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Comment: Re: CJ Replay: 372 Motets  Thank you for remembering this treasure!  Shortly after Dr. Cuyler's dissertation, Mr. Brown recorded in 1959 several (13) Excerpts from Book III. They were released on Esoteric/Counterpoint LPs (#546 for collectors) and in Italy, and regularly  prog...
Announcement: Fascinating London Music Auction:11/20/14   Here, for those in well-connected research and collector circles is a prime, unknown source for Bach & his mileau by a member of the Silbermann organ family. Also valuable vocal/chora...
Comment: Re: Need help finding a piece
I'm confused- If it's by anon.then just use the Musica Brittannia version as on the recording(Stevens,p111). The 'other' may possibly also be in MBIV. Sig
Comment: Re: repertoire suggestions - famous poetry    This for womens voices SSAA divisi is Harold Brown's extraordinary- and suitably gloomy- 1940 setting of Gerard Manly Hopkins 19c: 'No worst  there is none, pitched past pitch of grief' If freely used please attribute:http://www.renaissancechoru...
Comment: Re: Walt Whitman Settings?
Always was fond of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry from 'Leaves...'Sang it with Amy Kaiser 3 decades ago!  It was composed by Virgil Thomson- i think in 5 voices.  Good luck in finding a copy however!   SIR
Comment: Re: SA or SSA literature    Yes Richard that is a wonderful list!  You may also find this G.M.Hopkins setting of "No Worst, there is none, pitched past pitch of grief" by our founder Harold Brown to be strong. A cappella- SSAA div. Download:
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
John Browne: Stabat Mater Dolorosa/ Josquin Stabat Mater SIR
Comment: Re: Auld Lang Syne
I heartily recommend a full parody mass, by PolyhymniaNYC baritone Erik-Peter Mortensen based upon Auld Lang Syne! It should be available on his site. We sing it in our Friday Group every New Year!  SIR
Comment: Re: Choral music for St. Patrick's Day concert
Check with Michael McGlynn- many edition/comps! SIR
Comment: Re: Seeking Repertoire Suggestions: "The American Experience"
Amy Kaiser, with the Y(MHA) Chorale in NYC presented Virgil Thomson's setting from Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass-:Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" about hoards of Imigrants daily, busy. routinely building the nation. Lacking the score think it was saatb, but perhaps can be arranged upwards.  A keeper! S...
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
So many of the  c.1440-1520 rep, (& before Trent) we performed at the Columbia Collegium & Renaissance Chorus of NY were wonderful after we got our polyphony straight! Later attempts with Ives, Schoenberg, Stravinsky et al always seemed to need others to convince me it was or wasn't nailed...
Comment: Re: Repertoire Suggestions for Independence of Spirit
Dont know a specific choral work, but recommend the concept of Terry Riley's "In C"- wherin any number -generally from sub groups of 5- of 53 variations are instrumentally played- but on the individual initiative of the participants. A great richness /diversity of sound is created, See no reason wh...
Comment: Re: Child's Ballads (Where to find)  Hi Nick,  A classic compilation from Childs, and often from The Folk Song Society: One Hundred English Folksongs collected by Cecil J Sharp was published by Oliver Ditson,Boston, 1916.  It likely has been reissued many times over. The notes are comprehensive ...
Comment: Re: SSA - SSAA themed music "Sing for Life" See/hear Brown's SSAaAa Hopkins setting(+others) here: Best, SIR
Comment: Re: Favo(u)rite Regina Coeli Settings?
  John Hetland's edition of the wonderful Isaac "Regina Coeli" is attached: A sure favorite- will sound glorious at Ely with a moderate tempo! SIR
Comment: Re: blew wrong note!
Its cool when a group can still pull off a performance away from the usual tonality but why not assign the pitchpipe to a dedicated 'oboe' singer? SIR
Comment: Re: Oh, What A Beautiful City (a/k/a Twelve Gates...)
Whatever arrangements are there: Do listen to the Reverend Gary Davis version-  It is authentic, and great narrative storytelling! Dont know if a choral version can duplicate or simply dilute the narrative.   SIR
Comment: Re: Poverty & Student Experience in Public School Choral Programs Symposium on music in school  Thought this may be helpful  SIR
Comment: Re: Myths, Legends, and Mystics
Cheryl Helm from Canby Singers, had edited Hildegard van Bingen, recommends looking into Maddalena Causulana. SIR
Comment: Re: aging eyes
Perhaps the too-small print/notes in many editions are a problem, which editors should address. I think (ie) Hetland's (CPDL) editions have proper legibility for most choral singers, absent serious eye problems as noted above. I recall the late David Labovitz of Choral Symphonic Society ordered hug...
Comment: Re: Christmas Seasonal Chorus with Brass Quintet Possibilities
Highly recommended is the Magnificat op.72 by Dr. Arnold Rosner for mixed choir , brief alto/tenor  solos, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones. (15 min)   It has been recorded in San Diego on Laurel LR-849CD, also Spotify.   Score available at HORIZON BAY Music 3311 Shore Parkway #2A, Brooklyn NY 11235...
Comment: Re: Theme of light/day and darkness/night
 For SSAAAA Womens Chorus:  SIR
Comment: Re: What, if anything, can be programmed with "Carmina Burana"
I am in favor of presenting- in combination with a dedicated Medieval ensemble- Reconstructions of the original Benedictburien-goliardic songs upon which Orff relied. So Instructive! SIR
Comment: Re: Looking for music related to mining    Decades ago learned a Japanese coal-mining Folk dance and tune called- if I remember- Tantko Buschi. It consists iof singing and moving in a line imitating  a bending/shoveling action. Kids would love it! SIR
Comment: Re: Your favorite funny/amusing choral pieces for HS and adult voices?
You'll recall my suggestion of last year about the ITALIAN MADRIGAL COMIDIES-  they will continue, as for the last 500 years - to give pleasure, however we've recently- along with unfunny Ives- worked on David Blackwell's SATB arrangement of Cole Porters sophisticated "Lets Do It". SIR www.Renais...
Comment: Re: companion piece(s) to Stravinsky "Les Noces"
Meant  to continue: Maurice Ohana :"Cantigas" by Les percussions de Strasbourg cond by Roland Hayrabedian. It also calls for piano, w/w & brass (7) SIR
Comment: Re: companion piece(s) to Stravinsky "Les Noces"
C.F. Pierre Vernay Stravinsky/Ohana CD=catalogue # PV787032 SIR
Comment: Re: RIP, John Howell
We always knew JH had a special authority and care for the questioner and student. Few have his  breadth and ability. I hope his friends and family can gather his various writings and create a book of his essays and musings. They will remain valued! SIR <>  
Comment: Re: El Grillo - translation for "Dalle" & "Beve"   We heard there are Spanish words as the thirsty cricket referred to a Spanish singer friend- the real humorous subject. SIR
Comment: Re: In search of avant garde SATB acapella for collegiate student-run choir
Do Check out the repertoire of the C4 Composer-singers collaborative in New York. Quite advanced, however. SIR
Announcement: New York City Chamber Choir seeks Sunday aftenoon hosts
20 voice  specializing  in 15-17 century court chapel and cathedral works available in New York City area, particularly in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  The centerpiece of our Current offering: a rare 1511 Wedding Mass by Heinrich Finck, never recorded, newly edited by us. Considered by Gustav...
Comment: Re: Monteverdi Mass: available editions?
UNIVERSAL EDITION UE 13776 NJ (1975) has a reduction. SIR <>
Comment: Re: Choral compositions with overtone singing
Suggest you explore David Hykes work, and also Nicolai Kachanov of the Russian Chamber Chorus, who has done amazing works.   SIR
Comment: Re: Straight Tone Choral Tradition (Specific Ensembles?)    The RCNY( and it's successor groups:Music Divine/Renaissance Street Singers, et al) which started at HS Music & Art in NY 1953-4, and concretized to 1982 was taught by Mr. Brown a cappella/ low vibrato. This was NOT, if you remember other groups in NY ...
Comment: Re: story telling church anthems   Fremuit spiritu Jesus:  This is masterful story telling for an excellent 6vv group, by Clemens{non Papa}.  Narrative and drama much earlier than oratorio/opera. Contrast between characters - simply great music. A favorite of Streetsin...
Comment: Re: Halloween Concert for Women's Voices  Hi Mr Coleman,  Our Founder Harold Brown set G.M.Hopkins: "No worst, there is none, Pitched past pitch of Grief" for SSAA in 1940. October 31, 1909 (Halloween) also was  his Birthday! We naturally performed it at his Centenary Concert.  His daughter live...
Comment: Re: The family tradition of choral music
Lots of families in all genres work together at least for a time- some, as did the famous van Trapp Family,  due to circumstances become pioneers and develop great followings. SIR
Comment: Re: Re-naming and re-branding a community chorus.  When I joined AXA chorus, there was its sponsorship, and Judy Otten had this gig for decades. Now, corporate changes impel those who actually were employees to search for new singing. The withdrawal  employee benefits of all sorts is 'strategic'.  Other gro...
Comment: Re: music representing cities/regions    Cornelius Schuydt: "O Leyda Gratiosa"- wriiten to the burghers of Leyden detailing the beauty, accomplishments, valor, and culture of Leyden in thanks for their sending him to Italy to study music.  SSATB in a most beautiful and graceful style. They wil...
Comment: Re: Little-published composers
John Hetland, utilizing the recent Reiner-Schneider-Waterberg reconstruction edited the "In Summis" (1511) Wedding Mass for his upcoming concerts. Some of his previous Finck is on CPDL. SIR
Comment: Re: Do Your Audiences/Congregations Even CARE Whether You Program New Music Or Not?
Here in NYC we have several pro-level groups specializing in ALL  contemporary work especially by its singer-composers. Particularly C4. Do familiarize with the programming concept which I think was started by Gregg Smith. There is a steady/small sophisticated audience. Be glad for this. SIR ...
Comment: Re: Short requiems   Contact Ralph Buxton about the Jean Richafort Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez. SAATTB for a large group but not extremely difficult. A cappella. CPDL has many suitable Requiems: Brumel--Victoria that are inspirational.   Best Regards, SIR http://w...
Comment: Re: Commercial Recordings of Your Choir or Compositions Isaac Motets from book III of Choralis Constantinius/  Motets by Ruffo, Tallis, DesPres , Hassler, Palestrina           Esoteric/Counterpoint 546 DesPres Missa Una Musque De Buscaya*           Baroque 9002 Martini Magnificat Secundi toni/ Ock...
Comment: Re: Commercial Recordings of Your Choir or Compositions   Mr Brown's superb string chamber music!  
Comment: Re: Commercial Recordings of Your Choir or Compositions    Here are links to previously mentioned recordings by the Renaissance Chorus of New York directed by Harold Brown. These LPs were produced by the late Myles Rosenthal & John Graziano and in some cases have still not been re-recorded.  Here...
Comment: Re: Commercial Recordings of Your Choir or Compositions   Renaissance Chorus of NY founder Harold Brown's String Chamber music. Available at Amazon, Spotify and thru us. Wonderful performances by Louise Schulman and Juilliard-based Tessera Quartet. Group has upcoming 2/8/13 performance of some of th...
Comment: Re: Vespers by English composer?
I think the closest in scope you will see are the Great Services of Byrd & his contemporaries, some of which were reissued by Kalmus. The texts of course vary from the Catholic Vespers. Elements of Catholic Sarum may be in the great Festal masses of Fayrfax, Taverner and earlier generations....
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Josquin: Stabat Mater dolorosa- Perfectly expresses grief in compelling slow triplets against 2alto(tenor) Stabat chant. No eye can resist tearing at this. Wide ranges explore extreme of emotions  SAATB in RSS168M (J.Hetland Ed.), up one from original.
Comment: Re: University level SSAA Contemporary accapella pieces   G. M. Hopkins Text set by Harold Brown:" No worst there is none , Pitched past pitch of grief..."   SSAaAa Requires pure intonation, literary understanding, but rather depressing text! Please indicate if you wish to use. SIR http://w...
Comment: Re: Concert Program with the theme of Eyes  There are many laments in which the emotions expressed- the function of tears obviously-are cited. Most famous are: Isaacs lament for Lorenzo diMedici: Quis Dabit oculis me/ and our just performed Quis dabit oculis for the Anne of Brittany Exequies by Jean Mouton....