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Comment: Re: Church Choral Music Database
The Church Music Institute has a big fancy database that could serve as a model for you.
Comment: Re: Christmas music
I have an arrangement of Deck the Halls for SATB with brass. Let me know and I can send a pdf. note-able at
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
Joshua Fit the Battle, SBMP
Comment: Re: Walt Whitman Settings?
"Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight" "O Captain! My Captain!" "Daystars" by John White
Comment: Re: Please help: Can't remember the arranger of "Il est ne"
I was thinking that there was a David Wilkerson arrangement in on of the Oxford Carol books.
Comment: Re: Edgy contemporary choral music (no pretty, please)
Check out works by Abbie Betinis.
Comment: Re: Psalmus in Nativitate
Mark, I have been looking around for a tune or a text without much success. I did find this so-called arrangement of Psalms by St. Francis which might be related. There is one item for the Nativity to be sung to the antiphon Holy Mary. I ca...
Comment: Re: Last minute Easter anthem - SATB - quickly obtainable
I have an Easter Processional with organ, brass quintet, and snare drum (optional). The voice parts are pretty easy, since, typically, the choir has used up most of its umph during the previous six days of Holy Week. Let me know where to send a pdf. My email is note-able(a)  
Comment: Re: Byrd "Ave Verum Corpus" tuning example
How do you produce different vowel sounds with midi? How do you produce the intonation change? Could you perhaps direct me to previous articles about these topics?
Comment: Re: 'Minor' major work for Christmas Eve
Ref: Shepherd Story We sang this with piano accompaniment, so don't be scared off by the full orchestral list on JAC's website.
Comment: Re: 'Minor' major work for Christmas Eve
JAC Redford has a composition that might interest you. It is called Shepherd Story, and runs about 7 minutes.  
Comment: Re: SA or SSA literature
If you provide your email, I have a couple of compositions that might interest you. One is an Alleluia, another is based on Ps 19, The law of the Lord. note-able(a)
Comment: Re: Exciting extended sacred works from 20th-21st Century composers
You might take a look at Ildebrano Pizzetti's Requiem. It has some blood-and-thunder moments.
Comment: Re: Need some di Lasso! Help please :)
SSA UPC: 038081336923     Publisher ID: 30920 10065136 ME $1.80   The arrangement for SSA is by Robinson. Perhaps it is similar to the version you have been using
Comment: Re: Good Friday Extended Repertoire
I have written a version of Stabat Mater, for SATB, soloists, and string quintet (quartet with contrabass) or organ reduction. I can send it to you if you provide your email address. Regards, M. Susan Brown
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
Frank Martin Mass
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Sir Charles Hubert H. Parry, Songs of Farewell   It was a labor of love to learn these pieces, speaking as a choral singer. The thrill of beautifully balanced, carefully constructed, simply gorgeous music was beyond the pain of work to  learn and sing. It was a joy and delight at all times! Ther...
Comment: Re: Mysterious Gloria
This is a great mystery! Would you publish the identity if and when you find out? Curiosity strikes!
Comment: Re: SATB with Viola
There are several hymns by John Ferguson arranged for SATB and viola. The set is stunning, and there may be a selection other than AH HOLY JESUS, suggested by Thomas Shellenberger above, that you would like more.
Comment: Re: The Accessibility of Mendelssohn
The SSA version, which we sang in 7th grade girls' choir, was the reason I am in choral music. I recommend it!
Comment: Re: Women's and Mixed...contemporary repertoire?
Please consider my compositions Adoramus Te and Entreat Me Not.  If you let me know, I will send review copies to you.   Susan Brown
Comment: Re: A Cappella SSA Rep Suggestions for freshmen/sophomore girls
Joshua Fit the Battle, SBMP
Comment: Re: Christmas/Advent with strings
Amalie, If you pass along your email, I will send you a short Christmas piece for string quartet and SATB. Susan Brown
Comment: Re: Christmas Cantata for small choir with string quartet/quintet
Chris, you might have a look at the Saint Saens Christmas oratorio. There are some lovely solo movements, but also some choral things.
Comment: Re: Your all time favorite SSA piece
In jr high, we sang a piece by Gretchaninoff related to griddle cakes. We sang in another language, so not sure of the title - it has been quite a while!  
Comment: Re: Looking for a Christmas Cantata
Please take a look at J. A. C. Redford's Shepherds' Story.
Comment: Re: Looking for a cappella arrangements of Christmas music
Susan, Please visit my webite, as I have several arrangments of Christmas carols, most of them a cappella. Please consider, Hark, the HeraldAngels sing Glory, I Wonder as I Wander, Two French Noels. There are several more. Best regards, M. Susan Brown
Comment: Re: Seeking concert choral pieces that tell a story, SATB, TTBB and/or SA
I have a setting of Yeats' Ballad of Moll Magee, for trebles and piano. I can send music and a sound file if you let me know where.
Comment: Re: Women's choir rep. with a Renaissance connection
I would like to send you a pdf of my Alleluia for eight-part treble choir, to be performed antiphonally (three groups). The piece was intended to imitate some aspects of Renaissance music. Please send me an email address if you would like a copy.
Comment: Re: Seeking concert choral pieces that tell a story, SATB, TTBB and/or SA
Please my composition The Ballad of Moll Magee, text by Yeats. is ssaa with piano
Comment: Re: Changing a verse
(or, at least his grammar....)  
Comment: Re: Competition winning choral repertoire
Christmas Bells by M. Susan Brown, won 2nd in the Longfellow Chorus composition competition
Comment: Re: Bells, bells, bells
Christmas Bells, by M. Susan Brown youtube performance listed under Longfellow Chorus   available through  
Comment: Re: sacred contemporary repertoire
Please look at and listen to music by Terry Schlenker:
Comment: Re: SSA challenging repertoire
Joshua fit the Battle, Santa Barbara Music Publishing -
Comment: Re: I Wonder As I Wander
Ann, your suggestion seems very good to me. The lenten/Easter theme seems to me to be quite appropriate to those seasons, and the minor key perhaps better than during Christmas. I would sing it during Lent.  
Comment: Re: Gay Composers
If you have not tried any works by Terry Schlenker, you should! He is one of the most talented composers alive. his website is (you guessedit) There are some reall treats there for you.  
Comment: Re: Simple, beautiful ancient chant Kyrie
Kyrie de angelis - tone VIII
Comment: Re: a piece for advanced female chorus, a cappella, fast?
You might enjoy Lana Walter's Sanctus. I published an arrangement of Joshua Fit the Battle ( Santa Barbara Music Press).   Both fast and fun.
Comment: Re: Celebratory piece for women's chorus
Let me know if you would like to see a copy of Song of Praise (Isaiah 12).   MHC '73
Comment: Re: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
I have put the "When You are Old" (Yeats) recording  up on my website on the Reviews and Recordings page.
Comment: Re: University level, but beginning SSAA repertoire
Tala,   I see that you have many replies to your request, so I won't feel overly egoistic about suggesting a visit to There are several treble compositions: Allelujah, A Latin Mass, Songs on Poems by Yeats, Adoramus te, Praise Song, The People Who Wlaked in Darkne...
Comment: Re: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
I have a set of songs setting poetry by Yeats. One of the set is When you are old. You can look at the poems at my website, www. I can send a .mp3 if you would like to hear it.   Susan Brown
Comment: Re: 7-15 minute Sacred Christmas/Advent Work
You might take a look at J.A.C. Redford's Shepherd's Song.
Comment: Re: Advent/Christmas A Capella music
Please see for I Wonder as I Wander No Silent Night Hark the Herald Angels sing Glory Two French Noels plus others Let me know if you would like samples.
Comment: Re: Choral pieces that go with "fate" theme
Although not classical or baroque, a wonderful set is Parry's Songs of Farewell.
Comment: Re: Looking for repertoire for a themed concert, "Where the Wild Things Are"
Take a look at a set by Christina Whitten Thomas: Choral de Bêtes
Comment: Re: Looking For Christmas Music with Guitar
seems like there was an arrangement of What Sweeter Music w guitar - Michael Fink?
Comment: Re: Well written unison/ 2-part treble piece
Please give me an email address and I will send you a copy of Come Let Us Sing, for Unison choir, with organ and recorder descant and optional tambourine. i can send a pdf. Sound clip is available at
Comment: Re: looking for more composers that sound like Eric Whitacre
You should listen to works by Terry Schlenker. Several of his works have been published by Santa Barbara Music Publishers, another by Walden press.