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Comment: Re: iPod as recording device
Mike and Mom,   I have just purchased a 5th generation Ipod touch and plan to start using it for this purpose (among others).  I know it has an internal mic. I will soon  be exploring the quality and features. As with any technology, the newer the device, the more features and quality. I kno...
Comment: Re: Anthems for The Transfiguration of the Lord
In our Lutheran lectionary, the Transfiguration  is  celebrated on the last Sunday of the Epiphany season. Lutherans often sing the hymn Wie Schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern  (How lovely/brightly shines the Morningstar). We also sing the hymn Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies. There are a...
Comment: Re: Michael Haydn's Run Ye Shepherds (Lauft, ihr Hirten allzugleich)
I have used the edition edited by Elwood Jay Johnson.  It looks like it was originally published by Broude and/or Coronet Press. More recently it is sold by Theodore Presser.
Comment: Re: Is it feasible to teach middle school choir without any piano skills?
Kasey, I am intrigued that you have not thought about this before.  Were you banking on positions with accompanists?  Were there accompanists in the Kodaly situations you have experienced?  Going into this new position I would suggest you find out about the teaching techniques of the previou...
Comment: Re: Children's choir compensation
Seth, Ron had some great comments.  To add: The American Guild of Organists has some salary guidelines at their website.  I don't remember if they have pure choir director compensation or not, but it will give you some reference.  In my Lutheran position we often have choirs sing at 2 ser...