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Items by John Scott Herrington

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Forum message: Stations of the Cross musical? setting? etc
I would like to do a presentation based on the stations of the cross. I wonder if anyone has done anything like this or is familiar with something that has recently been written based on the stations of the cross.
Community Forum Post: Stations of the Cross concert? event? musical?
Has anyone seen or produced and concert based on the stations of the cross? Maybe you are aware of a recently written work on the stations of the cross.
Comment: Re: Go teach or pursue Master's first?
Definitely teach. Depending on the major professor and/or degree, some schools may require it before entry into the masters program. Our experience has been that our stronger students tend to be those who have been 'in the field' (certainly there are rare exceptions). They also seem more focused and...
Forum message: Need rep for choir anthem with string quartet - please help!!
I am looking for an anthem for choir and string quartet. Does anyone know of anything available?   Thanks, Scott Herrington Pastor of Music and Worship Second Baptist Church Lubbock, TX
Community Forum Post: All Saints Anthem with string quartet needed
Does anyone know of anthems for All Saints Day that would be SATB with string quartet?
Forum message: All Saints Day Anthem with string quartet
I am looking for an anthem accompanied by string quartet for All Saints Day. Any ideas?
Forum message: Collegiate Ensemble Requirements
We are evaluating our ensemble requirements. This does not necessarily mean ensemble hours to receive the degree. In my initial research I have noticed that many schools require students to participate in an ensemble each semester they are 'in residence'.  Other schools require students to partic...
Community Forum Post: Collegiate Ensemble Requirements
I would be interested in learning the ensemble requirements at smaller universities. In my initial research I've learned that some schools require students to participate while 'in residence'. Others require only the number of semesters that would fulfill degree ensemble requirements. Many are als...
Comment: Re: Undergraduate Choral Conducting Text book?
Might I suggest "Choral Conducting:Focus on Communication" by Harold A. Decker and Colleen Kirk. If your students are like mine, they have come from their first semester's basic conducting class. This book begins with a quick review of the basics and continues from there. There are also chapters on ...
Choir: International Choir (Texas, USA)
Website suggestion: Change password
where would I go to change my password? i've looked everywhere i can think of.
Website suggestion: Account info to change password
It seems that many people, myself included, are finding it difficult to locate a place to change our password. It would be helpful to have some type of tab similar to other sites, such as "Account Information," that would have that information and allow us to make changes to our registration informa...