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Comment: Re: Large works for University choir
We will be premiering a modern version of the Vivaldi Gloria in a week and a half. The notes are mostly the same but the rhythms have been changed. It is scored for soloists, choir, chamber ensemble (minus contrabass) and rhythm section. Let me know if you are interested in seeing a copy of the scor...
Concert: Viva Vivaldi World Premiere
A modern setting of Vivaldi's Gloria will be premiered at The Macomb Center for the Performing Arts Sunday November 30th at 3:00. The new setting is scored for SATB soloists, choir, chamber orchestra and rhythm section. The premiere will be performed by Vanguard Voices, Dearborn Community Choir, Mac...
Comment: Re: Holy Night/ Silent Night
I have an arrangement of O Holy Night that features piano, a choir singing 25 carols as accompaniment, under a soloist. There are two ensembles that are using it as an annual finale for their concert every year. There is also an orchestral accompaniment version available.
Comment: Re: Christmas Eve anthem
I'm not sure if it will fit your needs. But I have a larger Christmas work for soloists, full orchestra, choir, and handbells called Rejoice. You might be able to use one of the movements from that. Check out clips on my website:
Comment: Re: Winter Pieces
Thank you for listening to it. Thank you for clarifying your intent. 
Comment: Re: Winter Pieces
I do not have an arrangement of that. But if you are interested, I have one for Der Erlkönig (the Loewe setting). It is available for both SSAA and SATB. See my website
Comment: Re: Winter Pieces
It is not strictly winter, but you might look at my Season Sonnets (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring). See samples on my website:
Comment: Re: Church Choir needs accompaniment by handbells alone
I have two things that might interest you. One is an arrangement of A Great and Mighty Wonder (simple). Christmas. The other is actually an arrangement of The Water is Wide (medium). There are sacred texts that have been adapted to that melody. It would be easy to substitute those words if that is...
Comment: Re: 20 -40 minute sacred work
If it is Christmas that you are programming, then Rejoice may be a good choice. It is a six movement work for full orchestra, choir, soloists and optional handbells. Excerpts can be seen and heard on my website
Comment: Re: Upbeat SATB piece with piano
Sing Your Praise has been used by several as a closer in concerts. The piano part is a bit challenging, but the choral parts are medium difficulty. You can hear and see excerpts at my website
Comment: Re: lively songs
I have a rather unique work that might fit your requirements. It does start more solemnly but then becomes lively. It is called Rosetta and features three faux languages (Latin, French and Swahili) that are eventually all sung at the same time. Check out a clip on my website. http://www.bvpublishin...
Concert: Vanguard Voices sings commission of Requiem Brevis; an eight choir antiphonal work for 36 voices.
On Thursday evening, May 22nd Vanguard Voices and Renaissance Voices will present a 7:00 concert at Our Lady of La Salette. The concert features several antiphonal works including the second premiere of Stuart Scott's Requiem Brevis, which Vanguard Voices commissioned for these concerts. It is an...
Comment: Re: Help me choose rep for our Vienna/Salzburg/Munich tour!
I am not sure if they would find it interesting, but I have a version of Carl Loewe's Erlking in German for SATB and piano. It features of each of the characters in the story. Take a look at a sample of it on my website.
Comment: Re: Help me finish a set for Spring Concert!!
I have a lovely composition based on Robert Burns' Red Red Rose. It is mostly three parts with an occasional divisi. You can view and listen (at the same time) an excerpt at Just scroll down to Red Red Rose and click.
Comment: Re: Rousing Ender piece for high school chorus
If you are looking for a spiritual my arrangement of Rock A My Soul would be a great choice. If you are looking for something more formal then Sing Your Praise would be a great closer. It was just used by a choir that was honored at a conference. Both can be found on my website: http://www.bvpubli...
Comment: Re: Choral Library Software Help
If it is already in Access, then just use dropbox. If everyone using it has access then they should be able to use and modify (if that is what you want) the data. That will save you a LOT of time in transferring the data.
Comment: Re: Need SATB, Trumpet and Piano Piece for Spring Concert
Halsey Stevens - Magnificat. It is a Christmas work, but is still a great and unique piece.
Resource: Stuart Scott
Comment: Re: o holy night for soprano and strings
I have an arrangement for choir, piano, and soloist. The choir parts sing other carols through the second and third verses. That might work well for strings, but you would probably still need a piano or harp. Contact me via Choralnet if interested.
Comment: Re: SATB Contest Latin Opener
I have two pieces that might fit this criteria. The first is Rosetta, an a cappella work that combines three faux languages (Latin, French, Swahili), in three separate but related meters, and in two related tonalities. The second is Initio Vitae, a piece strictly in Latin but that changes the chara...
Comment: Re: Winter Concert music needed
If you are looking for something challenging, then please take a look at Rosetta on my website: It is a piece filled with contrasts, three faux languages, three meters, and two correlative tonalities, all of which combines at the end. If it sounds appropriate for your ens...
Comment: Re: 16 Voice Advanced Ensemble Needs Identity through Rep
Please check out the arrangements on my website. They are challenging, but do create a unique character that might be a good addition to your repertoire. Much of it tends toward jazz without being squarely seated in it. If you find them interesting let me know.
Comment: Re: People who like this product also like...
I posed a similar question maybe a year or so ago. I thought it would be great to have a database that had directors' top forty pieces. Each new director that submitted would then get the list from another director that had similar repertoire. You could then search through that director's other rep...
Comment: Re: High School repertoire for the new school year
I have several pieces that may interest you. This year my composition Sing Your Praise will be featured in a conference. The same ensemble performed my arrangement of Wade in the Water at another festival to a resounding ovation. Please check them out on my website. Just click the titles to see and ...
Comment: Re: SSA/SSAA and Handbells
I have a composition of Robert Burns' poem A Red, Red Rose that was originally scored for SSAA and handbells. I restored it for piano as well. Here it is on my website. Just click on the title of the piece and you will see and hear a sample. Note, the piano accompaniment is idiomatic for the piano....
PDF Document: We Wish You
Picture: Erlking
PDF Document: Jericho
PDF Document: Sing Your Praise
PDF Document: Red, Red Rose
PDF Document: Full Fathom Five
PDF Document: Season Sonnets
PDF Document: A Contemporary Mass
PDF Document: Rejoice
Comment: Re: the tablet dilemma
I was really hoping to nudge someone with an interest in developing a stand alone device, which shouldn't really cost too much to develop if its sole function would be as a display for forScore. It seems like a no brainer to me, but that really is not my field of expertise. My guess is that even if...
Forum message: the tablet dilemma
I spent this last semester working with the iPad in rehearsals and performance. I found it to be a great tool with respect to managing all the repertoire for the various ensembles. I used to carry around several different folders - one for each ensemble. No more. It was also great to mark up scores...
Comment: Re: Choir Music Database
Thank you! I will look into it.
Comment: Re: Choir Music Database
Does anyone have experience with Filemaker Go? Would that be a good solution?
Comment: Re: O Holy Night arrangements
I am not sure it fills the audience participation part of your request. But, I have an arrangement of O Holy Night that some are using annually with their ensembles. It is a solo (or split into three) accompanied by 25 familiar carols (sung by the choir) and piano accompaniment. The alumni come bac...
Comment: Re: Unusual Christmas arrangements
I have a few arrangements that might be of interest to you. Here are links to excerpts from a few. I have a few others that have not yet been posted. Contact me directly for those as well. I also have an arrangement of O Holy Night that features 25 carols as the background accompaniment for the solo...
Comment: Re: O Holy Night Concert Closer
I have an arrangement that is currently being used by several choral ensembles as their annual concert closer. It superimposes the solo over a collection of familiar carols. The choir members request that they sing it every year, and the audience loves it too. Just before the end it has a huge clima...
Comment: Re: SSA and guitar
I have a work that is scored for SSA, guitar (or harp or piano), and French Horn that is based on the Elziabeth Barrett Browning Sonnets from the Portugese XXVI poem "I Lived with Visions". Let me know if you would like to see a perusal copy.
Comment: Re: Choral Jazz Music for Church
I have a contemporary mass for SATB, rhythm section, and soloists. It covers several genres that are jazz related. Let me know if you are interested and I will send music and audio files.
Comment: Re: Extended SATB Choral Works for Holiday Season for University Choir
Rejoice a telling of the Christmas Story was just premiered this past December. It is a work in six movements that takes the texts (not the melodies) of familiar carols and resets them to new music to tell the story. It is 20 minutes and is scored for orchestra, chorus and soloists. I have a recordi...
Comment: Re: Does anyone have a suggestion for a computer database program to organize church choral music?
A database program like Access would be your best choice. It would allow you to create queries to immediately extract your music for any given instrumentation, voicing, period, etcetera.
Comment: Re: What to do with 4 weeks and no concerts left in high school?
How abou taking one of the pieces that they have already performed and creating a music video using either a recording from the concert or recording it again and then video taping not just a performance but a variety of vignettes of the students throughout the community or even within the school. So...
Comment: Re: Christmas repertoire
If you are looking for something with orchestra then you might consider a brand new work premiered this past December called Rejoice. It is a 20 minute work in six movements scored for full orchestra, choir, and soloists. The texts are all taken from familiar carols, but reset to music that does not...
Comment: Re: Choir and Drum Kit
I have a mass (in Latin) that features a variety of styles (Jazz, World, Latin, Gospel) scored for Choir, soloists, piano, bass, drums and auxilary percussion. If your drummer is looking for a challenge it might be interesting to combine the two percussion parts together. Let me know if you are inte...
Comment: Re: New Music for TTBB
Mark,   I have an updated version of Ride the Chariot that your men will find interesting and fun. Contact me and I can send you a perusal copy.
Comment: Re: New government rules
I will look further into whether it is a rule or law. It was passed in November of 2011 and is just now being enforced.