced for this ensem...
Comment: Re: Music for Madrigal Dinner
If you have guitar (some complex rhythms), Sir Christemasse:   Another Father Christmas tune, Ring Bells Ring (simpler):   ...
Comment: Re: Popular Tunes for Halloween Themed Concert
Here are some Halloween quodlibets I composed, that may not be well-known, but certainly fit under the light/fun category:
Comment: Re: Christmas Music for small SATB Community Choir
I have a lot of Christmas music that would work well in this kind of situation:
Comment: Re: SATB and wind band for Christmas
I arranged The March of the Three Kings for Brass Band and chorus, I've been looking for an excuse to re-arrange it for wind band. A live recording with the Timpanogos Chorale and Utah Premiere Brass of the current version is on this page:   Let me know if ...
Comment: Re: need repertoire for SATB and guitar (only) accompaniment
I have one such piece in my catalog, for Christmas:   . . . and I'd love to write more, I can be reached at
Comment: Re: Need rep for choir anthem with string quartet - please help!!
My arrangement of Holst's Thaxted tune with All Glory, Laud and Honor has been very popular with choirs, and has free parts available for strings:   Also, I'd be excited to write something new for this combination. ...
Comment: Re: Your Top Hits? Quality, accessible sacred music
My arrangement of Holst's Thaxted tune with All Glory, Laud and Honor has been very popular with choirs:   Also popular, Father, We Thank Thee:
Comment: Re: (new) Music for TTBB
A Christmas selection:   Simple:   I have several decades of experience singing in, conducting and composing for choirs (with degr...
Comment: Re: Favorite Women's Choir repertoire?
A couple of my Christmas selections for women:
Comment: Re: Searching for new unpublished Christmas music
Sounds as though you've got one picked, but here are a few that I'm proud of anyway:
Comment: Re: Holidays
Here are some original works intended for Halloween from my  choral music site that are available for free:   "Welcome," said the Spider for 2-part choir with keyboard (piano, harpsichord or organ)   Three Quodlibets for a Gaggle of Ghouls for SATB choir with optional percussion Un...
Comment: Re: American Patriotic Music
Two selections from M Ryan Taylor on   America the Beautful for SATB and Piano   A setting from American Poet Vachel Lindsay: What the Man of Faith Said
Announcement: America the Beautiful
New arrangement of "America the Beautiful" by M Ryan Taylor from : Demo and Piano Accompaniment available on site.