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Comment: Re: Dvorak Stabat Mater Editions, Vocal Score
thanks, Bill!  I've done the work twice from  Kalmus cofres but they seem to fall apart.  Excellent point about the font size; I'll be sre to check that before I buy anything.   D
Forum message: Dvorak Stabat Mater Editions, Vocal Score
Colleagues,   I would welcome and information on the various Dvorak Stabat Mater editions, both published vocal scores and the several choices of public domain vocal scores on cpdl and imslp. The Novello score (ed Michael Pilkington) is VERy reasonably priced at $15 (Schirmer $20, Peters $25)...
Comment: Re: Preeminent Pedagogues of Conducting
I would include William Dehning of USC.  His conducting books are fabulous   David
Comment: Re: The "new" Battle Hymn?
My penny and a half - I agree with all who said our national anthem SHOULD be participatory.  I wonder if any other countries have theirs performed rather than communally sung.   Some might find thislocal blog post interesting:
Concert: Albany (NY) Pro Musica's 13th annual High School Choral Festival
ALBANY PRO MUSICA David Griggs-Janower, Artistic Director and Conductor   Celebrating Music in our Schools: 13th Annual High School Choral Festival   with   Guilderland HS Chamber Choir - Rae Jean Teeter Hoosick Falls HS Mixed Cho...
Comment: Re: "American Music"
In the sort of American folk genre:   Kirke Mechem - Love and Pizen (poison) Gwyneth Walker -  A Rose, A Briar and a Bicycle - the last is a great version of Bicycle Built for Two) G. Walker - Banks of the Ohio    Chers! David
Comment: Re: Seeking Repertoire and Ideas for a program called "A Springtime Journey"
Debussy Salut Printemps, SSA  (SSAA?) and sop solo - great piece!   Could do a set about birds, bugs etc - LTOS of thsoe from the renaissance on. Sme lesser-known ones:   Chatman - Woodpecker, Mosquitos   Larsen Chameleon Wedding   el Grillo LOTS about birds, of course.   the Bl...
Comment: Re: JSB st matt passion movement 1 children's choir part?
yep!   David
Forum message: JSB st matt passion movement 1 children's choir part?
Does anyone know where I can find  the children's choir only of the first mvt of the St Matthew?  Sibelus, Finale, pdf, etc.   Thanks, David
Comment: Re: seeking a secular song of farewell for international student body
Not perfect, but Randall Stroope's Omnia Sol is really wodnerful.  NOT difficult, mostly unison or two part, some four part, mostly English, some Latin.  I suppose if there are any sections that are too long or too much Latin you could take a cut, since it's strophic and the wrods repeat.  When...
Comment: Re: Satb anthem about the earth
Gwyneth Walker's I Will Be Earth?   DJ
Forum message: Holiday concert "finds
Dear Colleagues,   I'm always interested in new pieces you have all discovered in planning your holiday concerts.  "New" could mean old pieces recently unearthed, I suppose, though I am mostly interested in recently-written pieces. SO many pieces cross my desk/email each year, and vetting th...
Comment: Re: SATB or SATB/SATB plus brass & percussion ideas?
Take a look at Gwyneth Walker's catalogue at  You can look by category (SATB + brass).   And search for the word brass.   Lots of wonderful stuff there.  How can I keep from Singing, Down by the Riverside, Now Let Us ...
Comment: Re: A backwards Mass...
oh, right, Sanctus and Credo.  The Haydn masses are all different sizes with diff orchestrations.  What orch will you have?    
Comment: Re: A backwards Mass...
Credo from one of the Schubert masses, unless that's too similar from the second half.  or Dvorak Mass in D? Gloria from the B minor mass? Do you have to have the entire Gloria text?   David
Concert: Albany (NY) Pro Musica - A Winter Wonderland
Albany Pro Musica David Griggs-Janower, conductor   presents     SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2012 • 7:30 pmSUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2012 • 3:00 pmCarondelet Hospitality Center385 Watervliet Shaker Road, Latham, NY PO BOX 3850 ALBANY, NY 12203-0850(518) ...
Forum message: Kwanzaa music
Question for my colleagues, and hoping African-Americans on this list will offer an opinion.  Obviously there's no tradition of Kwanzaa choral music going back centuries. It reminds of of how there's wasn't Hanukkah choral music 30 yuears ago and now there's lots of it, dozens of pieces (still pa...
Comment: Re: African-American Theme and Repertoire
TRhis is not quite what you asked for but it gives me an opportunity to mention William Grant Still's "And They Lynched Him On a Tree."  19 minutes, if I recall, with full orchestra, and calls for both white and black choirs, which sing separately at first and then come together.  Really moving....
Comment: Re: Need really rhythmic music that is exciting
tormis Raue Needmine - Curse Upon Iron DJ
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
ooh, applauidng Debussy "Dieu!" and for sure the Bach Dona Nobis Pacem!  And the CLOSING of the St. Matthew.  Of course th eclosing of both large Bach works (and the final chorus and chorale of St. John) benefit by being apotheosic (apotheotic?) closings of long works, I think.   yes, I  t...
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
I applaud the ave verum corpi, if that's right.  Byrd and Mozart.  Byrd is as perfect as it gets for me.
Comment: Re: What makes you actually commit to new repertoire and pay for it?
This is a really interesting question, Chris.   1. As someone in the business for a long time now, I get a LOT of music sent to me.  A couple of publishers (of the more reliable publishers from my point of view) send a package every 6 months or so, people email with requests for me to look a...
Comment: Re: Question for Directors Who've Attended Choral Conference Reading Sessions
Probably 10% at most. readings sessions way back when used to be absolutely awful.  They got much much better, but I'm not sure they have stayed as strong.  One of the difficulties of ACDA's expansion to include all grpus, all areas, etc (an expansion I much approve of) is that in a short amount...
Concert: The Choral Hour, University at Albany (NY)
The Choral HourSunday, November 11 at 4pmMain Theatre, PAC, UAlbany The University-Community Chorale and University Chamber Singers, David Griggs-Janower, conductor,  perform along with special guests  the College of St. Rose Masterworks Chorale under Michael LIster   http://www.albany.ed...
Comment: Re: Best Shakespeare texts set to music
A couple of works by Robert Young:   After Sunset How Sweet he Moonlight Sleeps Two Love Songs  #1, For Thy Sweet Love ("When in disgrace with fortune...")   David  
Comment: Re: Best Shakespeare texts set to music
Ward Swingle's setting of It Was a Lover is always fun.  D
Comment: Re: Best Shakespeare texts set to music
oh, so many.  What a great idea.   Emma Lou Diemer Three Madrigals Nils LIndberg Shall I compare Thee - sumtouosly gorgeous William Schuman, Orpheus with his Lute  - so simple and so moving Vaughan Williams, Three Shakespeare Songs - Cloud-Capped Towers is my favorite   I'll stop...
Comment: Re: Diction/Pronunciation Question
Garrett,   Not to prolong this, but we recorded a CD of Robert's music, incouding some tracks from Baylor. The recording of this pice was ours and we said "yay-zoo" back then.  Robert never said a word, but of course he wouldn't have "corrected" us, thinkng it rude.   I hope one of his many...
Comment: Re: Diction/Pronunciation Question
ha, Len is right, and doesn't THAT complicate things! Now we have TWO syllabes to worry about! :-)   DJ
Comment: Re: Diction/Pronunciation Question
same text, i think, Karl, and I agree, a fabulous piece.  I did it every year when I had a church job.   David
Comment: Re: Diction/Pronunciation Question
I'm so glad to hear you are doing this lovely piece of Robert's!   I'm a recent convert from "Yay-zu" to "Gee-zu."  In English-language poetry, "Jesu" is a poetic form of Jesus, NOT a borrowed Latin word, so why woudl we say "Yay-zu"?  Well, becuase we've all always done it that way in the ...
Comment: Re: Choral music of George Walker
Thanks, Peter!   DJ
Forum message: Choral music of George Walker
Can anyone recommend any choral works by George Walker?   thanks!   David
Comment: Re: Search for composer dates
When I need composer dates for living composer, I type into a search engine "John Smith b."  alsmot always the b. bring sup a birth date! great trick.   David
Comment: Re: Another Frostiana question.
good question.  My guess is that he thought having the sops gom from G# to C would be an interval hard to calculate, but Ab to C is easy.  So he changed the sorpanos, and then had to change everyone to match.   This argnument would be stronger if this were true of other parts as well!  (:-...
Comment: Re: Bethoven's 9th
I LOVED Wolff's book!
Concert: Beethoven 9th - Schenectady NY - Sunday Oct 21                                  Ode To Joy Sunday, October 21, 2012 Proctors Theater, Mainstage - 3:00 PM ...
Concert: Capital Collegiate Chamber Choir Festival, Albany NY
Capital District Chamber Choir Choralfest XIII   Picotte Recital Hall                                       Massry Center for the Arts                            College of Saint Rose   Albany, NY                           ...
Comment: Re: Bethoven's 9th
great post, Sarah!   I recommend Beethoven's Ninth:  A Political History, by Esteban Buch, though I find it  abit hard to get through. Fascinating!  There are excerpts available ont he wek.   Can't wait to read the Sachs - thanks!   David
Forum message: The initial S in German Latin
30 minutes in the archives oand on the web suggests that the initial S of words like Sanctus should be rounced [z] in German Latin, though harldy anyone actually takes about S.  Listening to German CDs doesn't bear this out to my ear.   Do you agree?  Zanktus?  Zui.      How about p...
Concert: Albany (NY) Pro Musica and Albany Symphony Orchestra
  BACH MAGNIFICAT & J. CORIGLIANO FERN HILL Also Haydn Symphony #48   Albany Pro Musica David Griggs-Janower, Artistic Director Albany Symphony Orchestra David Alan Miller, Conductor   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2012 • 7:30 pmSUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2012 • 3:00 pmTroy Savin...
Comment: Re: Bethoven's 9th
I"m preparing the Beethoven now, for the 4th or 5th time (one loses track!).  There's no question it's very difficult to sing.  My tenors would disagree that it's not high fo them - that forte octave leap to high A is hard!  The double fuge with its syncopated part...
Comment: Re: Searching for new unpublished Christmas music
I am glad to see that Brain Holmes responded. I have been enjoying his compositions verymuch.  Take a look also at    David
Comment: Re: Lulajże Jezuniu
yes there is! Paul Brandvik arranged it.  Beautiful!   Lulajze, Jezuniu (Lullaby, Sweet Jesus). Arranged by Paul Brandvik. SATB DV A Cappella. Boosey & Hawkes Sacred Choral. 12 pages. Boosey & Hawkes #M051470709. Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48004770)   ...
Comment: Re: Handel's Messiah
There's a C major version   DJ
Comment: Re: A Cappella Choral Benediction
Does it have to be obviously religious?  How about J JErome Williams A Parting Blessing (May the Road Rise to Meeet you...)?
Comment: Re: Out of Print, Publisher vanished...
might be Emma Lou Diemer's Three madrigals you can see and listen here:     david
Concert: Albany (NY) Pro Musica German-American concert
THE 150th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT FOR ST. JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC CHURCH SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 • 3:00 pmSt. Joseph’s Church600 State Street, Schenectady, NY     PROGRAM   ALBANY PRO MUSICA David Griggs-Janower, conductor Starr...
Comment: Re: Suggestions Christmas Repertoire
LEroy Anderson, A Christmas Festival.   David
Comment: Re: Need Patriotic suggestions
i'm not clear if you want a peice that combines SATB/SAB or is eitehr, but Gwyneth Walker wrote a very nice arrangement of My Country Tis of thee called Sweet Freedom.   David