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Comment: Re: looking for opener for choir competition ssa
How about these? 1. Magnificat Anima Mea or 4. Gloria Patri Both are from Magnificat by Kentaro Sato.
Comment: Re: Men's Chorus Repertoire
"Arbor Mundi (youtube link) " by Kentaro Sato. One of the best multi-movement chorus works for men's chorus and piano.
Comment: Re: SSA/SSAA Mass Settings
Missa Trinitas by Kentaro Sato, a lovely work for SSA divisi   1. Kyrie 2. Gloria 3. Sanctus 4. Benedictus 5. Agnus Dei
Comment: Re: 20 minutes piece for undergrad choir
If a new work is an option, John Rutter's Gloria is shorter (about 16min) but a great work. Kentaro Sato's Requiem Pacis and Te Deum are great works that non-music majors will enjoy.  Both are about 25min, and can be performed with piano/organ or chamber orchestra or some instruments from it. Requi...
Comment: Re: New Music for TTBB
Faster pieces... How about these?   Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho   My Soul's been anchored in the Lord   This is the 2nd movement of "Arbor Mundi".
Comment: Re: Ca. 20-30 min. piece for international choir workshop
How about "Te Deum" by Kentaro Sato. Organ or Piano. and Percussion ...
Comment: Re: Looking for "Fairy Tales for ADULTS" - program ideas ...
Kentaro Sato, an Irish lullaby (SATB a cappella). It is not difficult material, but it tells how Ireland came to be.
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
I feel that these works to be perfect in the categories of a cappella major choral works (more than 20min I say). Frank Martin "Mass for Double Choir" Sergei Rachmanninoff "Vesper" Alfred Schnittke "Choral Concerto" Kentaro Sato "Missa pro Pace"
Comment: Re: Favorite Women's Choir repertoire?
Sato's "Veni Sancte Spiritus" would be  These are organ version YouTube. 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra version YouTube. 1, 2, 3, 4 And there is piano version too. His a cappella mass for female choir is also beatiful.   Also, I do love female choir version of Dirait-on by Lauridsen....
Comment: Re: Repertoire ideas for a graduate conducting recital on 9/11
Hi, Jeffrey. I recommend "Mae e" by Kentaro Sato. It is in Japanese, and there are several versions (SA, SSAA, TTBB, SAB, and SATB), and piano is optional. (Here is YouTube of accompanied SATB and a cappella SATB) What is more, there is the English lyrics version (the title is "Forever ...
Comment: Re: Folk songs from all around the world
(Japan) Yuki-no Omoide (Memory of Snow) (South Koria) Arirang (Taiwan) The sky is going to rain (China) Moh Lee Hwah  ...Oh, you have already sung this...
Comment: Re: Seeking concert choral pieces that tell a story, SATB, TTBB and/or SA
"Ireland, a Little bit of Heaven" by Kentaro Sato. The 1st movement "An Irish Lullaby" tells a story of how Ireland came to be. The work is 4-movement, and each tells stories. It is well suited for HS mixed group. Also, Sato has "Fabulae Persei." This is a 10-movement work with narration. It tel...
Comment: Re: "Hottest" New Choral Composers
Dear Maria I don't think I should be the one to talk about one's creativities, hotness and etc. But I find these composer's works to be beautiful. Ola Gjello (Norway / USA) Cluster and homophonic. Spiritual quietness. And also jazz ;)   Direction between Whitacre and Pärt? ...
Comment: Re: Death and Mortality
Forever Forward How I remember the warm and loving touch of your gentle hand. How I remember the generous and fine tone of your voice. How I remember the openness and sincerity of your longing look, in prayerful serenity. When I close my eyes, the image of our time together hovers b...
Comment: Re: Music for Women and Chamber Orchestra
Two wonderful works Josu Eldin's "Magnificat" But unfortunately, you do need soloists and bigger orchestra... 1st movement.   Kentaro Sato's "Veni Sancte Spiritus" There are chamber orchesta version (strings and 4 winds) and organ version. This is an absolutely gorgeous work. 1st, 2nd, ...
Comment: Re: sacred contemporary repertoire
I would suggest following.   Hear My Cry by Lane Prince Missa pro Pace by Kentaro Sato Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei Cantata Amoris by Kentaro Sato 1. 2. 3. 4. Ubi Caritas by Durufle  
Comment: Re: Newer repertoire for chamber choir and strings
Mass in G by Schubert would be a good one to do with strings (and piano, if there is no wind). Here is Kyrie movement. There are solo parts, but they are not hard. So, it might be a good opportunity to feature some choir members.   Also, I did "Laetentur Caeli" by Kentaro Sato ...
Comment: Re: Humorous piece for Faculty Choir
How about "Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder" Arr by Kentaro Sato?
Comment: Re: Video Games
I don't know about the published pieces, but Kentaro Sato, who occasionally writes here, is the orchestrator/arranger/lyricist of many video games such as Medal of Honor, Ghost Recon, and Final Fantasy. He might be able to help you.
Comment: Re: Repertoire for children's choir and orchestra
Kentaro Sato's "Veni Sancte Spiritus" might be good choice (it is SSA). Here are links from his site. 1st mov. 2nd mov. 3rd mov. 4th mov. Our choir performed the organ version at a large cathedral, and it was a magnificent experience.   Also, If there is solists available, Josu Elberdin h...
Comment: Re: Saint Patrick's Day rep
Neil Ginsberg "The Gartan Mother's Lullaby" (with piano and violin/flute) Kentaro Sato "Ireland, a little bit of Heaven" suite, containing "An Irish Lullaby" "Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder" "The Kerry Dance" and "Danny Boy." This is an a cappella suite. Any Anuna's works ...
Comment: Re: April in Paris
If you like French composers, Durufle has wonderful motes like "Ubi Caritas". Lili Boulanger (sister of Nadia Boulanger) wrote some choral pieces, "Hymne An Soleil" came to my mind.   If you just need pieces in French, Morten Lauridsen has wonderful "Les Chansons des Roses." Kentaro Sa...
Comment: Re: a piece for advanced female chorus, a cappella, fast?
David McIntyre's "Ave Maria" that Leonard mentioned could be an excellent choice. Here is YouTube. I've heard faster performances, though. "Carmen Laetitiae (mp3)" and "Gloria" (YouTube)" by Kentaro Sato are also excellent. There are tons of movements for everyone ;)
Comment: Re: Music from Video Games
Steven! Two pieces from Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim. They are not published, but the lyrics and orchestrator of these pieces is Kentaro Sato who regularly contributes to this forum. So, you could ask...
Comment: Re: Christmas "Star" pieces
Charles Ives "A Christmas Carol" Kentaro Sato "Little Star of  Bethrehem (a cappella)"  (or with organ)
Comment: Re: Rep for Women's Chorus and Orchestra
Veni Sancte Spiritus by Kentaro Sato. A beutiful work for advanced women's choir and chamber orchestra or organ. Here are mp3 links. 1st movement 2nd movement 3rd movement 4th movement There is a YouTube video of the 3rd movement "O Lux Beattissima" which is a cappella movement. One of...
Comment: Re: looking for more composers that sound like Eric Whitacre
Ola Gjeilo?  I always thought Mr. Whitacre sounds like Schnittke.
Comment: Re: Songs about places around the world
Ireland, A little bit of Heaven by Kentaro Sato
Comment: Re: Extended work for women's voices and orchestra
"Veni Sancte Spritius" by Kentaro Sato. A 4-movement work for female choir and orchestra (or organ). Instrumentation is strings and 4 winds. Here are excerpts mp3s! 1st 2nd 3rd 4th  
Comment: Re: Favorite Ave Marias
Anton Bruckner Kentaro Sato    
Comment: Re: PDF sight singing series?
How about free Dannhauser's Solfege? There are other materials available here.
Comment: Re: Need Chamber Choir Music Suggestions
Well, I don't know any "fast" tempo piece that last about 7min. But, if you are open to rearrange the order a bit, this kind of staff works...   Kyrie - W. Byrd Gloria (this is Kentaro Sato's, but any a cappella Gloria, like Martin would work) Agnus Dei - Victoria Spiritual (fast) ...
Comment: Re: Need Chamber Choir Music Suggestions
If you want to have same kinf of 7min a cappella piece, Agnus Dei or Nihil Sum by Kentaro Sato, or Hear My Cry, O God by Lane Price might fit!  
Comment: Re: Repertoire for an All-State TTBB Choir
Then Christmas Comes and Sweet Days Lovely pieces by Kentaro Sato   I thought this version of Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre was excellent too.
Comment: Re: Sight Singing Methods Used in the Classroom
  1. Movable do with Do-minor.   2. I found that students learn well if the solfege and other musicianship staff were incorporated in the normal warm-up process. Movable Do (but being flexible between fixed Do with chromatic syllable), with Do-minor works best to acquire the sense of...
Comment: Re: A capella suggestions for good high school choir
Ave Maria by Kentaro Sato Hear My Cry, Oh God by Lane Prince  
Comment: Re: Texts that create a strong sense of place
By the Rivers of Babylon by Ken Burton. A very cool arrangement An Irish Lullaby by Kentaro Sato. A lovely music and text on how Ireland came to be.  I think your choir enjoy these!  
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
It is not ANY active American orchestral instrumentalist, I was talking... Suppose if I taught a singer in a college choir. I would be disappointed, if, soon after the graduation of the student, he published an article saying "conductors in UK (or wherever) are taught from a very early stage ......
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
You might understood "some" Americans' feelings, if you were an American orchestral instrumentalist, and you had performed Westside Story under Leonard Bernstein in an American orchestra, and the article was "Leonard Bernstein on Why British Orchestras are Best," and it said like: tuning "instru...
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
>>Many of us considered Mr. Whitacre to be an ally in this fight to elevate the spirits and confidence of the American choral community, >>which is perhaps why the title and article created an outpouring of hurt and frustration.   Yes, Patrick! Exactly!   Because ...
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
I am assuming that if "he will only record with British choirs" is correct, it would be because his contract with Decca is so. Whether Mr. Whitacre wished to establish Eric Whitacre Singers in UK or not is another story though.
Comment: Re: chant and beyond
Chris, the beginning male soli is the chant part. But I have to say that it is not the integrated part of the piece. It is more like Mr Lauridsen paid respect to the chant in the beginning, and went on to his own. So, the piece works without the chant in a sense.
Comment: Re: chant and beyond
Three works!   Ubi Caritas by Morten Lauridsen. 7min a cappella work. Lovely. Cantata Amoris by Kentaro Sato. 25min, 4-movement a cappella work. Ubi Caritas chant appears throughout the work. Can be the main work of a concert. Requiem by Durufle. I think all (most?) themes are chant-orien...
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
I think he had to write something now. But I wished to see more constructive/educational opinion rather than "No, that was not what I meant, and I love all." All rock bands would yell "we love Springfield" if that is the place they were performing.
Comment: Re: High School Choir - 25 minute Work
I am not sure the instrumentation you would have. But...   Requiem Pacis by Kentaro Sato (about 25min) Requiem by John Rutter (about 40min, so it is a bit longer than you wanted) I am sure that your singers would appriciate these works. Both works are written for Mixed Choir, Soprano solo...
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
  Of course, we would choose repertoire based on quality (and practicality). But many of us see a composer who made quality works as an idol (especially, the composer is living), so we selfishly hope and think that the composer must be a wonderful, musical and knowledgeable person, because his/...
Comment: Re: A Response to Eric Whitacre's "Why British Choirs are Best"
   There are composers who have contributing music world by his/her compositions as well as education and volunteering, and they are usually the ones who have specifically majored in choral conducting or education at their alma mater.    And there are composers who do only writing and G...
Comment: Re: Beautiful & Stunning Sacred Literature
Ubi Caritas by M. Durufle Agnus Dei by K. Sato Ave Maria by J. Busto  
Comment: Re: Help with spring show theme selections
John Rutter's "Good Ale" would be a nice one, if "drinking" was acceptable. I might be wrong but I thought Brahms has a few drinking songs too. Kentaro Sato has a fun a cappella arrangement of Irish tune called "Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder."
Comment: Re: Cascades of voices, rising ever higher
7th Movement of Vesper by Rachmaninov, from around 1:10 Gloria (spiraling up the octaves) and Sanctus (cascades of voices) from Missa pro Pace by Kentaro Sato