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Comment: Re: Completing a program, "You are not Alone" suggestions
Richard,   Please consider my "semi-sacred" work entitled "I Chose Love" for SATB/Piano - accessible voicing.  The text is by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas - was deaf/blind at 5 until he passed this year in his 80's.  The text is simple and beautiful and is about "storming the gates of sunset with a p...
Comment: Re: Sacred poetry repertoire
Jennifer,   Please consider my SATB acappella setting of "Abound In You" by Desiridius Erasmus, 14th c. Dutch Theologian.  I think this my be very fitting for your program.  Voicing is accessible with minor divisi.  If you are interested, please contact me directly for scores.  This work can ...
Comment: Re: Obtaining permissions to publish Frost lyrics in a CD
Would it be permissible to reference a book of poetry that might contain these poems? Obviously, gaining permission to reference the title of book?  Just a thought?   Rick
Comment: Re: lullaby concert ideas
Gary,   Maybe "I Chose Love" for SATB/Piano will be something fitting for this program.  You said "idea of a lullaby".  "I Chose Love" is actually a prayer, but written with the spirit of a lullaby in mind.  It is a prayer in a dream.  This beautiful, yet simple text is by Dr. Robert J. Smith...
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "We Three Kings"
Ray,   Thanks for you for your observations!  When I originally scored this, it was for TTB, but as I progressed through the arrangement, I found it difficult to prevent myself from going into 4 voices.  If I transpose this down a step, things change and it begins to sound "muddy" in places.  ...
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "We Three Kings"
Thank you Chris for bringing that to my attention.  Hopefully, any previous performances noted it.  I will update my score.   Rick
Comment: Re: Unison songs for
Tim:   Here's a beautiful work by Berg.   Berg: This Little Light of Mine for unison/piano/cello   Good Luck, Rick
Comment: Re: Shakespeare texts?
Frank,   I shall also apologize for my shameless "self-promotion" :)  Please conisder "Two Kisses" for SATB and piano.  This is a paired work: Included is "Plato's Kiss" short a cappella and "Shakespeare's Kiss" with piano. Each can be performed separately.  The work is published by Lighthouse...
Comment: Re: Looking for lush, grand, accompanied piece SSAA for winter
Kathleen,   I'm going to toss my 2cents in here and maybe you'll find it worthwhile.  I have a work entitled "Snow Angels" scored for SSAA, piano, celesta and sleigh bells.  This is a song without words, but depends heavily on the dynamics and tempo and vocal movement.  The celesta and sleigh...
Comment: Re: Searching for Extended classical works with just piano accompaniment
Thompson: Frostiana Pinkham: Wedding Cantata Dello Joio: Song of the Open Road Mozart: Te Deum Foss: Psalms (2 pianos) 2 cents.   Rick Bartlett
Comment: Re: Music for Women's Voices on theme of Autumn/Evening
Joshua,   I hope that what I have to share with you will fit the bill:   Nocturne for SSA and piano.  Text by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas (deaf/blind since the age of 5)- a beautiful and most interesting text with a languorous accompaniment in somewhat of an homage to Bill Evans' "Peace Piece".  ...
Comment: Re: "A Life in Song" Concert Theme
Mary, A few other considerations are:   Breathe on me, Day! SATB/Piano (recording and score are here on The text is one of encouragement to those of us who are struggling to step out of the shadows into light, to rise above the surface, to win in a battle. This work was initially ...
Comment: Re: Upbeat SATB piece with piano
Jessica,   Consider my "City of the Heart" SATB and piano.  Text by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas, deaf/blind from the age of 5.  Amazing text, bright, rythmic work with great harmonies, very accessible.  Here's a youtube premiere performance and additional details.
Comment: Re: Psalm Settings
Consider Emma Lou Diemer's "Come Let us sing to the Lord"   Good luck.   Rick Bartlett  
Comment: Re: Song for opening teacher meeting in the fall
Deanne,   Consider my "to find a song..." for SATB and piano is a great addition to high school and college choral repertoire. Voice ranges are very accessible. The piano accompaniment may require a fairly good accompanist. The simple theme in the piano repeats itself throughout the work in varia...
Comment: Re: Breast Cancer Awareness program
Ashlee,   Consider my work "Breathe on me, Day!" for SATB and piano.   The work is dedicated to two very close friends who both did dual bouts with this disease and were triumphant.  They are both wonderful women with such a strong spirits.  This gorgeous text is by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas, de...
Comment: Re: Looking For An Arrangement of Agnus Dei
Brian, Ask the choral director at the school you attended to check their choral library.    Best of luck, Rick
Comment: Re: Lauridsen repertoire
Nariman,   May I suggest the following two works: to find a song - SATB and piano City of the Heart - SATB and piano   Good luck,   Rick crickb88(a)
Comment: Re: In praise of the sun
Conte - Canticle -   Good luck, Rick
Comment: Re: Choral piece featuring alto
Let me suggest John Ratledge's "Cool of the Day".  It's a gorgeous work, a cappella work for an alto soloist.  Here's a great performance of it.   Good Luck, Rick
Comment: Re: Suggestions for a piece for senior recital
Thank you for the correction Robert.  Yes, Rutter.  Rick
Comment: Re: SAB repertoire for non-auditioned school choir
Gavin,   Please consider my "I Chose Love" for SAB and piano.  The text is by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas, deaf/blind from the age of 5.  Amazingly, beautiful text - when given the choice of riches, land or knowledge, the poet chooses love.  It is available through JWPepper, SheetMusicPlus and othe...
Comment: Re: Suggestions for a piece for senior recital
Faure: Psalm 23 - from Requiem Walton: Jubilate Deo Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb - Movements 1 thru 3.   Good luck. Rick
Comment: Re: Recording of To Saint Cecilia by Norman Dello Joio
Dennis,   Try Mark Custom Recordings and do a search.  I have the Ithaca CD and it's a pretty good performance with College and HS students.  Unfortunately, there are no sound bites for this work that I can find.    ...
Comment: Re: unisono score for ssa for choir competition
Rudy,   Consider the following: This Little Light of Mine - Wilberg - unison/piano. Fancie - unison w/divisi at the end - piano.   Good Luck, Rick
Comment: Re: Women's Choir - Repertoire with percussion (especially multi-movement works)
This is a stunning work and is worth a listen.  Here's a youtube excerpt:   Good Luck. Rick
Comment: Re: Repertoire Suggestions for Independence of Spirit
Kevin,   Check out Jeffery Cobb's nod to "Invictus".  It has a very demanding piano accompaniment, but would be very fitting for your program.  (I'm not sure if Nancy and Jeff are of any relation)   I was hoping to find a youtube performanc...
Comment: Re: Companion Piece
Let me suggest Verdi's "Stabat Mater".  It may run over the 10 min mark by a few.  I think it's a good contrasting work with the Franck.   Good luck. Rick
PDF Document: Breathe on me, Day!
Comment: Re: Patriotic Theme for Community Choir
Cindy:   Here are my suggestions:   Randall Thompson's Testament of Freedom Howard Hanson's Song of Democracy   Good Luck, Rick
PDF Document: We Three Kings
Comment: Re: Angels - NOT Christmas?
Jean,   I have a (medium easy) work for SSA or SAB (also in SATB) and piano entitled "I Chose Love" with text by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas.  While the work isn't about Angel's it is about a visit from an Angel and has no reference to Christmas, but merely an apparition in a dream.  Here's a perfor...
PDF Document: Always
PDF Document: Nocturne
PDF Document: Snow Angels
Comment: Re: Songs of "Winter & Love"
Chris, I have an absolutely beautiful work entitled "Always" for TTB and piano.  The SSA version can be heard here.  The text is simple and beautiful by Dr. Robert J. Smithdas, deaf/blind since the age of 5 and retired from the Helen Keller National C...
Comment: Re: High School Honors Choir
Matt, Benjamin Britten's, Rejoice in the Lamb would be an excellent choice as well.   Best, Rick
PDF Document: To Go Away
PDF Document: Evensong and Lament
PDF Document: Abound In You
Comment: Re: unusual question--duet version of choral piece
Sharon,   Maybe this will help some...  I would think there would be a way to prepare the SATB score for duet.   Good luck, Rick
Comment: Re: "It Gets Better" Concert repertoire suggestions?
Dan,   Please condsider "To Go Away" for SATB and piano.  A wonderful text that perfectly fits your theme.  This would apply to your "dark" theme, hopefully, with a tad more energy than "slow".  The link below is a premier performance at the Ithaca College School of Music Choral Composition Fe...
Comment: Re: Best Shakespeare texts set to music
Ross,   Consider my work "Shakespeare's Kiss" for SATB and piano from Romeo and Juliet.  Very accessible work for a mixed choir.  Here's a youtube performance  You can currently obtain the music directly from me if you are interested.    Best of ...
Comment: Re: SA and SSA songs on the theme of Harvest Time and Thanksgiving
Jason,   I have a beautiful work for SSA and piano - Song of Thanksgiving published by Lighthouse Music Publications.   Keywords for the text are: autumn, orchard, fruit trees, brea...
Comment: Re: programming ideas for 2nd choir at a college
Tod,   While you may possibly be looking for something "tried and true" for an uplifting closer, please consider the following work:   Breathe On Me, Day! for SATB (some divisi) and piano.  Breathe on me, Day! is from the poem "Song of the Morning", scored here for SATB and piano. Permission ...
Comment: Re: Repertoire for Fall Concert - Community Chorus
Thompson's - Testament of Freedom  
Comment: Re: Please have a listen and help me identify this piece if you can...
Chris - the name of the song is Earth Song by Frank Ticheli.   Here's another clip with the text:     Rick
Comment: Re: Choral repertoire suggestions?
Jonathan,   I have two beautiful works that would fit the bill, but they are SSAA works, very accessible.   1. Snow Angels - SSAA and piano or piano and celesta. (I can provide a midi-recording of this work) 2. Song of Thanksgiving - SSA and piano (Lighthouse Music Publications).  Text is by...
Comment: Re: Theme of light/day and darkness/night
Jessica:   While you are specifically speaking of day/night light/dark - would you consider an additional perspective?  I have scored many choral works to the texts of Dr. Robert J. Smithdas (deaf/blind from the age of 5).  He is retired from the Helen Keller National Center in NY.  The scores...
Comment: Re: SSAA pieces with flute?
Anne:   I have a work entitled "We Thank Thee" for SSA(A) piano and flute.  Text by R.W. Emerson.  In a fun 5/4.  It is available through JW Pepper, Sheet Music Plus and from the publisher Lighthouse Music Publications.  If you wish to hear a nice midi recording, contact me directly at crickb...