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Comment: Re: They're Singing it Wrong!
Is it a pop tune, or something they're familiar with from another arrangement? If they've learned it wrong by singing it along with the recording, you would be better off changing it to what they are used to.
Thanks - that's good news. I first sang it in the early '70s; Joe Stanford, at Palomar College, edited it and several other Perti works, and we (Chamber Singers) loved them. Just the idea of performing music that no one had heard in almost 200 years was a trip, and his music is such fun. Perti is un...
The Perti (ed. Bloesch) is out of print - I've been looking for it for years. CV Stanford's lovely setting in G, with soprano solo, is available from There are hundreds of Magnificats there. Happy hunting!
Announcement: Have Yourself a Wacky Little Christmas: new free carol arrangements by Larry Minton
Kling, Glökschen - SATB, piano:  an arrangement of the 19th century German carol. My version opens with the sopranos and altos; the men join in with bell sounds, a wacky waltz, ending with a quiet lullaby. English and German texts are included. While Shepherds Watched their Fl...
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
JC - Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms, Britten Rejoice in the Lamb (with "mouse" solo), Josquin Je ne me Puis Tenir d'Aime (Renaissance French! Aargh!) CSU - Stravinsky Les Noces, Dallapiccola Due Canti di Michelangelo, Szymanowski Stabat Mater LAMC - Boulez Les Soleil des Eaux, Penderec...
Announcement: Larry Minton's Choral Music page on Facebook
Please visit my new page: At this time, most of my pieces are available at no charge on; links are included for: John the Revelator, a blues spiritual  Adoro Te Devote, an original motet dedicated to Paul Sala...
Comment: Re: Christmas song for radio contest
I think this is fun: Larry
Comment: Re: Exemplar Choirs from Around The World
LA Master Chorale, Paul Salamunovich, Lux Aeterna and Christmas albums Gächinger Kantorei, Helmuth Rilling Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Cambridge Singers, John Rutter Voices of Ascension, Dennis Keene Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers  
Comment: Re: ENGLISH Organ and Chamber Choir Music
Howells - Like as the Hart Stanford - Magnificat in G (w. Soprano solo) Britten - Festival Te Deum Samuel Sebastian Wesley - Blessed be the God and Father Thomas Attwood - Teach Me O Lord Geoffrey Shaw - Praise God in his Holiness  
Comment: Re: Autumn/winter theme SA piece
Schumann Herbstlied SA Mendelssohn Herbstlied SA Both are published by National and available from Pepper.
Comment: Re: Bottom heavy mixed choir
Your situation has some advantages. The gender ratio strongly encourages recruitment of sopranos and altos; if you can attract one strong, or two decent, of each, a very nice "pyramid" balance is possible. A lot depends on whether the guys are outgoing or shy in approaching potential singers. Most s...
Comment: Re: Christmas Around the World
I have two arrangements in "caribbean" style on (I'd feel guilty about the shameless self-promotion if they weren't FREE): and
Comment: Re: Music about Human Rights, specifically women
Randall Thompson: Testament of Freedom. No one ever said it better than Thomas Jefferson.
Comment: Re: One Hit Wonders
Yes, I agree; I just included them because those works are all I see on programs. It would be nice if we all investigated composers more thoroughly. Good point!
Comment: Re: One Hit Wonders
Choral Lodovico da Viadana "Exultate Justi," Giuseppe Pitoni "Cantate Domino," Carl F. Mueller, "Create in me a Clean Heart," Pietro Yon "Gesu Bambino," Stephen Adams "The Holy City," Emma Lou Diemer "Three Madrigals," James McCray "Rise Up, my Love," Clement Jannequin "Le Chant des Ouiseaux," Raym...
Comment: Re: We need songs with names of states in the title
"Wakko's America," from  "Animaniacs," has all 50 states and their capitals:
Comment: Re: Taking the "Christ" out of "Ubi Caritas"?
Sing a psalm! Many settings are comparable to the Durufle in beauty. Bruckner Os Justi, Stanford Beati Quorum Via, Viadana Exultate Justi, Brahms O Heiland Reiss... plenty to choose from.
Comment: Re: Exciting extended sacred works from 20th-21st Century composers
Hi Larry, Paul Gibson's Rorate Caeli should have been mentioned by the gentleman from ECS - it's in their catalog, #5174. SATB, organ, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones,  [c. 12:30]: "Commissioned by Frank Brownstead, this setting of a rich collection of Advent and Christmas texts (in both English and Lat...
Announcement: Free New Christmas arrangements by Larry Minton on
TWO CALYPSO CAROLS: The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy, SATB acapella While Shepherds Watched their Flocks, SATB acapella   ANTH...
Comment: Re: Hebrews 12:1,2 looking for SATB anthem on this text
"A Reflection of Christ" by David Schwoebel (Hinshaw HMC812) uses parts of this verse. SAB, but sounds full and rich.
Announcement: Salamunovich improved
According to the family, Paul's condition has improved this morning. Please continue to pray for him and his family. I don't know anything about the nature of his illness or his prognosis, but I will relay information as I receive it.
Announcement: Paul Salamunovich hospitalized
I have just learned that Paul Salamunovich was hospitalized today, and is in critical condition. Please pray for him and his family. His son, Stephen, is adding information on the "Paul Salamunovich Page" on Facebook as it becomes known to him.
Comment: Re: Men's Chorus Repertoire
Some of my favorites from my time in the LMU Men's Chorus led by Paul Salamunovich: Holst: Drinking Song Roger Wagner: Cowboy Medley, Shenandoah  Mendelssohn: Beati Mortui Robert Shaw: Sea Chanteys Randall Thompson: Testament of Freedom (we called it "Test****es of Freedom") Dvorak: Sorrow, f...
Comment: Re: Britten - Rejoice in the Lamb
I first sang it at Palomar JC; 16 inexperienced voices, rigorously trained by Sharyn Baker. We pulled it off very well. It was my first solo - I was a 6'1" 280 lb. mouse! I prefer a small group for clarity and agility. It's a great way to learn reliance on the eighth note in navigating mixed meter...
Comment: Re: Your all time favorite SSA piece
"Velvet Shoes," Randall Thompson "Simple Gifts," arr. Hal Hopson "For the Beauty of the Earth," Rutter And if you really want a challenge, Debussy's "Salut Printemps" (you will need a virtuoso pianist). I have seen it available in English as "We Sing to Spring," but it is much more beautiful in Fren...
Comment: Re: Vocem angelorum
To many Americans, (especially those of us infected with the rock guitar virus) "Vox" means a very loud and bright guitar amplifier, which can sound glorious in the hands of Brian May or Brad Paisley, but the word seems incongruous in this context. I vote for "Vocem" - after all, we're Americans - w...
Comment: Re: Choral Albums you cannot live without
I should have added "any Bach cantata recording by Helmuth Rilling." and, oops - the Sullivan question should have been directed to the "Gay Composers" thread.
Comment: Re: Choral Albums you cannot live without
Roger Wagner Chorale - Echoes from a 16th Century Cathedral Robert Shaw Chorale - Sea Shanties Voices of Ascension - Beyond Chant Cambridge Singers - Christmas Night LA Master Chorale - Lux Aeterna These got me through six weeks of claustrophobia-inducing radiation treatment. BTW, what evidence is t...
Comment: Re: Lauridsen O Magnum Mysteriurm
As a former LA Master Chorale singer who participated in the world premiere of the piece led by Paul Salamunovich, I completely agree with the first response. That said, if the singers know it well, you will have an acceptable performance if you beat the time correctly and get the cues right; that s...