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Comment: Re: What we can learn from John Wooden I
I love it. In my situation, we had issues with people participating in warm-ups - my fix was to stop calling them warm-ups, which implies a passive tone, and call them "drills". Along with this I made sure to explain the exact reason as to "why" we were engaged in these activities, and made the warm...
Comment: Re: 93% Caucasian
In my opinion, it reflects more on the state of classical music as a whole. 
Comment: Re: Gay Composers That might be of some help.
Comment: Re: Choir to Ensemble: Trend?
 id be interested to see in a few years if they come back around and are ready for a large work...sounds very similar to a 'summer choir' that my church has.
Comment: Re: The Band Industry is Killing Music Education
Gotta agree with you Dan. I was at GMEA last weekend and went to a reading session where I read (what I believe) was the WORST piece of literature I have ever heard. Something about crickets, and how they had girlfriends and....just awful! The worst part -- the conductor pitched it as "perfect for h...