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Comment: Re: Need help finding a piece
OK, found some further information.  The one I remember was arranged by Judith Otten.  Any information on where to pick this one up?  Does anyone know if it is in or out of print? Any information that leads me to the piece would be greatly appreciated.
Comment: Re: Need help finding a piece
Frank,   Thanks for the suggestion but that's not it.
Forum message: Need help finding a piece
I need help with details on a piece from way back in my career. In our college madrigal group we performed two medieval carols, on titled, “Nova, Nova Ave Fit Ex Eva.” SATB, with soli interspersed between verses. Let me start by saying this: It is not the Williametta Spencer, Rudolph, DeLong, o...
Forum message: Bottom heavy mixed choir
High school group. 4-5 girls, not too strong. 10-12 guys, lots of talent. Weak composition and arrangement skills for me.   I was thinking about quickly arranging songs into STTB (or STBB if you wish) by transposing the alto line down into the T2/Baritone part.     Any thoughts?  Will thi...
Forum message: Commencement marches
Does anyone utilize any procession for graduation other than Pomp and Circumstance?  Really tired of that one and want to start our own new tradition.   Thanks
Comment: Re: Community Sing-A-Long
Marie,   Thanks for the help.  Public domain was referenced, not in the OP, but in the follow-up.  My choir is good enough to pull this off on our own (so I've already "seeded" it) ;), but I wanted to make the experience available to any others who might wish to join us.  I could be wrong but ...
Comment: Re: Community Sing-A-Long
Obviously, there needs to be a bit of clarification.  I apologize for the ambiguity of my original post.   I am considering doing this as a stand-alone opportunity for singers who don't normally get to sing through such works in their church or community choir experiences.  This would be a Satu...
Forum message: Community Sing-A-Long
For our church's fall musical offering, I want to try something (apparently) obscure; a sing-a-long concert of great choruses, NOT MESSIAH. We would use keyboard for accompaniment.  Just looking to allow people the opportunity to sing in a large group and have a great time without a huge time commi...
Comment: Re: Beautiful but simple Renaissance Piece
"O Jesu Christe" by de Melle.  Very simple; quite lovely actually.
Forum message: Anyone? SATB arrangement of "Far Over the Misty Mountains"
I can't find one anywhere and my choir REALLY wants to sing this one in May. 
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.   Everytime I hear it or perform it, I remember why I love choral singing so much.  Spectacular.   Or, as someone right above me put it, Satisfying; yeah, satisfying to the extreme.  After the last chord floats awa...
Forum message: Vivaldi Gloria instruments
My church choir is undertaking the task of performing the "Gloria".  We'll be using instrumentalists from another church (2 violins, viola, cello, oboe, and trumpet) as scored.  However, I don't really have an instrument that will fit the bill for the organ part on Mvt 8, Domine Deus.  Our tiny b...
Comment: Re: O Holy Night arrangements
Thanks for the suggestions!
Forum message: O Holy Night arrangements
At my school we are planning on beginning a tradition at our Christmas Concert of ending with "O Holy Night".  We would like to have the audience participate in one verse and invite alumni to join us on stage.  This will include our Upper school students as well as the Lower school students (singi...
Forum message: Looking for a Billings arrangement
I am looking for the arrangement of Billings' "The Lord is Risen Indeed" as sung by Bella Voce (His Majestie's Clerkes) on their album 'A Land of Pure Delight.'  I've found a shortened version of it but can't find the full version.  I've emailed Bella Voce to ask but have gotten no response from t...