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Concert: Duruflé and Gounod- Massachusetts
Duruflé Requiem and Gounod  Messe dolennelle de Sainte Cecile at St. Rose of Lima, Northborough, MA on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 3:30 PM. Presented by Assabet Valley Mastersingers, Dr. Robert Eaton Director. For directions, information, tickets visit
Forum message: Vocalist Pledge
For the past few years our Membership Chair has in semi-fun adminstered this pledge/oath to our choir.  I wonder if anyone has other versions of something similar? Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! Welcome Ye Joyous Musician to the 2013 – 2014 AVM concert season!   To guide our musical journey wilt thou p...
Comment: Re: One Hit Wonders
Novello has an arrangement  of Whiter Shade done by Nicholas Hare in their Novello Voice, Choral Pops series.  Nice music but text is obtuse and hard to explain.  
Borrowing request: Purchase Used Full score
Item: Rutter Requiem- Full orchestration, not chamber version Composer/Arranger/Edition: Rutter Starting: ASAP For: purchase Copies: one Willing to rent: No  Want to purchased used Full Score of Rutter Requiem- Full orchestra not chamber version
Forum message: Top 10 Choral Classics
What are the top 10 shorter choral works (2-10 minutes) that should be a part of every SATB chorus's repertoire?  We would like to develop a concert program featuring choral treasures or classics (we usually do major masterworks, both classic and contemporary).  After 40 years choral directing (sc...
Concert: Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle- Massachusetts
A delightful work, Rossini at his best, eclectic in musical style, some great melodies and lots of wit.  Presented in its 1863 version with two pianos and percussion.  Sunday, March 9, 3:30 PM St. Marks School, Southborough MA.
Comment: Re: Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle harmonium/piano tuning
We are performing the work also but the harmonium we have acquired (the owner also performs) we are assured is tuned to 438 so not as much a problem as you folks.  It was used by another area chorus (Massachusetts) and worked well. Bob Eaton
Comment: Re: Recording of Hoggard edition of Brahms Requiem?
No commercial ones that I know of.  We just did it and have a recording of our performance.  Certainly not professional but OK.  BTW avoid the recent BSO recording.  It is badly flawed in production, not performance. Bob
Comment: Re: Triangle articulation symbol in Rossini score
Hi, You may be correct about Carus, I have not seen it although I thought a recording I have of a local group performing was using Carus.  However, the seemingly small changes are, I believe, significant to an overall understanding of the work.  The modifications he made, apparently relluctantly,...
Comment: Re: Triangle articulation symbol in Rossini score
Thank you for your thoughts but the Gossett/Brauner is based upon the original performance materials as a chamber music performance, two pianos and harmonium.  Ricordi, Carus, Kalmus etc are based upon the orchestrated version which has significant changes from what Rossini preferred and they do no...
Forum message: Triangle articulation symbol in Rossini score
In the Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle, Brauner and Gossett edition, there is an articulation mark above notes (both in vocal and piano parts) that is an empty triangle.  In earlier editions these were rendered simply as carets ^ or accents.  Does anyone know what this empty triangle means? Thank...
Concert: German Requiem- Northborough, MA
The Assabet Valley Mastersingers will present A German Requiem, Lara Hoggard translation, Sunday, November 10 at 3:30 PM at Alongquin Regional High School, Northborough MA.  This best loved choral work will be performed by the Assabet Valley Mastersingers, with orchestra and Steven Small, Baritone ...
Forum message: Standing aid for choral vocalists
Anyone have any experience with the Full Measure Rest?  I have several vocalists in my community chorus who have a difficult time standing.  These look like they might be a good alternative to chairs/tools in front but has anyone used them. They apparently attach to the riser so one can sort of si...
Comment: Re: Gounod Masses
Hi, Written for Chorus,soprano soloist and Organ, I recommend Gounod's Messe Chorale published by Dr. J. Burz Musikverlag Some very special musical moments and a very interesting and worthwhile piece. Bob Eaton
Forum message: Rossini- Petite Messe Solenelle
I would like to do the First version for two pianos and harmonium.  Anyone have experience with the various editions.  Barrenrieter has one ed. Grossett but it lists just two pianos.  Which ones have the piano and harmonium parts?  Is there a vocal/choral score available, etc? Thanks,
Concert: Gjeilo, Whitacre, Thompson- Westborough MA
Dark Night of the Soul- Ola Gjeilo, Five Hebrew Love Songs- Eric Whitacre, and Peaceable Kingdom- Randall Thompson will be performed by the Assabet Valley Mastersingers on Saturday, May 11, 8:00 PM, Westborough MA.  The tenderness and poignancy of Gjeilo and Whitacre provide a sharp contrast to the...
Comment: Re: Community Choir questions
As the Founder/Director of a Suburban Community choir in its 36th season, I urge you to move slowly and start where your vocalists are not where you want to be.  The first task for you is to create a musical environment such that your vocalists see a need for change.  Second, match financial deman...
Comment: Re: El Grillo - translation for "Dalle" & "Beve"
Beve is drinking, dalle never sure so just said "play" (dalliance).
Comment: Re: More about teaching your choir to sing musically
This TED Talk by Ben Zander  "One Cheek Playing" is one of my favorites on performing the phrase.  No longer found on TED but posted here.
Concert: Voices of Light: Passion of Joan of Arc
Voices of Light merges the legendary silent film masterpiece, Carl Dryer's The Passion of Joan of Arc, widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made, with a live performance of a ravishing score by award-winning composer Richard Einhorn. Sunday, March 3, 2013, 3:30 PM     St. Ma...
Comment: Re: Easter Introit with trumpet and organ or piano
Easter Proclamation from Dixit- Vivaldi- arr. Liebergen  Carl Fischer   Simple, unison or basic four part writing, but effective.  Trumpet part included in score.
Concert: Bach & Handel: A Different View
Saturday, Nov. 10, 8:00 PM at St. Mary's Church, Shrewsbury.:"The Ways of Zion do Mourn" (Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline) and Bach's "Lutheran Mass in g minor" with orchestra and Andrea Ehrenreich, Soprano; Pamela Dellal, Mezzo Soprano; Rockland Osgood, Tenor; Steven Small, Bass.  Handel prese...
Borrowing request: Handel Funeral Anthem on Death of Queen Caroline
Item: Organ Part Composer/Arranger/Edition: Handel Starting: ASAP For: one month Copies: one Willing to rent: Yes   Am using a Luck's edition (copy of Breitkoph) but there is no organ part and my keyboard person does not play figured bass.  Thanks
Comment: Re: Has anyone done the Bach Magnificat with organ and trumpet only?
Sure, but as with all Bach orchestral things it requires an excellent organist.  Bach orchestral reductions for keyboard are very difficult and may need some judicious modifications by the organists.
Comment: Re: Are there any Asians in ACDA?
Hi Philip, The real question Philip is in your final statement- "primary goal should be about excellence."  While that should be "one" of our goals I believe that if excellence is ACDA's primary goal it is a short sighted goal.  Those of us who have worked in the High Schools are very aware th...
Comment: Re: Gay Composers
You may be interested in this presentation at the Eastern Division ACDA conference on 2/17. Best Kept Secrets- Commission Gems from GALA Choruses.  Presented by Josesh Buches and John Quinlan.
Announcement: Two Day Immersion Institute on Renaisance Music
A two immersion program on Renaissance Music with clinicians Robert Hollingworth of I Fagiolini and Eamonn Dougan of I Fagiolini and The Sixteen.  February 14 and 15 in Providence RI.  For complete information and to apply
Forum message: Operetta Choruses
I'm looking for some good Operetta Choruses, especially Gilbert and Sullivan, to include as a lighter segment on a concert program (not staged) along with Opera Choruses.  They may include soloist and chorus.  This is not my area of expertise but there must be some "classics" that should not be ...
Comment: Re: Victoria's "O Magnum Mysterium"
Neither, the work does not fit strict meter.  Look at phrase, textual inflection, etc.
Comment: Re: Faure Requiem Orchestration
I suggest you look at the Rutter orchestration of Faure, supposedly closer to  Faure's original version.  It present a whole new color and perspective on the piece. Essentially calls for divided violas (no violin) cellos, bass, and organ. 2 horns for movt. 1 and 2 need to be covered somehow Ha...
Comment: Re: Rental costs - biting the bullet
I would add that most all of the above applies to Community choirs as well.  One of our goals and challenges is to introduce our vocalists and our audiences to new music and not just the tried and true standard repertoire. Every concert season we program at least one work that we have never done ...
Forum message: Operetta and Broadway Choruses
We'd like to expand on our more traditional Opera Chorus format to include choruses from Operetta and Broadway Musicals.  Looking for operetta suggestions and suggestions of good arrangments of Broadway choruses, probably not medleys. Thanks, Bob Eaton
Comment: Re: Online Registration for Choir Members/ multi choirs?
We use Google Docs for all types of registrations.  Forms are very easy to set up, information automatically put into spreadsheet etc.  Links to the form can be put on web site, for us, some are on a members only password protected sight.   Bob
Forum message: Rutter Mass for Children- orchestration question
Anyone know how essential the organ part is for the Rutter Mass for Children?  Our normal concert venue has no organ and the churches we use all have the organ in the back.   Also- how much of a contribution are the strings in the full orchestral version vs the chamber version which does not...
Concert: Wine, Women, and Song- Orff/Brahms- Massachusetts
Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and Brahms' Neue Liebeslieder Walzer, Op. 56 Sunday, March 20, 3:30 PM, St. Mark's School Southborough, MA Performed by Assabet Valley Mastersingers and Algonquin Regional High School Concert Choir with Two Pianos and Percussion Phiilip Lima- Baritone Merryca...
Comment: Re: Does anyone remember choral rounds/warm-ups that are epitaphs?
I'm pretty sure it is Monumnetal Warmups by Grove.   Bob Eaton
Comment: Re: SATB music about animals
These are from a program we did quite a while ago.  Good luck. All Creatures Great and Small Assabet Valley Chambersingers Dr. Robert P. Eaton, Director       El Grillo (The Cricket)..................................................................... Josquin des P...
Announcement: Call for Articles
Eastern Division Troubadour is seeking to publish articles of varied content in our thrice-yearly newsletter. Content is divisible into two broad areas: Research and Non-Research ·       Research - Particularly sought are articles in which the research is directly applicable to use i...
Concert: Bach and Charpentier- November 13
Magnificat- J.S. BachTe Deum- Marc Antoine Charpentier With orchestra and soloists Soprano - Jean Danton Mezzo-Soprano - Pamela Dellal Tenor - Charles Blandy Baritone - Thomas Jones    Saturday, Nov. 13, 8 PM St. Mary's Church, Shrewsbury, MA Information at:   av...
Forum message: Companion Piece for Lauridsen "Lux Aeterna"
We want to do Lux Aeterna with our church choir but we also have 4 excellent soloists.  Searching for a companion piece for the Lauridsen that would feature our soloists.  Ideas or suggestions welcome. Thanks, Bob Eaton
Comment: Re: Extreme Rehearsal Makeover
Interesting that neither musicianship nor empathy-sensitivity (interpesonal relationships) are among the valued characteristics. Perhaps this a commentary on the artistic and musical awareness of the vocalists  but it does explain why some conductors who are decidely arrogant, egotistical, and au...
Comment: Re: I want to go to the 2010 National ACDA Conference in Chicago but I'm lacking the money!
Eastern Division offers Collegiate awards and will be offering awards to retired ACDA members. If you are Eastern Division watch our ChoraLink and/or webpage for information later this fall once National announces fees etc..   Bob Eaton
Comment: Re: Performance in church?
Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard asks the question, "What is Worship?"  some people say  "Worship is like a drama. The Pastors, and Assisting Ministers and Choir - - they are the actors. God is the prompter, and, we are the audience."  Kierkegaard says, "No, the Pastors and Choirs and Ass...
Community Forum Post: ChoraLink notice
If you did not get your copy of ChoraLink let us know.  Check out these resources onour website.   Browse our updated Division website and check out What's New. Technology tips for the novice and adventuresome Whose Who in 2010-2012 L...
Blog post: It's Not the Music
It’s Not the Music   Thank you for taking a few moments to explore this corner of the ED website.  My hope in this corner is not to instruct but rather to present some ideas and thoughts that might stimulate some discussion and/or reflection.  Express your thoughts or reactions on ...
Concert: An American Perspective
Featuring- A Jubilant Song- Dello Joio, The Mask- Bolcom, Old American Songs- Copland, Six American Hymns- Gardner.  Saturday, May 22, 8:00 PM Chapel of the Cross, Westborough, MA  
Comment: Re: Branding ACDA
I like this description ( "Members of the American Choral Directors Association work daily to  foster and promote quality choral music throughout the United States and  the world. Our association is made up of inspired and dedicated choral  directors, living and working as local ...
Forum message: Outstanding Choir/ Choral Conductor
What is the best, most outstanding international chorus you have heard, either live or on recording?   What Choral Director (living) would you most want to study with?   Thanks,
Forum message: Mozart Requiem- Beyer-Levin
I am interested in any discussion about the relative merits and differences in the Beyer and Levin editions of the Mozart Requiem. I understand each corrects some longstanding errors in Sussmayr but how are they different from each other. Thanks, Bob Eaton  
Concert: Eijah- Southborough MA
Mendelssohn's Elijah will be presented Sunday, March 14 3:30 PM at St. Marks School concert hall Southborough MA.  Philip Lima- Elijah; Andrea Matthew, Soprano; Catherine Hedberg, Mezzo Soprano; Matthew DiBattista, Tenor.  Full Orchestra.  For information