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Children's Choir (again)

Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 11:09:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: kat(a)WPI.EDU (24K Gold Litter)
Subject: Children's Choir (again)


It's great to see so many people that are helpful on this issue. Thanks to
all that have offered advice (and keep it coming..)

Based on the response, I guess I should have said a little more about
what my background is and where I would like to see this all go.. any
comments on this would be appreciated - I'm not totally stumbling
around in the dark -- I have a little candle right now to help.. *grin*

Anyways.. about me. As I said, I have assistant directed a children's
choir at my church back home (in Sharon, PA). I got alot from that -
the director was wonderful. We had roughly 25 kids. LaDonna got those
kids to do amazing things - she got them singing in front of the congregation
every month - month and a half, she put on small musicals with them
(with the help of the teen and adult choir), she taught them music theory...
You name it, she managed to do it.

Ideally, that's what I want to do. (But I guess striving to do your
best is inherent in almost everything you do...) I already am
planning on buying instruments for them - simple rhythm instruments.
I also plan on buying/making simple games to play to teach music
theory. I will have adult/parent helpers on a rotational basis and
hopefully a teen helper that plays the piano.

I've got alot of the ground work laid in my mind - it's a matter
of implementing it. With LaDonna, I was always on the implementation
side of things - I never helped with the planning or the ordering of
music. That's why I feel so clueless when it comes to this. I do
know what little voices are capable of doing and not doing. I also
do know how long a piece can be before they start mixing up words and
such. I'm just not totally sure how to work around alot of that.

I plan on getting the suggested books and reading them. Hopefully,
later this summer, I will be able to take a seminar on children's
choir here in the Boston area. (The New England Conservatory offers a
four day thing that I'd love to do - but it happens to fall over the
week that I'm getting married...)

So anyways.. a little more for you all to chew on.. thanks for
all the great ideas and opinions - keep 'em coming. Lord knows,
I need all the help I can get...


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