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Comment: Re: Church Choir needs accompaniment by handbells alone
Hi Karen, i haven't read all the replies, but I guess you have been offered something similar to what I am going to offer you. I direct both, a chamber choir and a 5 octaves handbells choirs. Occasionally I do joint performances, specially at Chrsitmas time. I have arranged many works to suit my in...
Forum message: Disappointed after 20 + years of choral experience
I can't believe what is happening to me. I need your input. I have more than 20 years working with choirs from college level to elementary school. Years of relatively success with rehearsal managment and putting together succesful programs. All of the sudden, this year, being my 5th year at my curre...
Comment: Re: Repertoire advice please!
Hi Lesley, you may consider "The Gypsy Rover"   David N
Announcement: "Begotten Son"
This is a new work for Christmas. This melody is set for SATB, Piano, Flute, and Strings. It is a beautiful setting that you may want to include in your Christmas concert.   Thank you for your time,   David Nino
Community Forum Post: New Christmas work: "Begotten Son"
Dear Friends, I would like to share with you my newest Christmas choral composition: "Begotten Son"  This is a setting for SATB, Piano, Flute & Cello. I would like to hear your input and chances of being included in your next Christmas concert.    Sincerely,   David Nino   http://www...
Comment: Re: Pop/Show/Musical Theater and Choir
If we don't teach them what they don't usually hear at home, they won't learn to love the beauty of the classical music. I don't want to think that over the years we may find college choir directors wondering the same just because  we didnt teach our high schoolers to love classical.    David...
Comment: Re: How did YOU obtain your music website? Ideas needed!
Hi Donald, I found very functional and easy to use. It is web based, drag and drop. Has beautiful templates and all the tools for a composer (audio, PayPal, etc)    David N. 
Forum message: "Solos"? A good Problem
In the past years I have been facing a particular situation. Quite a few of my female students want to sing "solos" I have tried to balance the "Solo" parts between the good soloists and the ones who need an opportunity to experience "solo" parts and still keeping the quality of the performance. B...
Forum message: Info about "I am Yours"
Hi there, I am trying to find who is the author/composer of the song "I am yours" that plays on this video   I hear a wonderfull choir arrangement performed at the Olympic Choir games by a youth choir from Norway. It was awesome and I would like to ...
Forum message: Looking for "Wonderful invention of Love"
I have unsuccesfully tried to locate a SATB or SAB version of the song "Wonderful Invention of love" I see several choirs and groups on youtube who have done it, but none can give me any positive response on where can I find it. I appeal to this exclusive...
Forum message: High School Choir recording
Ok., my high school chamber choir of 20 students is sounding good. We have had one performance and preparing for Christmas. As they were doing pretty well I decided to make a recording with them of the crhistmas songs. -- looking forwared for a CD production--I set up the room with my Sonar and MO...
Announcement: "Good Christian Men Rejoice"
I invite you to check my new christmas arrangement of "Good Christian Men Rejoice" This is tune is so brilliant and joyful that I couldn't resist to arrange it for SATB and Piano. I love the piano accompaniment and maybe you will like it too.  You may check it at:
Announcement: A Gloria Overture   by David Nino
Announcement: A Gloria Overture
"A Gloria Overture"  is a recent work created for the Christmas repertoire in mind. The idea was to create a work that can be used as an introduction for the Christmas concert and to be performed as a processional.    Listen to the midi demo:   and thank ...
Comment: Re: Looking for Songs on the Theme of Light with ORGAN
I highly recommend you, "Morning has Broken" by Diana Bish. It is for choir and organ, and orchestra. But I believe, it can be performed only with the organ, since it was originally composed for Organ and Choir. It is simply amazing!
Comment: Re: Major Work recommendation
You can't go wrong with the "Gloria" of Mark Hayes. It is simply amazing. Check it at jwpeeper website, they have a demo.    David N
Announcement: "A New Praise" New composition for SATB
Please consider my new composition for SATB "A New praise" demos and evaluation sheets at   Thank you!   David
Comment: Re: Arrangements of Copyrighted Material
Thank you Robert and John, I begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. My composition teacher was right when he said: "It's easier to write your own music than arrange someone else" - I understand better now. Thank you!
Comment: Re: Arrangements of Copyrighted Material
My question is partially related on this topic. But, I personally found a problem when I went to search at the Copyright database for the author of the"Carol of the Bells) (   As I entered the title, I found more than 150 registrations under the same title. I...
Comment: Re: Repertoire for non-music majors, non-auditioned college choir
Hi Andrew, I know you must have been contacted with similar suggestions from composers and arrangers. But, I want to encourage you to check my choir arrangements that I have already performed with my High School choirs and they have been very welcome. Check those at and let me kn...
Forum message: Any other Choral Workshops in July?
 I would like to know if anybody is aware of Choral workshops in the OH, IL, PA, MA area during the month of July?   Thank you,   David N
Comment: Re: Virtuosic piano accompaniments for choral pieces
I would add "Song of the Open Road" from Dello Joio as well. You got to have a real "pro" Pianist for that one and the choir as well. Good luck. David
Comment: Re: High School Graduation Piece
There is a nice arrangement of Andrew Snyder of "When you Belive", from the movie Prince of Egypt, you can find a SAB or SATB version at jwpepper. I'm sure kids will love it. I will be doing this song as a finale number for our spring concert. I will be arranging instrumental parts to it. If you wan...
Forum message: Looking for a jaw dropping piece for SSA for spring concert
Hi, I am looking for an awesome SSA piece (secular) for our spring concert. This is a very good choir and those girls are up to any challenge. Thank you for your suggestions.   Thank you,   David Nino MVA Choir