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Choir Backgrounds of famous people

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 21:15:47 -0400
From: Gary Weidenaar
Subject: Choir Backgrounds of famous people

Dear listers,

For recruiting purposes, I am interested in creating a list of famous
people who were in their High School Choirs.

I am talking about athletes in all sports, movie stars, pop musicians of
all genres, politicians, talk show hosts, executives - anyone who is well
known to many people (including people known primarily as
instrumentalists). I find it helpful in recruiting students sometimes to
find out who they really relate to and then be able to say that during
their high school years that person was in their high school choir.

**Please limit your names to only those that you are SURE about.**

Although certainly optional, if you know how many years they sang, what
high school, or what other singing things (like musicals) they were in, add
that as well.

As always, respond to me privately, and I'll compile and re-post.

Gary Weidenaar
soon to be of Palm Springs, CA
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