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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

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Community Forum Post: New ACDA Membership Type Aimed at ChoralNet users
All -- There have been many conversations at ACDA National about how to increase membership amongst ChoralNet users, especially now that ChoralNet is as ACDA-branded and -funded entity. With that in mind, they've sent us the below proposal for feedback from this group. If you'd take a few minutes ...
Community Forum Post: Update from ACDA Leadership Conference
Greetings all-- David mentioned in another post: "I'd also be interested in hearing if anyone on the ChoralNet Committee was at the recent ACDA leadership meeting in Dallas and what might the future might hold. This group has been pretty we still officially exist??"   Apolog...
Community Forum Post: 10 Questions With...
EC says "10 Questions with..." can proceed. Julie-- Any thoughts on whom you want to task with some of the varying steps? How do you want to delegate the recurring process of recruiting, collecting, editing, publishing?
Community Forum Post: Survey for ACDA Members and Potential Members
Ryan and Zach-- As per EC, Philip needs to vet the contents of the survey and take to the EC for approval. See Hilary's notes below: "Ryan and Zack need to vet the survey contents with Phillip and then with the EC before sending anything out.  Because we are so heavily involved in the Strategic...
Community Forum Post: Chat Archives
Trying to open the two chat archives off of the ChoralNet Committee front page, and I get "Sorry, paint function isn't available for this node." Other two uploaded library files work fine.
Community Forum Post: Feature Suggestions
I thought that as we're shaking out the bugs, quick one-shot feature suggestions could go in a running thread, rather than needing each to have a separate one. Maybe we can make that a sticky thread.   Do we have sticky threads?