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Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Interesting, considering it was written for the contralto soloist
Comment: Re: Working as a team
Valery, you don't mention your directors' role in establishing the choir's performance standards.  Most community singing groups take on a conductor who has the ability to establish those standards and set the musical norms for the group.  His/her musical talents and conducting experiences are t...
Comment: Re: Brahms Requiem ~ What else to sing?
The Schubert Mass in G works well with the Brahms   Fred Wygal
Comment: Re: The Last words of David
Put the "d" in "god" on the eighth note.
Comment: Re: Choral sound verses encouragement and personal development in childrens choirs: the role of the teacher
Christine, these "vocally weak" kids are really "musically weak" students who are having problems with the development of both their understanding of pitch relationships and of their vocal placement.  You definitely want them to particiapte in your performance classes (if that's what you are teac...
Comment: Re: Ethics Question (hiring the interim accompanist?)
Consider yourself lucky!  Hire the interim, now!
Comment: Re: Orlando Gibbons: "O Thou, the Central Orb"
This  from Wickipedia:     "Frederick Ouseley adapted words from a sonnet by Henry Ramsden Bramley to fit Gibbons' music, creating this anthem."
Comment: Re: Appropriateness a minstrel song, specifically Foster's Glendy Burk
Here is the Apple dictionary's definition of "flail":   flail |flāl| noun a threshing tool consisting of a wooden staff with a short heavy stick swinging from it. • a similar device used as a weapon or for flogging. • a machine for threshing or slashing, with a similar action.   ...
Comment: Re: Renaissance -- Top Ten Greatest Hits
Sorry - didn't read the original posting too carefully
Comment: Re: Renaissance -- Top Ten Greatest Hits
"In these delightful pleasant groves" might fit in there somewhere.  Purcell!    
Comment: Re: hostile choir of non-singers
You're doin' it right!  Here's some suggestions:  One thing I did while I was teaching choral music was to become involved with faculty athletics - I played as a forward on the faculty men's basketball team and as a right fielder on the faculty softball team.  While doing this I got quite a few...
Comment: Re: community chorus music selection responsibility?
Mr. Hine - A conductor is the SOLE authority in musical programming for his/her choral group.  The selection is made based on the conductors evaluation of the scores and the suitability of the music as it relates to the talent and vocal quality of the membership.  It also pertains to such elemen...
Comment: Re: Just Curious!
Is there anybody out there?  Physhaunt, you have possibly opened up the greatest topic ever held on the Choralist. Wow! You are certainly not the only choral teacher "out here" that wants answers to your situation.  Afro or not, many, many choral directors need to know 'how to cope' with the inc...
Comment: Re: too many self-appointed directors spoil the church music.......
In my work with large community choruses, the frequent questions or comments from the singers did tend to interrupt the process.  We had section leaders (8 total) and I asked the membership to give their comments to the persons responsible for their sections so they could either respond or forwar...
Comment: Re: Voice teacher vs. Choir director
Endurance is a determining factor in whether or not she is truly a high "E" soprano.  At this stage of her development she has a clear, natural head voice, which she should continue to use as a choral singer.  Her parents are spending money on a voice teacher which she may or may not need at thi...
Comment: Re: Standing Mic Placement Advice Needed A.S.A.P.
Sounds to me like the organizers of this event need to provide audio that is appropriate to the job needed.  I have sung at festivals in colleges and public schools, and the colleges invariably had better (and more) equipment than the schools.  Plus, they seemed to have a better grip on how to u...
Comment: Re: Your Top 10 favorite living composers (someone commission-able)
Julius Williams David Ott
Comment: Re: Your Top 10 favorite living composers (someone commission-able)
Scott Solak Dan Gawthrop Z. Randall Stroop
Comment: Re: Calling All Composers
What a lovely gesture!   I've retired after 55 years of school/church/community chorus work but I will take every opportunity to recommend Sound Music Publications to others in the field!  Wish I had known about you back in "those days".   Fred Wygal Conductor Emeritus The Reston Chorale
Comment: Re: What's wrong with jazz, show tunes, pop, etc in choir?
Jazz is classical American music, but a large percentage of choral musicians are not willing to accept this and have very little training or understanding in the general "jazz/pops" category.  It took enough time and trouble getting the early New Orleans "jass" out of the sinful and into the accept...
Comment: Re: Board Meetings
We meet once a month, 7:30-10pm (or as long as necessary) not on a rehearsal night.  We  also hold "emergency meetings" during rehearsal break, when needed for a specific issue.
Comment: Re: Can you please cue us in here?
In my former Chorale, "section leaders" were appointed for each section (SSAATTBB).  I had the Chorale president and manager ask the membership to refer all questions during rehearsals to me through them. This made it a corporate solution and not just a conductors' petulant response.  If the secti...
Comment: Re: Question - What is a "Founder"?
In the late '60's I was approached by two lovely ladies who said to me. "if you were to start a choral society, how would you do it?"  I gave them my take on it.  They followed my advice, then asked me to conduct (which I did for 13 years), the startup was successful, they put out the publicity an...
Comment: Re: If You HIre Someone to Make CDs of Your Concerts, Help Me
Hi Gail - Decide what you want, then tell the recording outfit exactly what you need them to do.  It could be: recording session, location concert recording, supplying an archival CD, producing, duplicating and packaging CD's for sale or distribution, uploading the recording to a computer website, ...
Comment: Re: Older man internalizing parts.
I hope you're right about the fellow!  Short Term Memory Loss is a true pain when it comes to something like learning text for a performance. Actually, I'm not sure that it affects musical memory all that much, but it does screw up the text-retention quite a bit. The gentleman is lucky to have you...
Comment: Re: Older man internalizing parts.
Memory loss in "older" folks is likely an early sign of impending Altzheimers.  Does he have trouble with recalling things like names, dates, places, shopping needs.  Any professional medical advice he gets will involve writing everything down, always leaving keys, the wallet, etc., in the same pl...
Comment: Re: Saratoga-Potsdam Summer Session with Brock Mcelheran
I was there that year and had the great experience of singing a role in "La Vita Breve", which put me in front of the Philly orchestra, a pretty rare privilege for a school music teacher. I participated in three seasons of the Saratoga-Potsdam sessions and will never forget those years. Brock will...
Comment: Re: Looking for Bombastic Concert Opener
Try Randall Alan Bass's "Gloria". It's one of those things designed to raise the audience out of their seats at the end. I did it twice last season, only once with full orchestra. It did the job - the crowd got up and stayed there, applauding and roaring! We used it for a closer, but I would open wi...