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Items by Joseph Stephens

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Comment: Re: Anti-War oratorios
I have a four mvt "Mass for the Children of War" for SATB chorus, piano, and strings at It features a digital recording if JFK in the third number. I have some demo recordings.   
Community Forum Post: Mass for the Children of War by Joseph Gentry Stephens
Hello Choral Friends,   Just wanted to let the community know about the completion of a larger work in four movements/numbers titled, Mass for the Children of War for SATB Chorus with Soprano Solo, Two Pianos, and Strings.  Texts range from the traditional Latin (Kyrie) to a single line from th...
Community Forum Post: REQUIEM - an explanation for yet another in an already overused choral form
With so many REQUIEM mass settings in the choral music world, I am sure most composers consider it a DEAD END as far as ever getting it performed or even noticed.  The very word, REQUIEM, conjures up dollar signs for conductors since they usually require instrumentalists and other added costs, and...
Community Forum Post: Performance updates for the music of Joseph Gentry Stephens
Hello fellow choral people,   Just thought I would report some performances here that have happened and are coming soon.  In the five months from November 2013 to April 2014 (Next Month) there will have been eleven different choral works from my catalogue performed in various concerts and churc...
PDF Document: Requiem Aeternam
Community Forum Post: A message from Joseph Gentry Stephens
Greetings fellow composers, conductors, and choral music fans,   Since I am new here, I thought I would introduce myself.  I am writing to you from my small office/studio in my home among the Pine forests of Bradley County, South Arkansas.  I have been composing in some form or fashion for most...
PDF Document: You Having Walked This Earth from Requiem by Joseph Gentry Stephens