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Comment: Re: Stick Time: Rice Krispies® in the Choir
Start them as children. Give the boys their own chorus and they will love it. Make it safe for them to sing through the snap, crackle pop.  They will grow up and keep singing. It has happened for my boys now men. 
Comment: Re: Taking Attendance on the iPad
Does this allow a way to input information for conflicts that will occur later? I receive notices from parents about conflicts months in advance. Currently I use a Google Doc to track attendance, and I reserve a column for notes where I can write, for example: "family vacation June 3". Does this ap...
Comment: Re: Need a Good Arrangement of Star-Spangled Banner
I love an SSAATB version that Louis Magor wrote originally as SSAA. He considers it a gift and would share it willingingly. If you want a copy, let me know a mailing address and I will send to you.
Comment: Re: Looking for lively/upbeat Marian setting for auditioned community women's choir
Kodaly Ave Maria Head Ave Maria Brahms Regina Coeli   good luck
Comment: Re: Exaudi choir or Maria Felicia Pérez
You can also email Leonor Suarez, conductor of Sine Nomine who are expected to perform at ACDA in Salt Lake City next year:
Comment: Re: Conference Morsel: Retaining Young Male Singers
Also to encourage males, let them have their own chorus or at least their own groups. This peer support will help them if they encounter teasing. Make sure to have older male singers around to let them see them that respect and appreciation are heaped on guy singers!    They love beautiful, ...
Comment: Re: Saturday Respite: Automatic Doors and a Telephone Booth
No one had conceived of push buttons!! WHERE do you find these things?? :-)
Comment: Re: Major Works Appropriate for HS Singers
Gloria by Carcani, a lesser known Baroque work. My copy is published by Roger Dean (it's old). It's a lovely alternative to Vivaldi Gloria. 
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
The complete Carmina Burana with its tempo changes with a high school choir. Exciting accomplishment.   R. Murray Shafer's Epitaph for Moonlight which once dissected was very manageable.   Same for his Gamelan.
Comment: Re: Anyone using Music Staff White/Blackboards anymore?
I have a rolling white board blank on one side and staff lines on the other. My biggest problem is that it doesn't roll well. Otherwise, it's fine. (expensive, though)
Borrowing request: Need Oxford Vol I Hymns for Male Choirs
Item: Oxford Vol I Hymns for Male Choirs Composer/Arranger/Edition: unknown Starting: July 20 2013 For: two months Copies: one Willing to rent: Yes  This was recommended for ATBB music but it is out of print. I need to find a copy in order to get publisher's permission. Thank you.
Comment: Re: ATTB music
Thanks to everyone. Indeed, sacred is appropriate for this concert. 
Forum message: ATTB music
I have some unchanged voices in my high school all male choir. I saw the Dufay Salve Regina from the 2003 ACDA reading packet which is voiced ATTB and this is perfect, but it is too long. Does anyone have ideas of similar music (early-ish) with the voicing? ATBB is fine too! Thank you for your help....
Comment: Re: Literature for chamber choir with orchestra
Gloria by Carcani, a lesser known lovely piece similar in difficulty to Vivaldi Gloria.
Comment: Re: Choral Caffeine: More Pitches
My house has that same vibration and others can't hear it (like when I called the electric company because I thought there was a problem). I've trained myself to not focus on it, but this is validating; at least I'm not crazy.
Comment: Re: GUEST BLOG: "Why Choral Music is Vital to Today’s Youth" by Reilly Dougherty
Wow. What an articulate and passionate testament. Thank you.
Comment: Re: Scholarly Abstractions: Classroom Management
Would be interesting to know what sorts of classroom management techniques were successful and correlated with which of these variables and how they were defined. 
Comment: Re: Stick Time: More Male Voices, Please
Having taught high school and church youth choirs for years, I learned that boys love to sing. So what is stopping them? I struggled to recruit but when I started to separate the boys at least as beginners and my numbers exploded. By creating a community of guys, we confront and expel the fear of ...
Comment: Re: ChoralTech: Why You Might Love iTunes More than You Think
I can't transfer my non-purchased iTunes from my computer to my iPad. Any clues about that? 
Comment: Re: Authentic Classical Repertoire for Middle School?
There is a book of Motets for SAB choirs. I don't have the publisher or editor name because I am out of town, but these are quite wonderful. Perhaps a search or let me know if you want me to find my copy when I return home after July 3. Regards, Joyce
Comment: Re: What sets classical music apart from pop music?
One amusing answer to this interesting discussion might be heard in Axis of Awesome's performance of Four Chords, a conglomeration of many pop and folk songs that use the same chords over and over. Alert: some of the Youtubes of this contain profanity. There are versions without the f-bombs. 
Comment: Re: Stick Time: Why Guys Don't Sing
It is so important for boys and young men to be able to sing together. By having a separate boys chorus, they can express their innate love of singing without the threat that this is somehow "feminine". It also provides the opportunity to have male role models with the older singers inspiring the ...
Comment: Re: It just kept ringing
At the SF Symphony, everytime there is a hushed, ethereal moment, someone coughs and pretty soon others follow. It takes only one person to jar the audience out of it's mood.
Comment: Re: 5th graders with extreme, chronic hoarseness. advice?
I have prepared a power point with some pictures of the vocal cords when they are healthy and when they are damaged; would be happy to share. This problem is becoming rampant. I understand that poor vocal health affects general health also, but I don't have the details on that. If someone could sh...
Comment: Re: Straightforward treble arrangement of Star Spangled Banner
Karyn, I have an SSAA that is really fabulous. Louis Magor arranged it for SFBC and has given us permission to use it and to share it. Since you are local, I can get you a copy if you want to see it. It also has an optional T/B part but the original is SSAA.
Comment: Re: Appalled by Article in inTune magazine featuring Florence & the Machine
Ha. I just happened to be watching the Nov. 19 Saturday Night Live where Florence and the Machine was on. I was shocked at the poor intonation, the pushing of the chest voice too high and then not quite making it to the intended pitch. I am not objecting to the music but to the singing. Then I saw...
Comment: Re: ACDA announces U.S. / Cuba Choral Summit
We toured Cuba summer 2011 and met outstanding choirs. Among them: Sine Nomine, an all male choir led by Leonor Suarez, Allina Corina from Schola Cantorum Coralina, Corina Campos and Vocal Leo. Exaudi is one of many excellent choirs in cuba
Comment: Re: Recommendations for boys SA/SSA music from French master composers i.e. Faure, Debussy and Durufle
Hi Bill. Congratulations!! How about Couperin 2 part music? Joyce Keil Ragazzi Boys Chorus
Comment: Re: Anyone know an easy Gloria appropriate for church's 50th anniversary? URGENT HELP NEEDED
There is a wonderful little Baroque Gloria (15 min or so) by Carcani. I was able to do with my high school choir.
Comment: Re: ACDA conference performances of a major work
I almost skipped this because I tho't I had heard the Elijah so many times. But after this performance I realized I had never really heard the work before. It was brilliant.
Comment: Re: Classroom Management in Choral Settings
Fred Jones had a workshop for classroom management. He travels around USA, is based in Santa Cruz CA. Google him for website
Comment: Re: Transfiguration Sunday -need anthem for SATB or SAB ( quickly)
The Glory of the Father by Hovland is fantastic, mystical and not toooo hard.
Comment: Re: Junior High Rehearsal Management
Try Fred Jones' book Tools for Teaching. Great ideas for classroom management and especially great for this age! Good luck.
Comment: Re: SATB music about animals
Jannequin Le Chant des Oiseaux!
Comment: Re: Sitting vs. Standing
Our boys(10-24) also stand for their two hour rehearsals and the high school boys stand for three, althought they do get one break. (I'm even older than Bill and can stand.) This has virtually eliminated any fainting in performance even on tours when the boys are battling jet lag. My high school s...
Comment: Re: Need help with repertoire for boys choir
One medium-easy 2 part piece is the Bach Der Herr Segne. There are some lovely Schütz duets from the Kleine Geistliche collection. Also maybe something unison that they could do in octaves, like a solo from the Vivaldi Gloria. Rutter has a lot of 2-part music, such "All Things Bright and Beautifu...
Comment: Re: Policies for choir hosting (children's choirs)
Ragazzi has both hosted choirs and been hosted. The boys love the homestays as they are offered by families who also have children who sing. We had a wonderful time last year in Arizona with both the Tucson and Phoenix boy choirs. This year we traveled to Montreal and were hosted by the Laval Boyc...
Comment: Re: What's wrong with jazz, show tunes, pop, etc in choir?
My boy choir does all kinds of music also. When I need help on popular styles, I bring in someone to coach. However, the danger of mixing styles is that singers need to change gears for the appropriate tone quality with each and, especially with young choirs, one has to constantly remind them not ...
Comment: Re: High School Repertoire- Vaughan Williams
Don't forget Serenade to Music
Comment: Re: Question - What is a "Founder"?
I have always referred to myself as co-founder since a parent started the chorus with me and we both did a lot of work. That might be the most amicable solution.
Comment: Re: Choral Masterwork Suggestions for beginning and intermediate singers
Gloria by Carcini, Faure Requiem, Bach Cantata 104, Mozart Missa Brevis in D. good luck
Comment: Re: Combined Middle & High School Boys
How about the Shaw Parker Viva La compagnie (spelling?)
Comment: Re: Small choir issues - please help!
One of the European Madrigal collections features 2-part madrigals. I also did Purcell rounds with funny texts and canons by other great composers as I built basic choral tone the first year I taught a group of 7 hs kids. They are now in their 40's and remember that time fondly. They thought they we...
Comment: Re: Need suggestions
The Lord is a Mighty God by Mendelssohn. Powerful, but only in two parts.
Comment: Re: songs about singing
Handel, Music Spread thy voice around Dickau, If music be the food of love Stroope, The Poet Sings (ssa) Martinson, Everyone Sang (TTBB, but may be available later) Brunner, Yo le canto Brian Holmes, Music of the Spheres and/or Vaughan Williams, Serenade to Music, Shakespeare text Schumann An die N...
Comment: Re: Repertoire Ideas - "Past Life Melodies"
Gate, Gate by Brian Tate is a nice contrast.   title escaping me: by Caldwell and Ivory, a mix of "of the Father's Love Begotten" and an African song.
Comment: Re: combined children's and adult choirs
Interesting that no one has mentioned Mass of the Children by Rutter yet, or the Randall Thompson -forget the title suddenly. Lots of church anthems that have children's choir and adults, Jesu Joyauance of my Heart, ECS Schirmer publishes ostensibly by Bach.
Comment: Re: music theory question
I served on the College Board for test development for the AP theory exam with the theory professor from Eastman in the late 1980's. We used your system.
Comment: Re: Zoom H-4N vs. Edirol R-09
Can you use it to record during a rehearsal and get instant playback for your students to do some critical listening? My friend got it on EBay for $200