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Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
Love this one (no it's not one of mine :) Icelandic and Albanian ought to be multicultural :p - it's got a few more voices than 4. I can supply printed music but not the original text in Albanian. The arrangement (and this text) is Icelandic, by one R...
Comment: Re: 20 -40 minute sacred work
A Night Vigil by undersigned, SATB with soprano soloist and organ. In Latin. 3rd movement solo with organ. Just over 20 minutes :)   Can be heard here: https://w...
Comment: Re: Psalm Settings
Here's one of mine, that has had quite a bit of popularity. SSATB though. Not too difficult. There's cymbals but they can be omitted.   Message me if you're interested :)   best   Hildigunnur
Comment: Re: Unpaid admissions to concerts
Agree with everybody here. I wouldn't dream of having the volunteers pay for the tickets. Feels really stingy to expect the invaluable help to pay.
Comment: Re: English Choir Music
A not very well known but quite a good piece is Richard Rodney Bennett's Glory and the Dream for choir and organ. Quite a challenging organ part and not the easiest choral part. Still definitely doable. Written in 2000 on commission from choirs around the world. Available from Novello. I have a rec...
Comment: Re: Director on stage
Sure - it's a question of level of chamber music ability in the choir. My former conductor used to say it was his job to make himself redundant. Should work with a cappella too if somebody starts them off (conductor or somebody in the choir).   Also my girls' conductor routinely accompanies his c...
Comment: Re: Multicultural Choral Works for a Middle School Choir.
Hi and congratulations :)   Do email me too if Icelandic is multicultural enough. The language definitely is different. There are a lot of pieces that might fit the bill.   best   Hildigunnur
Comment: Re: Britten's Sacred and Profane pronunciation
Funny, this is exactly the recording I bought on iTunes (after listening to the excerpts they had). Thanks :)
Forum message: Britten's Sacred and Profane pronunciation
Hello   Does anybody have a sound file of the ancient English Britten uses for the Sacred and Profane song cycle? The guide in the Faber edition isn't quite clear enough for my taste.   All best from up north   Hildigunnur
Comment: Re: Extended Choral Works for SSAA, with cello
Not quite 10 minutes but please consider: 8 part. Available through the Iceland Music Information Centre, email 
Comment: Re: Looking for foreign SATB pieces to take to ACDA conference
Hi, if you want to consider Icelandic pieces I have several suggestions.   My own (sorry, selfpromotion) Psalm 150 here: - can be done without the cymbals,   Anything by Jón Nordal, his Requiem is amazing. (can't find a recording online) or this: http://...
Comment: Re: Unusual Christmas arrangements
I just threw this arrangement onto the board a couple of weeks ago but think it fits in this comment section as well: Free scores, just get in touch and I'll send a copy :)
Announcement: Ding dong merrily - new arrangement
Hello all   I'm actually not telling the whole truth, this isn't a brand new arrangement, I've mentioned it here before. Proud of it, though. What's new is that I now have a recording. Feel free to listen here: and contact me if you want t...
Comment: Re: Proliferation of excessive excess
Let's take this one step further. If we can't make music as best we can (both singing playing and writing new music) for the church, how do you then feel about the buildings? Shouldn't we have good houses to worship in? Should all churches be shacks, not thought out, drawn, planned, built by profic...
Comment: Re: Video-game songs?
Yeah but there are always new games so it's quite OK to renew the subject. I don't think Still Alive was mentioned in the older thread since the game only came out in 2011. I'd actually be very interested to know if there is a choral version. 
Comment: Re: Video-game songs?
Are you thinking already arranged for choir or just songs to arrange? If so, then Still Alive from Portal II is excellent and has great potential.
Comment: Re: RIP, John Howell
John Howell will be sorely missed from the forum. One of the main contributors and his entries were always insightful and helpful. He was always interested in helping out and an incredibly warm person to contact. Rest in peace, dear collegue and my thoughts are with you Ian and siblings.    Sam...
Comment: Re: Barber Agnus Dei/Adagio question
Thanks Craig! :D   Now it's me who must sign away my body (I'm not the conductor, only the chairman of the board) but I suspect it won't be a lot of work to get the piece on the program. Will definitely look at the suggestions!   Looking forward to trying.   best Hildigunnur
Comment: Re: Barber Agnus Dei/Adagio question
Thanks, will do — I thought as much, that the Schnittke was even harder. We're not doing this right away, planning for next year but hopefully I can post a vid :)   Hildigunnur
Comment: Re: Barber Agnus Dei/Adagio question
Oh no, all my sections are good, no way we could have done the Schnittke with only a good first sop! Done the Rachmaninov Vespers too, that needs incredible focus and concentration and we managed. Thanks for the input. :)
Comment: Re: Barber Agnus Dei/Adagio question
Thanks, I will :)
Forum message: Barber Agnus Dei/Adagio question
Hi   I'm wondering - read a ton of times that Barber Agnus Dei from the Adagio for Strings is a very challenging piece. If I have an excellent 1st soprano, would you say the rest of it is also all that hard? As I'm listening to the Esoterics' excellent recording the difficult part seems to me to ...
Comment: Re: Tell the soloist to tone it down!
It is Kodály's Angyalok y pástorok, translated into Icelandic. There must be an English translation of it somewhere. It's my all-time favourite Christmas song. :)
Comment: Re: Tell the soloist to tone it down!
Those focus voices definitely exist! My sister is one, somehow manages to color the sound and draw the rest of us into her beautiful sound. (yes she's a soloist, operatic and otherwise but can blend anywhere). Here as a soloist - and here as a ch...
Comment: Re: The family tradition of choral music
Same here - two generations now (I and my 2 siblings from my mother and now my younger daughter dreams of being a choral director. Older daughter has a bout of bad consciousness over wanting to be an artist instead of a musician, never mind that I've always told her and her siblings they should fo...
Comment: Re: Ca. 20-30 min. piece for international choir workshop
May I humbly point out my Night Vigil, Latin 5 movements, 20 minutes with organ and a soprano soloist (one movement a soprano aria). Very well received, got excellent crit :)    Youtube: http://www.yo...
Comment: Re: Go with "tradition" or make a new one?
Michelle, you don't say anything about if it's a good song or if you like it. I think that's quite a big part of this. After all, you're only being asked to do ONE song, not repeat all of the songs the former director used.    I'd say definitely go with the song this Christmas; if it's a goo...
Comment: Re: Very good but very challenging music.
Requiem by Jón Nordal, amazing music and nowhere close to as well known as it deserves.    Available from Iceland Music Information Centre,
Comment: Re: Looking to commission a piece by a female composer
Hi, may I be in the loop maybe?    Here's one piece for girls' choir: and another very different:   best   Hildigunnur
Comment: Re: Community Chorus performing with a professional orchestra?
I wouldn't know if the same applies to USA than up here but well, when our (admittedly amateur) orchestra works with a choir it normally fills the hall. The professional, ISO too, but that's probably not because of having the choir per se, rather because we'll be singing stuff that brings people f...
Comment: Re: Looking for a cappella arrangements of Christmas music
I have a very upbeat arrangement of Ding dong merrily, sorry no recording (making one this summer). SSATB. Do tell if you like to see it (I give it away to be freely copied, at the moment at least :)
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
It's like that here - and no it probably works for all music :)  Wouldn't know about USA.
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
Yes, in popular music it's seven notes/chord sections in a row, then you're plagiarizing.   I'd heard about this Golijov thing earlier. Pretty awful and absolutely no excuses. I sometimes steal from myself (right now I'm using part of my dance music, written for one specific modern dance prod...
Comment: Re: Are Perusal Videos useful?
Not really since there's always the possibility to take a screen shot of the page and print that.
Comment: Re: Are Perusal Videos useful?
The Iceland Music Information Centre has had protection programmed, whiting out a part of each page. This is not layered so it's not removable. It's definitely possible. 
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
Oh I'm not sending anything, this is per copy printed from a .pdf file. But if you want a title page and good paper you order real life copies from the MIC :)
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
Well the price of course depends on how big a piece - my choir bought a set of the Rachmaninov Vespers a few years ago and the price was very very steep. Not $1,85 per copy but $23. My two SATB pieces in the Composers' Showcase cost $1 for the short one page piece and $2 for the eleven page motet....
Comment: Re: Vocem angelorum
but why not Voces as Jaakko pointed out? Correct AND sounds good ;)  My cousin has a group up here called Voces Thules :)
Comment: Re: Vocem angelorum
Agree here - it's an easy change too from Vocem to Voces. 
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
Yessss! let's ruffle feathers!
Comment: Re: Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir CCMC ChoralNet Composer of the Month May, 2012
Sure - very often when I get commissions (I almost only write commissions since I really don't have time to write more than I get commissions for) I tend to ask if the commissioner has a favourite poem or text they'd like to be set. Of course that doesn't always work and then I start ...
Comment: Re: Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir CCMC ChoralNet Composer of the Month May, 2012
Hi Julie, yes that's me and my brother singing and the song is one of my compositions. It's about a couple that does everything right and PC and in the end they turn up to be the most boring people on earth :D  It's a part of a duet series, 3 songs with texts by an Icelandic poet...
Comment: Re: Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir CCMC ChoralNet Composer of the Month May, 2012
Thanks, Melinda! :)
Comment: Re: Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir CCMC ChoralNet Composer of the Month May, 2012
Thank you David!
Comment: Re: Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir CCMC ChoralNet Composer of the Month May, 2012
Thanks :)
Comment: Re: Beethoven 9 - German pronunciation
haha we're doing the Berlioz Romeo and Juliet, in french of course and the girl who read the text to the choir had the weirdest pronunciation. Finally somebody in my choir (who lived in France a couple of years) caught on - the girl was Canadian...
Comment: Re: Death and Mortality
My piece Nightmare (Martröð) is about a corpse visiting a living person in his dream to ask to his remains be found and properly buried. It's in Icelandic but has been performed quite a few times around the world. Here's a recording, if you're interested: 
Comment: Re: Your favorite Brit Lit?
Don't believe I forgot Britten!   Five Flower Songs (hard) Hymn to St Cecilia
Comment: Re: Your favorite Brit Lit?
Any difficulty too?   Arnold Bax: This Worldes Joie (hard)   William Byrd: Ave verum corpus Haec dies Justorum animae Laudibus in sanctis   Orlando Gibbons: The Silver Swan   Herbert Howells: Sing Lullaby A Spotless Rose   James MacMillan: A Chi...
Comment: Re: Kenneth Woods identifies the quote of the week
LOL. ROFL. Seriously!