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Comment: Re: Winter Pieces
I strongly recommend "Something Told the Wild Geese".  A wonderful piece for winter!!  By Sherri Porterfield.
Comment: Re: Best edition of Morley's "Fire, Fire" for SSA or SSAA?
I like The arrangment by Russell Robinson-SSA.  Alfred publication.
Comment: Re: Breast Cancer Awareness program
Ashlee-  Why not do "Sing for the Cure?"  It is a wonderful work, and available through Shawnee.  It also can be used with the orchestra.
Comment: Re: Selling Concerts CD's for Fundraising
The mechanical licensing is easy to do, but I would like to comment on Tom's observation.  I thought it would be great that they were finally licensing for small numbers of CDs, but you are right, Tom, that the cost of the smaller amounts is outrageous!  Now there is a "fee" in addition to the gov...
Comment: Re: The "New Voice Type" coming to our choruses
Mary Jane, I agree with you about changing pitch in order to hear oneself , but I also think that singing sharp has more to it than that.  Opening up the tone and not forcing can help with that difficulty.  But, what really needs to happen is more emphasis on LISTENING!  Ear buds amd headphones ...
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
I believe it is "How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place" from the Brahms' Requiem.  
Comment: Re: Finale for Middle School Choir
"Heal the World"by Michael Jackson arr. Mac Huff  
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
Balshazzar's Feast by Walton.  I grew to love it, but learning was tough!
Comment: Re: Collaborative Music & Visual Arts Concert
There is always "Vincent" (Starry. starry night).  
Concert: "Home for the Holidays"
The Northbrook Symphony Orchestra and Northbrook Community Choir present "Home for the Holidays"  Concert at 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 2nd, in the Divine Word Chapel of Techny Towers, 2001 Waukegan Rd.,Techny Illinois.  The program includes selections by the NSO, NCC, and concludes with...
Comment: Re: Diction/Pronunciation Question
Garrett-I see that you are a High School Director, and I see this as the world's greatest "teachable moment".  You have the opportunity to share with your student musicians that you have contacted the ChoralNet of the ACDA, and tell them that even the most erudite directors from places far and wi...
Borrowing request: "Home for the Holidays" instrumentals
Item: Instrumental Parts to "Home for the Holidays" Composer/Arranger/Edition: arr. Mark Hayes Starting: Concert Dec. 2nd For: From as soon as possible to Dec. 3 (or purchase) Copies: 1 Willing to rent: No   We have the choir copies, but the Instrumental parts are presently not available. Wil...
Comment: Re: Your all time favorite SSA piece
"The Violet"  by Mark Patterson-SSA  A magnificant piece for this age group!  A superb text!
Comment: Re: Problem deciding if one chorist should attend the concert
Bruno-Did you not have any attendance guidelines in place that the members agreed to when they joined?  Probably you need them now.  But, that being said, have you found out what the "sickness" was?  Maybe there is a real health issue here that needs attention.  Find out first, then make an in...
Comment: Re: Major behavior issues in MS choirs
Shannon- I'm sure that some of the students are as frustrated as you are.  Are these students there by choice, or by audition, or....  If by choice, let them know that if they are really not interested at making music they can choose to not come.  Sit down and let them know how frustrated you a...
Comment: Re: Your favorite funny/amusing choral pieces for HS and adult voices?
One of my favorites is an old one "Songs Mein Grossmama Sang".  It is in "German"  (Little Bo-Peepen ben losen der sheepen, for example) If memory serves 3-4 short songs.)  Also love Whitacre's "Animal Crackers" Vol 1 &2.
Comment: Re: Responsiblities to an arranger?
If the contract called for transcription, and he signed it, and did not ask to negotiate any further for another contract regarding arrangement, even though (I assume) he understood he was arranging.  "I also told this person exactly what I wanted as far as the arrangements".  You evidently told...
Announcement: Northbrook Community Choir to Host Choral Festival Featuring Dr. John Leavitt
Northbrook Community Choir to Host Choral Festival Featuring Dr. John Leavitt   The Northbrook Community Choir, a program of the Northbrook Park District, will host a grand, unique and memorable event on Saturday, March 10, 2012. Local choirs and singers are invited to participate...
Comment: Re: Can we sell our performance CDs?
One copy for archival purposes is just that-ONE COPY.  It is not to be copied from "sub rosa" and distributed to the performers, be they school-age or seniors.  Really, the cost of mechanical rights is not as high per copy as one might initially think.  Many producers do clearance for you as a ...
Comment: Re: "mourning" repertoire
John Leavitt's "Requiem", or his "Remembrance", or his "Set me as a Seal" are very accessible and inspiring.  I feel Dr. Leavitt is somewhat under rated and should be thought of more often in a serious vain.  His "River in Judea" is very possible, too.
Comment: Re: Classical style piece for middle school
I don t know if it is  still in print, but "Dies Irae" form the Mozart Requiem arr. by Patrick Liebergen is probably my all-time fave.  3 pt.
Forum message: YouTube question
When you post your music on YouTube, how do you handle the rights to anything that is not  your own music when posting?  Someone asked me this, and I do not know the answer to it.  In other words-if you want to make and sell a CD by recording yourself singing other people's music-then put it on...
Comment: Re: A capella suggestions for good high school choir
Randall Thompson "Alleluia", Eric Whitacre "Lux Arumque", Morten Lauridsen "O Nata Lux" from "Lux Aeterna"   
Comment: Re: Questions about River in Judea arranged by John Leavitt
It is definitely "joo-DEE-uh", having sung it at Carnegie Hall with John Leavitt conducting.  He says that, and he is the composer.  It is loved by the choir that I founded and directed for 20 years, and became our "Theme Song".
Comment: Re: I feel lost.
You say that getting a "1" at State is your goal for this year.  I don't hear you say that it was the goal of the choir members.  Why would they not have been involved in this decision?  Perhaps this is part of the problem. Not knowing your relationship with the members, it is difficult to asse...
Comment: Re: Copy Right
Harry Fox Songfile is really the best, in my opinion.  It's fast, easy, and they have the biggest list around for mechanical rights.  If they don't have the title, it only takes a few days for them to search it and get back to you on it.
Comment: Re: "O Magnum..." pronunciation questions
I agree with Felipe on the "eh" for the letter e and diphthongs oe and ae and the "sh" for sc.  I also feel that the letter "o" is "aw".  That comes from both the Liber, the "Correct Pronunciation of Latin according to Roman Usage" (GIA pub.)., and in "Pronunciation Guide for Choral Literature" ...
Comment: Re: search for church youth musical
Old chestnuts like "100% Chance of Rain" and "Moses and the Freedom Fanatics" (a fave of mine), are still available.  A great source for browsing is <> They have a downloadable pdf. catalog which is very easy to browse and includes tons of youth musicals!
Comment: Re: iPad for choir?
John is right about being sold for personal use and then copying in any form being against copyright guidelines.  Read the agreement first before you download and the guidelines are spelled out.
I would definitely check the rules first.  Sometimes it says that if you have e/g/ am SSA choir that the competition pieces should be in SSA.  That being said, I would recommend "The Ocean" by Alice Parker.  A wonderfully intricate piece that would challenge any group.  Perfect for competition...
Comment: Re: Need a HOT junior high pop piece!
La Bamba 3 pt/ mixed arr. Roger Emerson, We Will Rock You arr. Billingsley 2- pt. (can be used SATB), The Lion Sleeps Tonight 3 pt. mixed arr. Jeff Funk,  Also, if you have the money (or want to invest in them)  all three of these have great trax if  you want to really get into it!
Comment: Re: Men's Chorus arrangements of SATB music
Joseph-It is definitely a derivative work.  Fair use only pertains to occasional small changes and not "many" entire arrangements.  Not only is he infringing on the arrangement, but possibly also the original work, depending on who still retains the copyright.  I totally agree with John on this...
Forum message: Winter-Snow-Holiday SATB with Orchestra
I need some suggestions for Winter, Snow,  holiday "novelties" with full Orchestra for a community Holiday Program.  Could be Christmas on the secular side.
Comment: Re: A concert of music with texts by William Blake or similarly mystical
There is an arrangement of "The Tiger" by Sherri Porterfield, and of "Quiet Moment" arr. by Audrey Snyder that are excellent.
Forum message: SSA and Orchestra
I am looking for inspirational/uplifting music for Women's Voices (SA, SSA, SSAA or just 2 part treble or 3 part treble) with Orchestra.  Secular in the easy med. to med. category.  The orchestra parts also of medium difficulty.  If possible, something highlighting oboe and/or flute.
Comment: Re: Middle School mixed choir - need advice
 Katie- I agree with Tom.  If you can have a MW group and a T-Th group and combine on Fridays, it would be a good choice.  Having competition between the choirs, in my opinion, would not be in the best interests of the middle school philosophy.  The idea of a better group and a lesser group woul...
Comment: Re: Fair Use and class assignments
 I do not see any reference to public domain here.  The "fair use" would allow 10% and only for the use in face to face teaching in the classroom.  Copying the entire work would not be fair use.
Comment: Re: Serious vocal problems
 I think you have done the right thing by not trying to advise her yourself.  The names mentioned by respondents are good, and keep searching.  Call Curtis and ask them who they recommend, call other places and ask them.  See more than one specialist in the field before you make a decision.  If...
Borrowing request: Want to purchase:Complete Guide for Music Educators
Item: Copyright: The Complete Guide for Music Educators Composer/Arranger/Edition: Jay Althouse (Second Edition-1997) Starting: Dec. 17th For: A month Copies: 10 Willing to rent: No   This is out of print, and I would like it for my class.  Where can I get this great book?  Help!!
Concert: Evanston Symphony Christmas
The Evanston Symphony Orchestra will be presenting their annual Christmas Festival Concert on Sunday, December 6th at 3 p.m.  The program will include orchestral selections, Ballet selections from the "Nutcracker", the Festival Chorus singing John Rutter's "Gloria", a singalong, and the appearance ...
Comment: Re: Copyright issues with MIDI practice files on choral websites
 Allen and John are correct that "fair use" refers only to educational institutions.  That is one of the most misunderstood parts of the law.  Many think that it applies to anyone.  It does not.  Being en educational institution is first, and questions of "fair use" come only after that has bee...
Comment: Re: MS choir needs more volume!
 Don't force them to sing flat out super loud!  The middle school voice has limits on how well they sing at a loud dynamic.  NEVER sacrifice excellent tone quality and good vocal technique for loudness!  Altos (or any other part) should not be encouraged to sing in the chest register in order to...
Forum message: Looking for "Christopher Robin" music
 I am looking for "Christopher Robin is Saying his Prayers" in the SSA version.  Probably out of print.  I know it is by Harold Fraser-Simson, but have no idea as to the publisher. It was listed in a music dealer's out of print catalogue, but that was all of the information I have.  We really wo...