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Comment: Re: Stick Time: Physical Freedom
They sound fine, and obviously know the music.  If it's distracting it's only because I've been trained to expect a static group standing very still.  Not sure why that's a good thing.  Also, This is very much like the stage presence we sought years (decades) ago in what was then called "Madrigal...
Comment: Re: I'm a great teacher... but my piano skills STINK!
Kimberly, while I agree that you must persevere to acquire piano as a tool, I particularly echo Ronald and Bridgit.  I just retired as an accomplished and honored choral conductor, and have never been able to do more than fumble about on the piano.  Money is aways tough, but many school .systems f...
Comment: Re: Emancipation concert
"Lift Every Voice for Freedom" is a marvelous piece by Moses Hogan.  Weaving "My Country 'Tis of Thee into "Lift Every Voice and Sing", this little known piece always elicits great comments from African American audiences.
Comment: Re: Major works for Community Chorus
Ken, Schubert Mass in G is lovely, Robert Ray's The Gospel Mass is a little challenging, but very exciting.  The two works can be combined for a very satisfying program.  I've done this with my community chorus with good success.
Comment: Re: Sight singing help
Craig, you raise an interesting question concerning the difference between reading as a singer as opposed to an instrumentalist.  I also entered the choral world after several years in band, and I believe it helped form my reading abilities as well.  But the fact is they are two different worlds...
Comment: Re: Cut in Amen of Handel's Messiah
Of course, that cut is in Worthy is the Lamb, not Amen.  I'm just sayin'. :)
Comment: Re: Fix Me from movie Joyful Noise
It's also in several African American hymnals, in a very simple hymn style arrangement.  My chamber choir loves it and we perform it frequently.  Be aware that the term "Fix me" is dialect for "Fits me" as in "for my long white robe."     Glen McCune One Voice Chorus
Comment: Re: Jazz Church Service
Jason, take a look at The Gospel Mass by Robert Ray.  The title notwithstanding, the work is a wonderful piece of jazz writing.  Several movements can be excerpted, my favorites are: Acclamation: Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, and Sanctus: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts.  Also, don't overlook...
Comment: Re: "Blended" Hymnal
I echo Joshua McClure comment about the Celebrating Grace hymnal (pub 2010).  We have not gotten it for church yet, but I have used it extensively for worship preparation.  Good hymnal for a wide variety of uses.
Comment: Re: Negro Spirituals in "White" Churches
Hello All, So many good and thought provoking comments on this thread, and I would like to follow up on Robert Copland's comments (9:27 am) concerning our need to have spirituals in our musical diet.  My $.02: the Spirituals are possibly the most uniquely American music widely found in the chor...
Comment: Re: Normand Lockwood Psalm 123
Check with the Library of Congress.  They have a lot and are very hellpful.  Almost makes you feel good about paying taxes.
Comment: Re: IMSLP under attack AGAIN
We host our chorus website with GoDaddy, so I called them asking about this.  They indeed do host IMSLP, but they said clearly that as long as the site is paid for they would not pull it just because someone like MPA demanded it.  They said that MPA would have to actually take their complaint to...
Comment: Re: The End of Holy Week
Thank you, Phillip.  You inspired this little bit of doggerel.  Perhaps others could contribute.   The long week is o’er, the music is done; In spite of all the wrong notes, The vic’try is won. Christ is alive, We sang it aloud. Alleluia!   The organ pealed for...
Comment: Re: Interactive conducting program
Larry, I think you're doing an admirable job giving your students a good experience within your circumstances.   Interactive conducting has been around since the 1990's, but not very accessible to us common folks.  However, I did find the work of Teresa Marrin Nakra really fascinating.  She...
Comment: Re: The War on Pronouns, cont'd
Allen, I'm sympathetic.  But the problem is compounded by trying to use any gender specific pronoun to reference God, who (in any Christian sense I am aware of) is neither male nor female.  In my view this is not merely a politically correct issue.  We have not done a very good job of dealing w...
Comment: Re: What do teachers make?
I applaud the passion and articulation of Mr. Mali's rant, but I also feel it is a little simplistic.  I'm assuming it comes in response to all the attention given to the 60 minute piece on The Equity Project charter school in NYC, and the $125,000 starting teacher pay they are giving.  Speaking...
Comment: Re: Quips for the Choral Rehearsal
This is GREAT!  Two of mine are:   (to timid singing) You can choose to sing with confidence, whether you know the notes or not!     (regarding ugly forte singing) What we're after is Power surrounded by Beauty.
Comment: Re: Singing School? or Community Choir?
Dear Lana, It wasn't clear from your original post whether the 501c3 had been granted or not.  If so, there are specific requirements involved, depending on how the by-laws are constructed.  The Board of Directors has definate final authority (and are held accountable) for the operations of th...
Comment: Re: info on Joel A. Ross
Thanks, Steven.  I've sent him an email.  Much obliged.   Glen
Forum message: info on Joel A. Ross
Hello, everyone.  I'm looking for information on Joel A. Ross.  We just did his wonderful arrangement of the spiritual "Give me Jesus" (1997, Carl Fischer).  I am most interested in knowing about any other arrangements, compositions, etc. and any background on him.  Thanks so much. 
Comment: Re: I need a pentecostal choir director's advice
Jackie, I want to encourage you in what you're doing.  Most everything I know about working with a choir I learned with small church choirs.  Lots of great music avaialble there.  Some thoughts: why don't you start writing your own arrangements, particularly  using old hymns (careful of cop...