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Professional choirs, section leaders, and other ongoing employment
Tenor section leader wanted (Hinsdale, Illinois, USA)
Views: 114
July 31, 2015 11:05am
Soprano Section Leader Needed - Church of the Epiphany (Episcopal) (New York City (Manhattan), New York, USA)
Views: 358
July 30, 2015 12:55pm
Bass section leader (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Views: 131
July 30, 2015 12:55pm
Tenor Section Leader Wanted (Golden Valley, MN (Minneapolis), Minnesota, USA)
Views: 125
July 30, 2015 12:54pm
Tenor staff singer position available (Detroit, Michigan, Michigan, USA)
Views: 175
July 30, 2015 9:07am
Bass Section Leader Position (St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA)
Views: 142
July 29, 2015 8:10pm
General auditions for choral singers (SATB) (San Franicsco, California, USA)
Views: 232
July 29, 2015 6:48am
Soprano and Tenor Section Leaders Needed (Sacramento, California, USA)
Views: 164
July 28, 2015 6:32pm
Pro Tenor for St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Ardsley, NY (Ardsley, New York, USA)
Views: 177
July 28, 2015 1:35pm
Staff Section Leader (Broomfield, Colorado, USA)
Views: 149
July 28, 2015 1:35pm
Paid section leaders (SATB) Jubilee New York (New York, New York, USA)
Views: 326
July 27, 2015 7:39pm
Tenor section leader in San Francisco (San Francisco, California, USA)
Views: 211
July 27, 2015 1:52pm
Paid Section Leaders - St. Louis Women's HOPE Chorale (St. Louis, MO, Missouri, USA)
Views: 140
July 27, 2015 11:45am
Choral Scholar vacancies - Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, KY (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
Views: 150
July 27, 2015 11:44am
Paid Chancel Choir Choristers (Winnetka, Illinois, USA)
Views: 227
July 27, 2015 5:59am
Bass or baritone positions in St. Louis (St. Louis (Missouri), Missouri, USA)
Views: 149
July 27, 2015 5:59am
Alto Position Open in Professional Octet (New York, New York, USA)
Views: 484
July 25, 2015 4:22pm
Zion Lutheran, Houston seeks paid Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass section leaders (Houston, Texas, USA)
Views: 273
July 25, 2015 6:46am
Paid Section leaders: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass (Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA)
Views: 360
July 24, 2015
Tenor and Bass choral scholars wanted (Wallingford, Connecticut, USA)
Views: 266
July 23, 2015 9:16am
Paid Singers: Philadelphia area (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA)
Views: 369
July 23, 2015 7:58am
Alto section leader - position opening (Holliston, Massachusetts, USA)
Views: 236
July 22, 2015 6:43pm
Alto Section Leader - Clearwater, Florida (Clearwater, Florida, USA)
Views: 214
July 22, 2015 5:59pm
Soprano Section Leader - Clearwater, Florida (Clearwater, Florida, USA)
Views: 213
July 22, 2015 5:59pm
Tenor / Bass section leaders needed (Freehold, NJ) (Freehold, NJ, New Jersey, USA)
Views: 265
July 22, 2015 3:49pm
Tenor and Bass section leaders needed (Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA)
Views: 291
July 22, 2015 3:48pm
Tenor Staff Singer (Suwanee (NE Atlanta), Georgia, USA)
Views: 227
July 22, 2015 12:58pm
Paid Choral Scholars - alto, tenor and bass (Peoria, Illinois, USA)
Views: 272
July 22, 2015 10:01am
Soprano/Tenor section leader for Gospel Choir - Park Avenue Christian Church in Manhattan- (New York , New York, USA)
Views: 565
July 20, 2015 3:35pm
Section Leaders - Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Views: 403
July 20, 2015 8:51am
Singers needed for Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses $100/performance (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA)
Views: 687
July 16, 2015 7:03pm
CATHEDRAL of SAINT PAUL (MN): PAID section leader (Bass 2) (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)
Views: 292
July 16, 2015 8:10am
CATHEDRAL of SAINT PAUL (MN): PAID section leader (Alto 1 or 2) (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)
Views: 272
July 16, 2015 8:10am
CATHEDRAL of SAINT PAUL (MN): PAID section leader (Sop 2) (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)
Views: 282
July 16, 2015 8:10am
Tenors and altos/countertenors for early music choir, Minneapolis (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)
Views: 367
July 15, 2015 5:45pm
Paid soprano, alto, bass (Fort Worth, Texas, Texas, USA)
Views: 350
July 15, 2015 3:56pm
Tenor & Bass/Baritone Section Leader Positions (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Views: 323
July 15, 2015 3:56pm
Pro ALTO for St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Ardsley, NY (Ardsley, New York, USA)
Views: 317
July 15, 2015 3:55pm
Bass section leader for Chancel Choir (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Views: 317
July 15, 2015 12:41pm
Alto/Countertenor Section Leader Needed (New Jersey, USA)
Views: 351
July 15, 2015 10:40am
Auditions; Bass Baritone (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
Views: 405
July 14, 2015 5:17pm
Section Leader/Soloists - Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata, MN (Wayzata, MN 55391, Minnesota, USA)
Views: 309
July 14, 2015 1:35pm
Tenor Section Leader - Gladwyne, PA (Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, USA)
Views: 384
July 13, 2015 1:31pm
Section Leader Positions — Professional Choral Scholars (Joliet, Illinois, USA)
Views: 358
July 13, 2015 11:36am
The Gregorian Schola, SS Peter and Paul, Cork City, IRELAND (Cork City, Ireland)
Views: 436
July 12, 2015 5:41pm
Baritone and Alto Choral Scholars (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Views: 441
July 10, 2015 2:27pm
Paid Alto/Mezzo Section leader for High Holy Day Choir (Skokie, Illinois, USA)
Views: 444
July 10, 2015 2:26pm
Professional Choir Members Needed: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Views: 698
July 10, 2015 12:16pm
Tenor Section Leader/Cantor (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Views: 296
July 10, 2015 10:40am
Soprano/Alto Section Leader wanted (Lambertville, New Jersey, USA)
Views: 367
July 10, 2015 10:40am