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Re: meat

Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 02:01:13 -0500
From: WahooFive(a)
Subject: Re: meat

> I am currently doing Berger's "The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee" with my
> church choir. I am getting a few raised eyebrows regarding the text
> passage: " and thou givest them their MEAT in due season." I also recall
> that in one of VW's five mystical songs, the text goes something like "
> and Love said 'come sit down and taste my meat.'" I understand the
> scriptural/theological metaphor, I believe, but my question is, has
> anyone done pieces with similiar references or can explain this
> seemingly odd phrase? BTW, the Berger line is from psalm 145.

In Jacobean times, "meat" was used as a synonym for "food," and thus many
references in the King James bible have it (as well as the George Herbert
poem set by Vaughan Williams). The literary term for this is "synecdoche,"
using a part to represent the whole.

The reference to "season," however, doesn't have much to do with hunting

Allen H Simon (a vegetarian)
Bay Area Lutheran Chorale
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