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Comment: Re: High Quality Pop Music for SSA/SSAA
David, you can take a glance at . There are a couple of pop SSAA scores. Fabio
Comment: Re: Finish this sentence.......
Dan, I do not agree with your perspective. It's likely that the mass of the "less important" composers shape the American choral music much more than the three "winners" Lauridsen, Whitacre and ______ do.   Fabio
Comment: Re: on "a cappella definition"
Pardon me, Craig. I need to complete the phrase "during live performances they want (chunk of) vocal lines sent out to their ears, for better fixing the intonation". Those vocal lines do not come from the live performance. They are recorded in studio, BEFORE the performance, in order to guarantee ...
Comment: Re: The meaning behind "fa la la" in madrigals
Hi Claire. Gordon is right. Here in Italy, if you hear, for instance, someone singing as they walks, probably you'll hear they sing "la la la la....". It is the standard "italian scat". In the case of the past music, it was "fa la la la....", with the "fa" on any opening note. Summing up: no meani...
Comment: Re: on "a cappella definition"
Hi Craig. Actually my classification is intended for live performances indeed. But my previous reply was not tailored in a proper way on your question. The present reply will clarify much better the point. Try on Youtube: Club for Five - Sassy (YouTube channel: ClubForFive). After listening, you wi...
Comment: Re: on "a cappella definition"
Hi Craig, Hi Donald. @Craig. In my message I delimited the context to live performances. I am not aware that distortion or looping were used in the past in live performances, but I may be wrong. If so, thank you for your correction. There is an interesting point in your message: "Also, a singer...
Forum message: on "a cappella definition"
Dear friends, in the recent past I partecipate on this forum to some scattered and very interesting discussions which can be summarized under the title "what does it mean acappella today?". I would like to read your comments on a reflection of mine, which is just a weak attempt to understand a ...
Comment: Re: Algorithmic Choral Compositions
Judith, I am interested in such compositions too. Outside the area of choral composition have you suggestions for some noteworthy compositions/authors? A more specific question: with "algorithmic" do you mean a composition totally determined from some initial "seeds"?
Forum message: Acoustical shells and small vocal ensembles
This message come close to Sandra Banas' one on the same topic. I followed "Seghizzi" choir competition, last week, in Gorizia - Italy. On stage there was an acoustical shell. I was really surprised that sound came to the audience with good volume also in the case of small ensembles (with one voice...
Announcement: new a cappella scores
There are a couple of new free a cappella arrangements for who is interested on my page   ---------- Please allow me a short off-topic...When browsing Choralnet, quite often John Howell comes to my mind (I had plenty of interesting discussions with John), so let me rec...
Comment: Re: Unusual Christmas arrangements
Hi Phyllis. There is something on my site arrangements of some rather popular Christmas songs (now all of them with audio samples). In the list they are mixed with pop/jazz songs, anyway you'll recognize them from the titles. Best Regards.
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
Hi Jayson. As far as I understand, you let "the unit and uniformity" be created by the sound engineer, right? But again we are at the starting point, in my opinion this is not a "choral" perspective, it is a soliloquy perspective: the sound engineer that does and undoes. Next step is to substitute h...
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
Dear Jayson, your question is: "What does a choir inherently posess that Virtual Choir can't or doesn't?" Let me reverse your question: "What does a VC inherenlty possesses that a choir can't or doesn't?" There is a simple answer. A VC is impossible without a sound engineer. As the single tracks ...
Comment: Re: RIP, John Howell
I miss John. I had from him a lot of informations and suggestions on musical aspects and legal issues as well. Above all, he had always a kind and constructive attitude towards me and everyone else. He used to close each message with: "All the best". Now it's my turn: I wish you all the best in you...
Comment: Re: El Grillo - translation for "Dalle" & "Beve"
At Ivo: The line should be without "il". There are several versions from  "Dalle beve grillo canta" to "Dalle, beve, grillo, canta" (the difference is in the commas). At David: The meaning of "Dalle" is not so sure. It could be a variation of "Dai!", which corresponds to "come on!" I know  ...
Comment: Re: Pitch Discrimination Survey
 Nora, on your second statement: I had the same impression as you. But quite often we are disturbed by psyco-acoustical effect: we perceive something that is not present in the sound waves, so it just exists within our ears or brain. There are some incredible and really funny "sound illusions", ...
Comment: Re: New Music for TTBB
Dear Mark, you could try my page ; Moon River, What a wonderful world, Over the Rainbow could be fit for your group (you can listen just to Moon River, but it will give you an idea on the difficulty and on the kind of arrangements). All the best.
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
Hi David! My previous message was not at all clear. Trash it. We are not so distant from Dawn's posting. Let me try again....The point is the following: "choirs" and "virtual choirs" are not relatives. The word "choir" associated with "virtual" produces this result: the main meaning comes from "v...
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
 Please pardon me if you feel I'm posting too many times, possibly repeating old arguments. Last message of David in my opinion points to some main differences, and points to a huge problem with the words we use. We are speaking of traditional choir and virtual choir. What does it mean "choir"...
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
Let me add something more.  All of us knows how much it's difficult for a choir/a cappella group to sing at a satisfactory level. And on the other hand we recognize a cappella music as the most natural and "most human" of all musical genres (no instruments, just the human voice). But now technolo...
Comment: Re: Eric Whitacre conferences and Virtual Choirs
Hi Dawn. Your message is on a subject really interesting. But I do not face directly your questions, since I need to do some steps back, since the relation between "choir" and "virtual choir" is not at all clear to me. I do not have firm convictions, only doubts. First of all I wonder why a so...
Comment: Re: SATB arrangements in MIDI downloads.. recommendations of sites please
Maybe you can find something on my page ; I send pdf + midi file. Scores are free, provided that some easy requirements are fullfilled. Regards.
Comment: Re: Looking for good arrangements of 1940's songs
Dear Phyllis, try my page: I didn't check the dates, but probably something could be good for you: Best Regards
Comment: Re: Pronunciation of the words "Christmas" and "heaven"
....If here in Italy someone asks me what is this strange thing named "schwa", I will redirect them not on some grammar text, but on this thread, for a clear and practical explanation. Really illuminating to me indeed, thank you friends!
Comment: Re: Can I arrange and perform a piece without acquiring permission?
Thank you indeed, John. Your message is much more exhaustive than I expected. I forgot this piece of information: here in Italy the association that protects the copyright (SIAE) introduced in 2010, March 22, a new procedure which allows an arranger to deposit officially an arrangement of a song i...
Comment: Re: Can I arrange and perform a piece without acquiring permission?
I have some questions, since I see a gap between what one should do and what one can do, at least here in Italy. Here the subeditions which have the rights for the italian territory seem to be not interested in any non-commercial use of the song. When I contact them for asking the arranging permis...
Comment: Re: Can I arrange and perform a piece without acquiring permission?
Carol, a crucial point is the following: try to check whether in your country "transcriptions" are disciplined differently from "arrangements", and in case check if your score can be classified as transcription; here in Italy, transcritpions are totally free, you do not have to ask for any permiss...
Comment: Re: Suggestions Christmas Repertoire
Hi Leonardo. It is not clear to me whether you are searching for a collection of songs by a unique arranger: in this case, my suggestion below is of no use. If you think to pick up songs from different sources, then I can give you the following small contribution: try to listen the Stille Nacht ve...
Comment: Re: How much should self-published composers' music cost?
I found the messages of John (11 September) and Julia (12 September) in some way related to my experience. So I bring my little contribution on the "extreme strategy". At some point in my life I decided to publish my scores. I faced the "business plan" problem, as mentioned by John, for a while, b...
Comment: Re: Christmas Music for small SATB Community Choir
Hi Philip. No particular suggestion; just take a minute and browse my webpage ; you'll find some Christmas score. All scores are free. If you are interested just email me (the address is on the page). Best Regards.
Comment: Re: Looking for ideas and arrangements - Men vs. Women
Phyllis,   you could take a glence to the list on my webpage ; there are several (free) arrangements for SSAA or TTBB. Best Regards.
Comment: Re: Help: O bella fusa translation needed!
Ethan,    I try. I understand that you want grasp the meaning, not to have  a singable version.   ====================================== the context should be a boy/man who sells spinning wheels outdoors   O beautiful women [or girls], spinning wheels! [for sale] Who wants t...
Announcement: Stille Nacht
For the first time I have added on my page a NON a cappella arrangement, namely Stille Nacht for voice, flute and piano. You could listen to this version at The score is free, as usual. Greetings, Fabio.
Announcement: Molly Malone and Danny boy: free a cappella arrangements
The arrangements of Danny Boy and Molly Malone are ready. You can listen to them on The score are free. In the case you are interested, just follow the instructions on my page. Best Regards Fabio
Announcement: A cappella Nocturne in E flat, Chopin
A jazzy arrangement of Notturno op.9 n. 2 by Chopin is available. The arrangement is rather challenging, TTTBB or SATTB. You can listen to it on my page, at    Greetings Fabio Alessi    
Comment: Re: on permissions
What you write sounds in a sense quite reasonable, John (mainly from the point of view of copyright holders). But from a practical point of view implementing what you write seems difficult, at least in certain contexts. When an arranger works with a group, the very beginning of the process is to w...
Comment: Re: on permissions
Thank you again, John, really illuminating. In particular I single out this question, from your messages. Suppose that I live in US and I purchased a score of a song in copyright. I like it. One evening I start arranging it. You see me and would tell me: "Stop Fabio! You have to ask for the permis...
Comment: Re: on permissions
As you put things, it seems that the poor arranger has no protection: before writing the arrangement he must ask for the permission, otherwise he cannot save even his authorship: but when asking for the permission, it is possible that copyright holders ask him for the score, right? The arranger se...
Comment: Re: on permissions
Really interesting. I see that the matterl is really complex. Thank you John, thank you, Kentaro. I add something. Here in Italy arrangements, transcriptions, adaptations and elaborations are kept separate. In particular transcriptions do not need permissions, arrangements do need. This distinctio...
Forum message: on permissions
Dear friends, consider the following common situation: an arranger makes an a cappella arrangement of a song in copyright. He/she says: good, maybe my friends, the cappella group XX, would like to sing it. He contacts XX, send them his/her arrangement for evaluation. XX reply: Great! We want to ...
Comment: Re: Looking for nice Christmas arrangements
Hi Phyllis.   Actually I do not answer your question, since the arrangements do not focus on "home". Anyway, if your research will broaden, some free Xmas arrangements are on my page:   Greetings Fabio
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA vocal jazz
Hi Kyle. Take a look at the list  on . There are some SSAA scores to download. If you see there some title interesting for you, email me (I will answer after 10 January). Bye
Announcement: free a cappella arrangements
Added SATB version of Crystal Spring. As far as I know, it is the unique SATB score of this beautiful traditional english song available on the web. You can find it on   Bye fabio
Comment: Re: Seeking pop/jazz rendition of Christmas Carols
Hi Victoria. Check here:  there are several free Christmas songs.   Bye
Comment: Re: Beautiful melodies (and beautiful arrangements)
 Hi Daniel.   Moon River, 4 voices, good for SSAA or SATB by changing the key in the Finale score, is of interest for you? In case email me at   Fabio
Announcement: free a cappella arrangments (jazz, pop, Xmas songs)
Hi everyone. I'm Fabio Alessi from Italy. I arrange/compose since a decade for a cappella groups. I have a good reputation in the a cappella community. I recently decide to put  on the web part of my work for free. If you are in a cappella jazz, pop, Christmas songs, please visit   http://fabioale...