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Forum message: Fundraiser Question: One for All or All for One
A question for those of you who do fundraisers:   Is your fundraiser a exclusive Choir Department/Program event or is your fundraiser a Music Department process involving Choir, Band and/or Orchestra?  If you do a combined fundraiser, how are the profits divided or assigned to each area?
Comment: Re: Middle School Chorus: separating students by gender
I've taught for 25 years.  Only for the past 2 years have i been able to have gender specific choirs in 7th and 8th Grade.  It's AMAZING!!!  The young men and young women work so much better---or maybe I teach them so much better---in gender-specific configurations.  Bravo to the administrators ...
Comment: Re: Go teach or pursue Master's first?
Teach first. Teaching choir involves SO MUCH MORE than just conducting that will make you a better conductor. Those management, communication and analysis skills are critical. Hone those skills in the classroom prior to more indepth conducting study.
Announcement: 2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music
Community Forum Post: 2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music
I'm pleased to announce the 2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music!  This event will feature national presenters known for their work with MS singers, choirs and teachers; new literature specifically written for developing and changing voices; technology info with immediate impact; ...
Community Forum Post: 2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music
I'm pleased to announce the 2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music!  This event will feature national presenters known for their work with MS singers, choirs and teachers; new literature specifically written for developing and changing voices; technology info with immediate impact; ...
Community Forum Post: ACDA National Conference Opportunity: Face 2 Face
Have you ever wanted to talk to an expert in our choral world face to face?  Have you ever wanted to delve into a master teacher's practices in a personal and meaningful way?  Your dream can come true if you come to the National ACDA Conference in Dallas this March 13-16.  The Repertoire and Stan...
Comment: Re: Conference Program Book Sent to All ACDA Members
Comment: Re: It's not easy being green for choir
In about 1984, Rene Clausen arranged it for his choir at Wichita State University.  I was in that choir and sang the piece. You might contact Dr. Clausen at Concordia College and see if he could dig it up for you. 
Community Forum Post: MS/JH opportunities in Dallas! Your life will be changed!
Dear JH/MS Community Members:   We've got a GREAT conference planned for you in Dallas!  I hope you are planning to attend!  Here are some highlights of the MS/JH-focused events:   Wednesday, 3/13, 8:00 a.m.:  Reading Session - it's gonna be super!...
Forum message: The family tradition of choral music
Dear ChoralNet,   I'm a choir director. I followed in my dad's footsteps.  My daughter is a university student pursuing a career dream to be a choral teacher.  We are looking at 3 generations of choral musician/educators in my family.   I'm wondering how this happens!  I'm aware of al...
Comment: Re: Question for Directors Who've Attended Choral Conference Reading Sessions
Julia,   Thanks for asking this question.  I'm in my 26th teaching year.  I've been to hundreds of reading sessions and have planned several---my current reading session is the 2013 National ACDA Conference JH/MS Reading Session scheduled for the Dallas conference.   Let me start out w...
Comment: Re: Are You on a Song Safari?
Sounds great!  
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
Dear ChoralNet members,   If I'd known this was such a "hot" topic, I would have jumped in sooner!!!     Opinion:  I love pieces that Andrea Ramsey is composing.  I also "second the motion" that Joshua Shank is composing work that demonstrate integrity, creativity and are worthy of s...
Community Forum Post: MS-JH Conference on Choral Music - Concluding Comments
February 29, 2012, will stand as an important day for Middle School and Junior High Choral Music Educators.  On that date, the first National Conference for Middle School and Junior High Choral Music occurred in Dallas, TX.  American Choral Directors Association and the Southwestern Division ...
Comment: Re: Middle School/Junior High Choral Conference---Interested?
It's going to be a wonderful event!!!! See you there!
Comment: Re: What my mom thinks
That's great!  
Comment: Re: Changing a word
What a great addition to this discussion.  Thank you.  
Comment: Re: Major behavior issues in MS choirs
Shannon,   Been in your shoes!    Here's a thought....could you ask your adminstration to provide an accompanist? Even for a short term--like 2 weeks? When I'm not behind the keyboard, I have so much more contact (control) over every situation.  The keyboard can act as your pulpit o...
Community: Ehly Friends Community-Page
This Community has been created for friends and colleagues to help locate resources/articles/pictures for Jan and Eph Ehly, and/or to send messages of love and support. Please encourage membership and involvement with those who know Eph. There is also a corresponding community page on Facebook th...
Announcement: Eph Ehly Housefire
Dear ChoralNet,   The house of Dr. Eph Ehly, one of our most passionate, talented and enthusiastic Choral icons, burned to the ground on Sunday morning, January 22, 2012.  The house was a complete loss.  Eph and his wife, Jan, escaped injury, but ran out of their house with...
Community Forum Post: Financial Donation Opportunity for Eph and Jan Ehly
Missouri Choral Directors Association has set up a Donation opportunity for the Ehly family.  You can go to the Missouri ACDA website to click on the Ehly donation link.  Paypal is accepted.    
PDF Document: Eph Ehly Address to Teachers Summer 2009
Comment: Re: We need an interactive Choral Literature book
I love the idea!!  Will the "music book" be in iPad?  Will I need to get a grant or sell a lot of cookie dough to make sure my kids all have access to their own "copy"???  Just thinking...  
Comment: Re: MIddle School Chorus
Good morning, Snesana!!  Your request comes at a GREAT time.  The American Choral Directors Association and the Cambiata Institute are hosting the first National MS/JH Conference for Choral Music in just a few weeks!  One of thehe conference focus points is on classroom management!  The nation...
Comment: Re: Middle School Choir Hot Topics
Reese,   What a great idea!!!
Comment: Re: 6th grade choir of doom
Dear Courtney,   When I read your post, I was wondering how in the world my 6th grade choirs could possibly be in two places at one time!!!!  I'd like to say "been there, done that!", but my real answer is "I'm with you, sister!!".  We sing, move, stomp, clap, sightread using a giant rocket...
Comment: Re: New here and new to Jr. High Choruses-guidance gratefully accepted
Dear Denise,   Join the JH/MS Community!!  You'll find lots of resources there.  :-)   You can also find so many great lists on the ACDA JH/MS R&S webpage.  We have posted lists from the national reading sessions for the past several National conferences.  You'll also find lists ...
Comment: Re: Use ChoralNet wrong, go to jail
Or at all....
Community Forum Post: Maintaining IEP expectations for students in ensemble/performance-based choirs
How do you make certain individual needs mandated on IEP's are met while maintaining ensemble achievement expectations?
Comment: Re: Women's hair in performance
Tom,   I tell my MS singers (girls and boys) that if it grows IN FRONT of their ears, it needs to be captured in some way.  The hair behind the ears can fall free.  :-)  I have invited hair stylist moms (or dads) to come in and "fix hair" before really big performances.  The kids feel spe...
Comment: Re: ACDA to Offer Graduate Credit & CEUs at Conferences
Great news!!  
Comment: Re: Music for Jr. High Honor Choir
Sicut locutus est - Bach
Sam,   Yea for the idea of unison and 2-part.  Focus on singing with beautiful tone, energy, confidence and pride in UNISON before adding other parts.     Here are some ideas:   Sesere eyre - 3 part mix any combination Vela, Vela - 3 part mix any combination (although I will tel...
Comment: Re: Middle School music to be taught in one day
Sesere eyre---3 part any combination Vela, Vela--3 part any combination   Have a great rehearsal!
Comment: Re: Could this be blasphemy in this forum?
Good luck and Godspeed, my friend.
Announcement: Middle School/Junior High Conference
Offered as a joint initiative between ACDA and the Cambiata Institute, the MS/JH Conference for Choral Music Educators will be THE event of your professional development year!  The event will be in Dallas, TX, on February 29, 2012.  A one-day only event, teachers can attend just the MS/JH Confer...
Community Forum Post: Middle School/Junior High Choral Music Conference: READ PLEASE
Dear JH/MS Community Members and Friends,   It's a GO!!!   The first EVER National JH/MS Focused Conference is set on Feburary 29, 2012, in Dallas TX.  This fabulous event is a collaborative effort between American Choral Directors Association and the Cambiata Ins...
Comment: Re: Perfect Pitch
Growing up with a parent with perfect pitch, I can tell you it's a real mixed blessing. The absolute requirement for perfection is rather a strain on those without the "gift". Now, at age 75, my parent is unable to continue singing in choir due to a disagreement with another singer regarding pitch a...
Announcement: National Junior High/Middle School Conference
ACDA and the Cambiata Institute are presenting the First EVER JH/MS Choral Conference in Dallas, TX, on February 29, 2012.  Some important dates are coming up!  Your CHOIR could be singing on this national platform IF you submit an application.  We hope to feature authentic single-gender and mi...
Community Forum Post: JH/MS Conference
The deadline for your choir's performance application is June 1, 2011.  Please make sure you send in a CD of your performance choir for this great event!!  Also---please encourage your colleagues who have GREAT MS/JH Choirs to submit a performance CD.  We really want to spotlight wonderful, aut...
Comment: Re: Music for 6th & 7th Grade Boys
Doug Armstead, Central Division R&S Chairperson for JH/MS Choral Music, and Lon Beery, Eastern Division R&S Chairperson for JH/MS Choral Music, both created EXCELLENT literature charts for MS/JH Boys.  Once I'm back to school, I'll post it in the MS/JH Community Library.  Both resources ...
Community: MS/JH Conference Group
American Choral Directors Association and the Cambiata Institute will host the 2nd National MS/JH Conference chor Choral Music on May 2-3, 2014.  This community is dedicated to that event.    
Blog post: The joy of community
I am so excited about this conference!  We are going to be able to build a strong community of MS/JH teachers who are passionate about teaching, singing and STUDENTS!!!  I welcome your comments regarding what you'd like this conference to look like.  Why would you want to attend?  What would m...
PDF Document: MS/JH Conference Flyer
Announcement: MS/JH Conference
American Choral Directors Association and the Cambiata Institute will co-sponsor a ground-breaking event for Middle School and Junior High Choral directors, composers, singers, students and teachers.  Mark your calendars for February 29, 2012, in Dallas, TX.  Information is available at the new ...
Comment: Re: Middle School/Junior High Choral Conference---Interested?
I'm so glad there is interest!! Put it on your calendar! February 29, 2012, Dallas, TX. First National Middle School/Junior High Conference. An entire day of Interest sessions, authentic MS choir performances, literature discussions, collegial support and MORE! Our single-day conference will immedia...
Comment: Re: Quality, Engaging Music for Beginning 8th Grade Choir
Jon, First of all, avoid the temptation to "dumb down" your literature choices. Concentrate on working with quality music that is full of energy, speaks an important message the MS kids relate to and also nods to the "high end" of the class. Remember that "energy" just doesn't mean just uptempo! It'...
Comment: Re: Choir vs Band issues
Lori,   I neglected to tell you that my husband is a HS Band Director.  He's never heard of any such information on "his side of the world", either.  He's also a life-long learner and attends lots of conferences and in-services. Believe me, if there was data to support your district's premi...
Comment: Re: Choir vs Band issues
Dear Lori,   With my usual sense of tact (!), I say HOGWASH!!! There is no research I've ever run across stating that singing in the 7th grade was harmful.  My masters' degree thesis research studies and related literature searches turned up no such information.  My thesis was about middle ...