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Comment: Re: Lively SSA or SSAA music similar to Chili con Carne
Couldn't agree more. We did it last year - the chorus and the audience loved it!   Bill Paisner Southwest Women's Chorus
Comment: Re: Lively SSA or SSAA music similar to Chili con Carne
An outstanding uptempo SSAA accompanied piece is The Caffeine Overload Polka by Eric Lane Barnes. Super clever and catchy. I'm hoping to program it with a quartet for our spring concert next year. It's available for perusal and purchase at   Bill Paisner Director,...
Forum message: I Saw Three Ships Lyrics
Has anyone dug into the meaning of these lyrics and come to some conclusions, ideally for announcing at a concert? Some initial research on my part seems to show a variety of meanings for "ships" and "his lady".   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Comment: Re: Looking for novelty Winter/Holiday piece for adult women's chorus
Kathleen, there are a bunch. Here are some, searchable on Pepper for the most part:   A Canine Christmas Concerto     -Carter Fruitcake                                    -Hagemann No Time to Diet                          -Huntsinger The Pie Carols        ...
Comment: Re: Renovating Choral Library
We recently moved our library to a bedroom-sized room. The storage method is Pendaflex folders in Pendaflex-sized boxes, 18" deep. The folders just go over the sides of the boxes. The boxes are on steel commercial-grade wire racks from Costco. The ventilation seems very good.   Bill Paisner Dire...
Comment: Re: A piece to introduce a church choir to Classical Music
If you want to keep it simple and lively, how about "Sing a Song of Merry Christmas", set to Mozart, arr. Walter Ehret. It's a round which makes it even easier to sing.
Comment: Re: What do you make of music published on ‘copy-proof’ paper?
There is another reason against "copy-proof" paper, which by the way, should also include paper with a large gray visible watermark. I often create midi files from perusal copies to help me analyze the music and decide if I want to program it. This is especially true for women's chorus music, since ...
Community Forum Post: Mutual Help
Looking for partners in mutual music borrowing. Please check out Classified in this category if you're interested.   Thanks,   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Borrowing request: Request to Borrow Music - Women's Chorus
Item: Mutual Borrowing with other Women's Choruses Composer/Arranger/Edition: various Starting: January 2014 For: Through May 2014 Copies: 40 Willing to rent: No  The Southwest Women's Chorus has a borrowing relationship with the Women's Choral Society in Oregon and would like to expand it's li...
Community Forum Post: Chorus in Costa Rica?
One of my best sopranos is relocating for a year to Costa Rica and would love to have a place to sing there. Does anyone know of a community-type chorus that she might join in the San Jose area? Please respond privately.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus wpaisner@post.harvard.ed...
Community Forum Post: How do you pay for tours?
As a 14-year-old independent 35-voice women's chorus, we are developing an interest in out-of-state and out-of-country tours to expand our choral experience. However, with the still-fragile state of the economy, the majority of our members would find the per-person costs prohibitive. Those of you wi...
Comment: Re: "It Gets Better" Concert repertoire suggestions?
I strongly suggest "We Rise Again" by Dubinsky arr. Smith. It's a totally inspiring piece that we have done for memorial services. It moves along well and is available in SSAA, TTBB, and SATB.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Borrowing request: Holst Planets Neptune Choral Score
Item: A clean copy of the choral parts at the end of Neptune Composer/Arranger/Edition: Holst Starting: In June For: Indefinite - it's for reference for a possible future concert Copies: 1 Willing to rent: No  I have a cpdl-type full score, but the choral parts are awfully tiny.
Comment: Re: Literal Translation of Bogoroditse Devo Wanted
Looks good. Thanks.
Forum message: Literal Translation of Bogoroditse Devo Wanted
I am looking for a word by word (not line by line) literal translation of this Hail Mary verse from the Rachmaninoff Vespers. In other words, in the format of Jeffers' monumental Translations book.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus    
Comment: Re: Looking for some good choral arrangements of country songs
Done it -- loved it.
Comment: Re: Looking for some good choral arrangements of country songs
Nick,   For those who go looking, your song is actually "Life is like a Mountain Railroad", at least according to Pepper. I do wish it were available for women's voices.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Another vote for  Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder. The rhythmic interest, the variety, the wonderful harmonies -- it's hard to beat, unless of course you include most of the Brahms and Faure Requiems <grin>.
Comment: Re: repertoire database
I keep mine in Microsoft Word as a table with lots of interesting columns. You can sort it up to 4 ways at a time and searching is easy.
Comment: Re: Music about the unusual, the exotic, the strange
A number of years ago, one of my adult choruses performed a "Musical Menagerie" concert with lots of strange songs. The program is as follows:   Ola! O che bon eccho!               Orlando Di Lasso An Admonition                           Joseph Haydn Le Chant ...
Comment: Re: Porpora Magnificat
We haven't done too many, since there aren't too many written originally for women. Although not a major work, we just did the Biebl Ave Maria in double women's chorus arrangement (his), using our Master Quartet (auditioned - competitive) as one of the choruses. The chorus loved it. We did do Lana...
Comment: Re: Porpora Magnificat
The Southwest Women's Chorus did this in 2009, with cello and keyboard harpsichord as accompaniment. The full chorus did movements 1, 3, 5, and 6. A specially selected octet did movements 2 (Et exultavit) and 4 (Fecit potentiam). The chorus itself is auditioned, but has mostly non-readers with som...
Forum message: Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit - Dawson
I am performing the SSAA version of this. As in a number of old Dawson arrangements, there are errors in the text and sometimes in the actual notes. If someone has the SATB version of this song and would be kind enough to email me a pdf for comparison, I would be very grateful. The pdf will only b...
Comment: Re: a piece for advanced female chorus, a cappella, fast?
How about Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit, Dawson - Tuskeegee. Very exciting, really moves.
Website suggestion: CHOIRS: Community Choirs
It would be very helpful if the Community Choirs section of the Choirs page could be divided into three subsections: Mixed, Women, Men. As the director of a women's chorus, I would like an easy way to identify fellow choruses. I know you are conductor-centered and not Chorus America, but ...
Comment: Re: Easiest way to make "part" recordings, and post them?
I create MIDI files for all my choral works using PhotoScore scanning software together with Sibelius for final part separation and cleanup. I require my chorus members to purchase PowerTracks software (a midi sequencer program) from I get it with dealer discount and pass that on to t...
Comment: Re: Women's Choir -- repertoire on theme of Angels & Demons
I would like to second the recommendation for the Gywneth Walker piece. Did it last year and the chorus loved it.
Comment: Re: Female Basses in Vivaldi and Oh-The- Possibilities!(?)
And to think I perceived this thread initially as being about vocal techniques and limits. I have now had my consciousness raised to the point that I stand on tiptoes.   Naively yours.  
Comment: Re: Female Basses in Vivaldi and Oh-The- Possibilities!(?)
I want to add my voice to the subject of "training" women's/girls' voices to sing Bass. I am often asked by members of my women's chorus as well as my femaile voice students how to sing lower. Once I teach them to apply as much resonance as possible to their low notes, I tell them with a straight ...
Comment: Re: Concert programs
We produce a new program twice a year and make about 600 copies each time. We create the master ourselves using Publisher. We typically edit the previous season version, using it as a "template". We encourage, nay, beat the bushes for program ads, which get scanned if necessary, especially bus...
Comment: Re: Enhanced Reverb
In our "multi-purpose" "state of the art" theater, sound reinforcement is necessary, as the chorus is just not loud enough to be heard all the way through the audience, given the acoustical properties of the theater which also includes a certain dryness of sound (low reverb). Since we must use sou...
Comment: Re: Sharing mics / splitting lines
Although I agree with most of the responses that say "share the mics", if you absolutely must have more mics than your board, just buy a small inexpensive mixer for the additional mics + 1, then plug its line output into a DI box and from the DI box go into one of the 24-channel mic inputs. But as...
Comment: Re: Celebratory piece for women's chorus
We Rise Again, Dubinsky, Cypress Choral Music A secular inspiriing song about the next generation of immigrants surpassing their parents.
Comment: Re: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
Thank all of you for your great suggestions. This is for our Spring 2012 concert. I will be making final decisions over the next few months and will be happy to post the results here.
Comment: Re: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
Excellent idea, especially if I also program "The Sun Whose Rays" from the Mikado - two approaches to the same idea.
Comment: Re: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
Regrettably, all three of those songs are SATB only, according to Pepper.
Comment: Re: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
Gee, John, tell us how you really feel! Actually I AM looking for stereotypes to contrast with the naughty stuff and that just might be a good solo selection for my concert. Thanks.
Forum message: Women's chorus music about "nice" women
I am putting together a program for my women's chorus which contrasts the "nice" aspects of women with the "naughty". I've got plenty of naughty; what I'm looking for is ideas for women's chorus arrangements and solos which express the nicer, sweeter side of women. These can be real or stereotypic...
Comment: Re: Voice-centered ENT wanted in Southern California
The Inland Empire includes Riverside and San Bernadino counties. Think of it as stretching from the city of Riverside down to Northern San Diego.  
Forum message: Voice-centered ENT wanted in Southern California
I am looking for personal  recommendations for an Otolaryngologist or clinic which specializes in diagnosing problems with the singing or speaking voice. The ideal area would be the Inland Empire, but after that in priority order: San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. I have a voice student ...
Comment: Re: Filing and Organizing Music
After many years of maintaining a filing cabinet of single scores organized by type, I finally broke down and created a comprehensive database in Microsoft Word, listing not only the music, but a large number of useful attributes, like a cappella, Christmas, folk, classical, previous dates perform...
Comment: Re: Digital Recorders
If they still make it, the Zoom H2 is all you really need. Fantastic sound and very flexible with 4 built-in microphones.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Comment: Re: Need good Hanukkah music
I am amazed that no one has mentioned "The Chanukah Song (We are Lights)" by Stephen Schwarts, arr. by Mac Huff. We use SSA, but SATB is available. Great lyrics and lovely melodies.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Comment: Re: The Sleigh Bells - a Mexican folksong?
I think you might be talking about the Ukrainian (or Russian) "Sleigh Bells". Pepper has it arranged by Earlene Rentz.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Womens' Chorus
Comment: Re: MIDI demos of new choral works: any use to conductors?
Of course, we all start with perusing a score. My next step is to play some of the accompaniment and then the choral parts. This is often all I need for evaluation. However, there are cases where my piano reading skills are not up to "evaluation" quality. My next step is typically to create a midi...
Comment: Re: how do you check out your octavos to your singers?
We have a 45-voice women's chorus. Before the first meeting of the season, our Librarian creates a folder for each singer and stuffs it with the proper music. Also in the folder is a tally sheet listing all the music. At the first meeting of the season, the contents of the folder (not the folder...
Concert: The Southwest Women's Chorus presents A Century of Pop Music
Temecula, California: The Southwest Women's Chorus presents A Century of Pop Music. This ambitious undertaking covers all decades of the 20th century, performed chronologically. Only the best of each decade was selected, with four different genres selected for the 1960's as one might expect. The...
Comment: Re: Suggestions for Children's Piece about World Peace and Harmony
The Paint Box - Oshrat, arr. Alloway. An anti-war, ant-prejudice song,  SSA, easy. Very moving.   Bill Paisner Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
Comment: Re: Dealing with Desiring Soloists
John, None of those situtations have ever happened in my chorus. I have open auditions for all stand-alone solos plus any significant "embedded" solos that are part of a choral piece. I hand out materials and schedule the auditions for 3 weeks later. I make it clear up front that my policy is as...
Forum message: Hey, Look Me Over SSA - need last few pages.
The title is "Hey, Look Me Over", from the musical Wildcat, arranged SSA by Clay Warnick and currently P.O.P. I have pages 1 through 10 and am searching to find the remaining pages. Anyone have this choral score and would be willing to send me the last few pages (mail or scan/email)?