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companion piece to Rutter "Gloria" (long)

A belated but worthwhile compilation to the following query:
century, to round out the concert >>

Thanks to Mark Howarth, Todd M. Norton, Carroll Lehman, Jon Hurty, Brian Breeding, Ben Allaway, Stephan Reid, James Hohmeyer, Joseph A. Farrar, Darryl Miller, David Bohn, Sean Berg, Dick Householder, Robert Ross, Richard Corbett, and Ken Langer for their replies, especially as they brought to my attention several pieces I didn't know and several others (such as the Flor Peeters) which I'd totally forgotten.

Mack Wilberg's Tres Canti Laudendi (or something like that!)
Published by Hinshaw. It is not in english, but the other criteria fit.

Norman Dello Joio "To St. Cecelia." (PAR: Shorter than I wanted, and we'd done it the previous fall and loved it, but it is a great piece!)

Carroll Lehman wrote: My community chorus of 140 singers premiered in May at
Carnegie Hall a wonderful new work for Mezzo soprano, brass and chorus by
New York composer, John David Earnest. I don't know if it has been printed
yet but I could find out more information if you want. We also performed
the Festival Magnificat by Daniel Pinkham for brass and chorus. His e-mail address: clehman(a)

(Personal note to Carroll: Fr. Green was retired but still a real presence on campus when I arrived five years ago, and was a terrific supporter of mine and of the choral art in general, which I greatly appreciated. He died several summers ago and I have missed him very much.)

Pinkham, Christmas Cantata (2 votes)

Randall Stroop has a piece called Hodie. Very similar in structure to the Rutter Gloria. (Maybe too similar for the same program)

Ben Allaway wrote: Angelus: In Excelsis, by Ben Allaway, a cantata on
the angels of the Christmas story. It was commissioned precisely to fill the
void of pieces similar to the Rutter. A 20 min. work in three movements with
similar inst. as Rutter Gloria- 3 trpts, horn, 3 trombones and Tuba, cymbals,
timpani, organ, choir and soloists. It was commissioned by Philip Brunelle,
Janet Davis and Jack Levick of three different Plymouth Congregational
Churches (Minneapolis, Des Moines and Lincoln, Nebraska). It has turned out
beautifully and I'd be happy to send you a score and tape after the premiere.

Ellis Pehkonen 'Buccinate Tuba' tricky, about 15mins but great!
Paul Patterson 'Magnificat', about 30mins and composed with the Rutter
forces in mind.
The Pehkonen is unpublished, but all parts
are available from your composer:
Stefan Reid
Lupin Cottage
Church Rd
IP16 4SF
United Kingdom
Tel: (UK) 01728 380531

The Patterson is published by Josef Weinberger
12-14 Mortimer St.
United Kingdom
Tel: (UK) 0171 580 2827
Fax: (UK) 0171 436 9616

Flor Peeters "Entrata Festiva" (with a good organist it is a wonderful opening selection).

With Sir David Willcocks, we did the Vivaldi "Gloria"as the first half of
the concert (wth orchestra) and the Rutter "Gloria" as the second half. Of
course, there was an organ concerto by Handel to open the first half and
the Poulenc organ concerto open to the second half. It was a great concert!

Rene Clausen "Gloria", which fits
all of your criteria _except_ that it is largely in Latin

Jonathan Willcocks' (son of Sir David Willcocks) "Sing Praises", duration 18
minutes, printed by Oxford Press. The two are performed together often
in Carnegie Hall. Sing Praises is scored for mixed voices with brass (4 trumpets, 3
trombones, tuba), timpani, percussion (one player), and organ. It is set in three movements with text taken from the Psalms of David,
using verses from Psalms 47, 13 and 148.There has just been a recording released. You may call Oxford Press in NY for that info.

Dick Householder wrote: When we did the Rutter Gloria two years ago, we combined it with an unpublished work by Canadian composer John Burge entitled "Of Time and
Eternity". It is in two movements, the second of which is for double
chorus, is challenging without being too difficult, and it fit nicely with
the Rutter. The English text is by Robert Herrick. The whole work lasts
about 18 minutes.

It is scored for 3 trumpets, 2 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani and organ.
If you wish, I could send you a piano-vocal score for perusal. Full score
and parts would be available from the composer, who is and Associate
Professor of Music at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. We made our
own piano-vocal scores from his master, with his permission. Dick's e-mail: rhouseh(a)

Robert Ross wrote:
Hmmmnnn. . .the biggest problems in terms of companion pieces to the *Gloria*

1) instrumentation: one would think it's pretty standardized, but, in fact,
that combination shows up most frequently in David Willcocks' Xmas carols
(both originals *and* arrangements).

2) difficulty of the score: your 1st trumpet in particular will be exhausted
by the piece, so be prepared to rotate your trumpet players, whatever you
decide to do.

Having said that, and assuming your singers' stamina is good, herewith some
suggestions (all these have different brass scorings than the *Gloria*, and
exceptfor the first three, all run 17-20 min each):

Rutter: *Te Deum* (Hinshaw) (0-3-3-1, org, perc) (c. 8 min.)
RVW: *O Clap Your Hands* (Thorpe/TP)(0-3-2-1, org, perc) (c. 3 min.)
Gilbert Vintner: *The Trumpets* (*large* British brass band, org, perc) (I
need to look up the publisher) C*this is c. 25-30 min.)
Hindemith: *Apparebit Repentina Dies* (Schott/EAMC) (4-2-2-1)
Norman Dello Joio: To Saint Cecilia (C. Fischer) (3-3-3-1); he also has a
number of Whitman settings for brass, organ & percussion available only on
rental from Belwin--I think Presser's handles that material

or, if you *really* want to do something new and different--

I have a 25-year old, unpublished and unperformed cantata called *Penitence
and Jubilation* (though I think now I've really *got* to rename it!) on Psalms
51 and 47 in English for brass 3-3-3-0, 2 pianos & 2 or 3 percussion; c. 20
min. If you'd like to see a score to this, I'd be happy to send it to you
(it's a ms score, but if you decide you'd like to do it I will provide
engraved scores and parts with, no doubt, some revisions and tightenings)


an as-yet-unscored setting of Psalm 110 (*Dixit Dominus*) that's about 2 years
old that, while conceived originally for piano duet & percussion, could just
as easily be scored for brass, organ & percussion (though piano might be
needed anyway. . .) Unfortunately, this score exists in sketches only, so I'd
need to produce a fair copy at least if you were interested. c. 10 min., I
Robert's e-mail: RobertamR(a)

Richard Corbett offered a piece of his own: a piece for SATB choir, organ, and brass quintet: "Make A Joyful Sound." It is a setting of parts of the King
James' translation (I don't know how that goes over for
Catholics) of Psalms 84, 95, 96, and Isaiah 61. It is a festive piece in 20th century style. Reply if you would like a printout of the score (I do not have a recording). Richard's e-mail: CORBETT(a)SCSUD.CTSTATEU.EDU

(PAR note: I did look at Richard's piece and liked it quite well, but the other director of this cooperative concert and I had decided on a different direction for the concert by then.)

Ken Langer offered up some of his own pieces: e-mail: LangerK(a)

BTW, we decided since our two choirs are very similar in size and voicing that we would do some double-choir pieces, and given the short rehearsal time, we opted for some separate pieces in repertoire as well. Here is the program:

Mendelssohn Heilig
Gabrieli Jubilate Deo (with brass doubling)
Gwyneth Walker With Thee That I May Live
Harris Faire is the Heaven
Blackhawk Junior College Choir
Jubilate Deo by Laszlo Halmos (2 min.)
God Be in My Head by Rutter (2 min.)
Walkin' in the Spirit by Mark Hayes (3 min.)
SAU Miriam Singers (SSA)
Lana Walker Elizabeth's "Ave" (a really neat mixed-meter setting of a troped "Ave Maria," published last year by Treble Clef; I recommend it highly!)
Kodaly "Ave Maria"
SAU Chorale
Clausen "Prayer of St. Francis"
Fauré "Cantique de Jean Racine"
Rutter Gloria

Patricia Romza, D.M.A.
Director of Choral Activities
St. Ambrose University
518 West Locust Street
Davenport, IA 52803
**Philippians 3:13-14**

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