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RE: Children's Choir Names

This was a question posted quite awhile ago. Here's the list that I
complied from the answers.

Children's Choir Names:

Kid's of Praise (Gr 1-5)
Kids Praise (1)
The Master's Kid's (Gr 1-6)
Love Notes (Gr 1-3)
Joy Song (Gr 4-6)
Living Stones (Jr, Sr High)
Minisingers (K-2)
Mastersinger (3-6)
Cherubs (K-2)
His Connection (3-6)
First Contact (7-8)
The Sonshine Gang
Praise Kids (K-2)
Kingdom Kids Choir (3-6)
Wee Praise!
Music Makers (2-3)
Young Musicians (4-5)
God Squad
Kids Kingdom
Kids Choir
Carol Choir
Kings Kids (3-K)
Lightforce (1-6)
Points of Light (HS)
Good News Singers (2-5)
Hosanna Choir (1-3)
Alleluia Choir (4-6)

In His Service
George Glasgow
MoM, Lake Ola BC
Zellwood, FL

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> Subject: Children's Choir Names
> Okay, everyone, who works with church children's choirs in the 1st
> through
> 6th grade area. What name do you use? "Junior Choir" is just too
> boring -
> we need a clever and catchy name! Would you mind sharing yours? Any
> suggestions even if you don't have a children's choir?
> Thanks!
> Lois, lobo(a)
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