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Comment: Re: Completing a program, "You are not Alone" suggestions
Pepper Choplin has a really nice piece called "We Are Not Alone", a cappella with solos.   I think an arrangement of Precious Lord would work nice. Or Mary McDonald has set the text to a new tune, "Lead Me On".
Comment: Re: Suggestions for Groundbreaking Ceremony
For a serious selection check out Stroope's setting of Psalm 23.
Comment: Re: Pieces to go along with Prayer of the Children
Oye! (Papoulis) - "Are you listening? Can you hear them calling? They are calling to you." English and Spanish text intertwined. Prayer (Clausen) - The text is a prayer of Mother Teresa. Gorgeous harmonies, very rubato, challenging. http://www.j...
Comment: Re: Classic SATB repertoire for non-auditioned HS Choir
I think most other movements from the Vivaldi Gloria would work,  "Et In Terra Pax". You've also got the Kyrie from Schubert's Mass in G listed, I think the Credo would also be accessable, if a bit long. "Since By Man Came Death" from Messiah "Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord" and "O Rest in the Lo...
Comment: Re: Music for Ordination Service
I really like David Schwoebel's "An Expression of Gratitude", it's based on Philippians 1:3-11. Pepper Choplin's "This Is My Word" is a great anthem, text from Isaiah 55:10-12. I also think a setting of the hymn "Here I Am, Lord" would be appropriate, Lloyd Larson and Craig Courtney both have good...
Forum message: After School Middle School Choir
I just got hired at a middle school teaching general music/music appreciation/music class. In the county I'm in the only music options for middle schoolers during the school day are band and general music, any choirs have to be after school. Now, I'm fine with doing a choir after school, but should ...
Comment: Re: recommended Brahms Requiem scores
I'm with Kiersten, I've read writings by Robert Shaw and Don Neuen who both say that every musicologist they've talked to agrees that Brahms would want the Requiem sung in the native language of the audience. Which is the reason he wrote the Requiem in German instead of English. I've also got a few ...
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
Psalm 23 - Z. Randall Stroope Bring Me Little Water Silvy - arr. Moira Smiley Ride On, King Jesus - arr. Moses Hogan Music Down in My Soul - Moses Hogan Ngana - Stephen Leek How Can I Keep From Singing - arr. Gwenyth Walker
Comment: Re: Christmas Choral Work for SATB and Brass, Percussion and Organ
I second the suggestion for K. Lee Scott's The Incarnation/Christmas Cantata. The first movement (Glory Be to God on High) is available separately. Kuykendall's arrangement of Joy to the World is also a great Christmas anthem using brass. Mary McDonald's Joyful All Ye Nations Rise (a concertato on H...
Comment: Re: recommended Brahms Requiem scores
I really like the Hoggard edition by Hinshaw.
Comment: Re: Easy chorus + orchestra work (15 - 20 minutes)
How about the Brahms Schicksalsleid? (I probably didn't spell that correctly).
Comment: Re: 20 -40 minute sacred work
The Rutter Gloria is also great, but shorter than 20 minutes. I'm on love with his Magnficat. Eleanor Daley has a great Te Deum for double choir and organ but it also might be a tad short. Check out Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna and the works of Ola Gjeilo.
Comment: Re: 20 -40 minute sacred work
Dan Forrest's Te Deum. I thought it was a little easier than Hayes or Rutter's major works but was still a great one to sing. Great contrast between the movements. Check out K. Lee Scott's Requiem, kind of in the same vein as Rutter's. If you're up for Latin the Schubert Mass in G and Faure Requie...
Comment: Re: Ad Hoc Choir Rep
Ave Verum Corpu - Mozart Erev Shel Shoshanim - arr. Klebanow Since By Man Came Death - Handel (from Messiah) Any Movement of the Vivaldi Gloria Home on the Range - arr. Mark Hayes If Ye Love Me - Tallis (A Cappella) Hear My Prayer - Hogan (A Cappella) True Light - Hampton For the Beauty of t...
Comment: Re: Bluegrass for Choir
Last year I sang in the premier of John Purifoy's "Chronicles of Blue and Grey", a work that tells the story of the Civil War, which uses a bluegrass band in addition to an orchestra. If you'd like me to put you in contact with John I'd be happy to.
Comment: Re: Psalm Settings
Mark Hayes' setting of Psalm 150 is excellent. Great example of word painting "clashing of the cymbals" is bombastic, "strings and pipe" is legato, "praise God with the dance" is syncopated and light, wonderful, wonderful piece. The accompaniment requires a very capable pianist though.
Comment: Re: Brahms Requiem edited by Rutter
There's a Hinshaw edition with English words by Rutter of the Faure Requiem, are you sure that you're not thinking of that? As far as I know the only Hinshaw edition of the Brahms is the one by Hoggard.
Comment: Re: Losing Middle School Choir
The most obvious solution in my head is to make the K-2 teacher full time and give them more of the elementary grades...but I'm assuming that the money is not there for that. How about team-teaching? Could the K-2 person add 3rd grade and still have an acceptable load? Could the band person take on ...
Comment: Re: A piece to introduce a church choir to Classical Music
The first thing that comes to mind is Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus. It's easy yet beautiful. You can do it with organ or piano or strings. You could do it in the original Latin or with an English "translation" or with another English text (I've got a version that sets the Come Thou Fount of Every Bless...
Comment: Re: Selling Old Anthems/Collections
Thank you all of your advice. I just posted a classified ad on this site and what is left after 60 days I will try to negoitiate with Young's Music. If anyone is interested in a list of what I'm selling you can e-mail me at
Comment: Re: Randall Thompson non-Frostiana?
The Testament of Freedom is right at the same difficulty level as Frostiana. It mostly stays SATB with a few splits into four-part men. I've sung it once and heard it once and enjoyed it both times. Peacable Kingdom is one of my favorites works but the whole SSAATTBB a cappella thing is challenging...
Comment: Re: SSA/SA music with places as a theme
First thing that came to mind, love this arrangement.
Comment: Re: Participation in a Musical used as a waiver for PE credit
I've never known of anyone who has done this but my suggestion would be to also look into seeing if anyone has waived the PE credit for: A theater class (the non-musical variety) A dance class The dance team (do they count as a sport, I know cheerleading does at most schools but I don't know abou...
Comment: Re: Texts to inaugurate a new auditorium
Consecrate the Place and Day Text: Joseph Addison (1672-1719) Consecrate the place and day To music and Cecelia Let no rough winds approach nor dare Invade the hallowed bounds, Nor rudely shake the tuneful air, Nor spoil the fleeting, fleeting sounds. Nor mournful sigh nor groan be heard, But g...
Forum message: Selling Old Anthems/Collections
Has anyone had any luck selling anthems and anthem collections that their church doesn't use? I sometimes see some advertised on this site but I don't know if those people ever have any success. Anyone have any tips for me? Thanks, Clay
Comment: Re: SA or SSA literature
I love Psalm 23 by Stroope. Makes me cry every time.
Comment: Re: Major Works Appropriate for HS Singers
John, if the guest conductor, or Andrea, was trained/experienced/well versed in good healthy vocal technique for high school voices, would you still feel like the shouldn't do Carmina. I just have so many memories of pieces I performed as a teenager, either under my choral director or at festivals/h...
Comment: Re: Daily Rehearsal "Objectives" - need suggestions
Some of my more commonly used objectives have been: The student will learn and perform warm-ups on an intermediate to advanced level.   The student will successfully sight-sing new musical passages on a basic to intermediate level.   The student will successfully label and read new rhythm ex...
Comment: Re: Top 10 Choral Classics
I really look forward to reading the results on this one.   1. "Sing Unto God" - Handel 2. "Ave Verum Corpus" - Mozart 3. "Sing Me to Heaven" - Gawthrop 4. "I Got Shoes" - arr. Parker 5. "Elijah Rock" - arr. Hogan 6. "The Awakening" - Martin 7. "Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal" - arr. Parker...
Comment: Re: Church Sanctuary Policy?
We do announcements before the worship service, as we feel that they are not part of worship, and they are followed by the prelude, which is announced by saying "let us prepare our hearts and minds for worship with the prelude". Also, we trained our congregation to listen to the announcements simply...
Comment: Re: Festival Repertoire for heavily male-voice mixed chorus
If I remember correctly, Wilhouskey's Battle Hymn of the Republic and Thompson's Testament of Freedom both have a lot of divisi for the men but not the women.   My suggestion would be that there are a fair number of pieces out there where there's not just an SATB version, but also SSA/SSAA and TB...
Comment: Re: Exciting extended sacred works from 20th-21st Century composers
I'm pretty in love with Deo Gratias by Michael Cox ( ), it's wonderful! Dan Forrest has out a new "Requiem for the Living". Another great contemporary Requiem is K. Lee Scott's. Mark Hayes' Te Deum, Gloria, and Magnificat are all fantastic....
Comment: Re: Mozart C minor Mass--small forces?
For me, minimum strings is always 3-3-3-2-1. When you hire just two firsts or just two seconds or just two violas there will be tuning issues. You can get away with just two cellos though if you have a bass. Theoretically, I suppose you could get a way with just one trumpet and just one horn, the c...
Comment: Re: Literacy Focus Concert Theme
I second the vote for Sam Pottle's Jabberwocky. If poetry is acceptable how about something from Frostiana? I loved singing The Road Not Taken. Haven't performed or even heard it, but this little Shakespeare meets Harry Potter looks fun:
Comment: Re: Major Works Appropriate for HS Singers
The Vivaldi Gloria would be great, the high school I student taught at did it. Faure's Requiem, Schubert's Mass in G, selections from Messiah (I know of a high school that did all of the Christmas choruses except Purify), Leavitt's Missa Festiva, Forrest's Te Deum. Thompson's Frostiana or Testamen...
Comment: Re: Favorite extended choral work?
I'm a pretty big fan of the Schubert Mass in G Major. It's around the same difficulty level as the Vivaldi and Faure. Some others to look at would be Leavitt's Missa Festiva and Forrest's Te Deum. Or something by Randall Thompson, Frostiana or Testament of Freedom. Also, a composer by the name of...
Comment: Re: Community Sing-A-Long
How about Hallelujah, Amen or Sing Unto God from "Judas Maccabeus"? Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus would be an easy one for people to sight read their way through. I second Marie's suggestion of How Lovely from the Brahms and your own idea of The Heavens are Telling. The first movement of the Vivaldi ...
Comment: Re: Repertoire for a "Parodies and PDQ" Concert
I recently heard a high school group do "Give Me a Choral Medley" by Andy Beck and I thought it was an absolutely hilarious satire on what we do. If you're up for a TTBB piece then "Manly Men" by Kurt Knecht does the same thing.
Comment: Re: Corinthians 13 REP Suggestions SATB
Hal Hopson's "The Gift of Love" is a classic. I actually like the two-part version as much as I do the SATB.   Some of my kids sang "No Greater Gift" by Ruth Elaine Schram in the All-East Tennessee Freshmen Choir in the fall. It was was a simple, lyrical setting of the text. I'm thinking about us...
Comment: Re: What do you make of music published on ‘copy-proof’ paper?
While I would never copy music to avoid purchase (after all, it's not just illegal, it's unethical), there are some legitimate reasons I could see myself needing to copy a page of a piece of music. So no, I wouldn't buy music printed on the copy-proof paper.
Comment: Re: Palm Sunday SATB anthem with organ and brass
Festival Anthem on Ellacombe. I can't think of anything that just screams Hosanna more. It's by David Lantz and published through Beckenhorst.
Comment: Re: Choral Anthems about "finding our purpose?"
Joseph Martin - "The Question" Mark Hayes - "To Love Our God" Mary McDonald - "A Living Sacrifice" Lloyd Larson - "The Lord Desires These Things" Joseph Martin - "Walk Worthy" Mary McDonald - "Seek First the Kingdom"  
Comment: Re: They say I have to use my Pormethean Board...
If you have ActivInspire (which I believe comes standard on those things) you can just pull up a blank slide and use it like you would a dry erase board, except this dry erase board would be more interactive. I've put up PDFs of sight singing/rhythm reading examples for the whole class to read from ...
Forum message: Recording of "Football"
Hi all, I'm looking for a recording of "Football", a speaking chorus piece by Dobbins. Does anyone happen to have one? Thanks!
Comment: Re: Mysterious Gloria
Do we have access to any of the other movements besides that one? And in what way was the original bound?
Comment: Re: Essential Repertoire?
I would definitely use them with eight grade, there are some songs that I think would present a great challenge to seventh graders, but I would use something else for sixth graders.
Comment: Re: Searching for Disney This is an absolutely incredible a cappella jazz arrangement of I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book. It's challenging to learn, but a great crowd pleaser and gives the choir opportunites to scat sing, immitate instruments, a...
Comment: Re: Essential Repertoire?
I absolutely love those books. I've never used them as a methods books as far as the way they were written to be used, but I find them to be a great repertoire resource, great quality songs that are excellent for teaching technique.
Comment: Re: Easter repetoire
I second the Billings. Fun to sing, fun to listen to, gets the message of the day across clearly and succinctly, and a nice Early American sound that isn't done often. "Hallelujah Amen!" from Judas Maccabeus while not an Easter piece per say would work for Easter. Also, there are several arrangement...
Comment: Re: Ideas for Good Friday
Single anthem, multiple anthem, major work, cantata? What's the length on this? Also, are you looking for congregational song as well as choral pieces?